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  1. Upheaval was one of my favorites from WaW. Perfect map size and nice layout for all different types of gameplay. I still hope someday there will be a full remake of WaW for this current gen.
  2. Welcome back Tac! I'm another old member making a bit of a return, although I was more of a lurker than poster. I kinda moved on from CoD a few years ago, but every once in a while I still fire up the nazi zombie maps on ps3 with the old crew. Hoping the new BO3 zombie mode delivers as much fun and draws me back in.
  3. Nice to meet you Brad. Hope you have a good time on the site. Cya around!
  4. I use 9 Black Ops 2. I sometimes bump it up to 10 but typically stick with 9. On the older CoD games I use 7.
  5. Not sure what platform you play on but I've gone back to old CoD games after being completely burnt out on Black Ops 2. I've been playing a decent amount of Team Deathmatch on Mw2 (Ps3) lately and seems like it's still fairly populated. Lobbies fill up quickly, no problem finding games, solid connections, no sign of hackers. The only problem is some players like to put together some OP setups to be annoying so I'm quick to leave lobbies when the tubes start flying. As far as Ps3 goes, Mw2 was the last CoD that consistently runs smooth and had the best hit detection of the series. CoD4 is kinda dead and laggy. WaW is completely hacked.
  6. You seem like a chill player and I'm kinda the same way since zombies basically get boring any where past round 30. Hope to see you around the site.
  7. Welcome to the forum and the codz herd! Hope you enjoy yourself here.
  8. Welcome to the forum Twipz! Hope you enjoy the site.
  9. Welcome to the site! Always funny to hear how someone started out playing zombies and the learning process. I hope you went back and played the WaW maps cause those are still the most fun in my opinion. Anyway, hope to see you around the forum.
  10. legacy


    Welcome to the site pepper Hope to see you around. Enjoy the site!
  11. Welcome to the site Briggs! Hope you enjoy yourself here. Your list is pretty interesting cause Verruckt is one of my favorite maps and Moon is one of my least favorite (other than the start).
  12. I've only made it to 21 so far with 4 players. I'm on ps3 and have only played it about 4 or 5 times though. AN-94 is so beast though, seems like it would be easy to run circles somewhere and get at least to 30.
  13. I like Die Rise much more than Tranzit mode since it just feels like a traditional map. The trample steams are kinda fun to play around with and strategize with. It's another map that makes it very difficult to revive teammates which is kind of a bummer. Overall, it's fun to play but certainly not my favorite.
  14. Welcome back Coah Hope to see you around before you depart once again.
  15. I do use black hats a lot after finally realizing how useful they can be. Running a black hat with scavenger is a great way to end up at the top of the lobby leaderboard. I'm not sure if I like them more than emp grenades but it depends if I am using ghost or not. I do die a lot waiting for the thing to hack UAVs and Counter UAVs. I wish that would be sped up slightly.
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