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  1. Not sure what platform you play on but I've gone back to old CoD games after being completely burnt out on Black Ops 2. I've been playing a decent amount of Team Deathmatch on Mw2 (Ps3) lately and seems like it's still fairly populated. Lobbies fill up quickly, no problem finding games, solid connections, no sign of hackers. The only problem is some players like to put together some OP setups to be annoying so I'm quick to leave lobbies when the tubes start flying. As far as Ps3 goes, Mw2 was the last CoD that consistently runs smooth and had the best hit detection of the series. CoD4 is kinda dead and laggy. WaW is completely hacked.
  2. Weapons vary a lot since I like to mix it up and try new things once I get gold. Lately I've been somewhat addicted to the pistols. Here's the setup I use a lot in kill confirmed. Tac45 w/ extended clip Perk 1: hardline and ghost Perk 2: toughness and scavenger Perk 3: none C4 EMP nade Perk 1 Greed Perk 2 Greed
  3. Almost at that 3 year medal Is the "veteran" medal gone forever? I was given it a while ago but then it poofed when things were reset and now I'm not sure what's up with that.
  4. Thanks for the info. I've been wondering about the vB site since I heard about it a few monthes ago but didn't know when the "transition" was taking place. It's certainly in need of some mass pruning lol, but I love the layout and I've always loved vB forums. If you ever need some help or have an issue, I'm an admin on a vB site and have a pretty good grasp of working with vB/mods/customization/themes.
  5. I've been mixing it up a lot lately in an effort to aquire playercards. I really like the counter-uav, vsat, and then a bigger scorestreak like lodestar/warthog/dogs. This is the setup I've been using lately on Domination and with hardline it's not too difficult to get the vsat which usually leads to the next one.
  6. Wow lots of bronies around this site it seems I just recently made my first emblem and it's simply a recreation of the World at War 10th Prestige emblem. Took a long time to get it shaded and colored right but looks really accurate and WaW is still my favorite CoD so I just rep that.
  7. I don't really think "Die Rise" is the official name. It's not really even proper english (just sounds awkward) and it's too close to Der Riese. I think it might be called "Rise" but not quite sure about that either. I'm really hoping it's good and revives my interest in zombies because so far I'd say the zombie mode on Black Ops 1 had me more hooked wiht the launch maps. (Kino/Five)
  8. I figured the fog was a way to make up for the horrible draw distance. I'll have to check it out and see if I notice anything. The fog is really annoying when running from one location to another.
  9. It's very nice to meet you. Hope to see you around!
  10. Glad to see you finally make an account. Look foward to discussing zombies with ya.
  11. Hello Ryan ^.^ Glad to see you finally join and look foward to discussing zombies with you.
  12. legacy

    Hi Guys

    Welcome to the site Geddon! Hope to see you around.
  13. legacy

    Hi all!

    It's very nice to meet you GSX. What platform do you play on?
  14. Greetings! I love your avatar :3
  15. Welcome to the site bro. Hope you enjoy it here.

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