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  1. I don't really think "Die Rise" is the official name. It's not really even proper english (just sounds awkward) and it's too close to Der Riese. I think it might be called "Rise" but not quite sure about that either. I'm really hoping it's good and revives my interest in zombies because so far I'd say the zombie mode on Black Ops 1 had me more hooked wiht the launch maps. (Kino/Five)
  2. i had different strats on world at war but on BO Der Riese I run thompson room mostly. Here's a vid:
  3. These classic maps seem harder on Black Ops, but I had a crazy match on Verruckt couple days ago and made it to round 27! We started with 4 players but 1 dropped out early. I stayed in the Thompson room most of the match, grouping up zombies and killing them with the Winter's Howl. My 2 friends camped by speed cola, keeping the **** please report this topic, post **** door closed. I recorded it so if you want to check my strategy here is round 24 (the last round i actually survived the whole time lol) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBxMbtEqsjA If you guys have made it higher let me know what worked for you. After 24 the ice gun was taking too many shots to feeze them so I kinda pushed this strat to the limit.
  4. im shocked at how many people clicked "no". i think george is extremely annoying, this map would be a lot more enjoyable if you played as the original characters and instead of george have some kind of special round (ala dogs/theif)
  5. ugh... im only at 22 with 4 people. we just havent put an entire round together. im typically the point horder, but we play with 1 guy who is kinda new to zombs and he gets in trouble pretty early on this map. thanks for posting all the strats guys, we gotta try to put together a plan. right now its basically every man for themselves and i run circles around 74u and then loop down the slide. my high score is 111,000
  6. map looks like its gonna be a good time.
  7. i never knew double tap had such a following. i only used it with the browning. anyway i think stamin-up is pretty useful when playing with party (revives), also its just nice to get around quicker (i.e. box moves across map) but i agree speed cola is kinda useless, especially the way i play. (group em up then shoot)
  8. I was using Winters Howl last night and i was loving it. I havent really used it much in the past because i rarely hit the box and someone always gets it first. Although when i got it in the past i didnt see it as being all that great. But last night i was running around the war room, grouping them up and taking down 20 at a time with 3 shots upgraded. Its still a little weaker than ZeusCannon (runs out faster) but it was definately fun.
  9. She cant be any worse than being McNamara
  10. lol certainly takes a full team working cooperatively to accomplish that objective
  11. i have a few friends that think 5 is the best zombie map. i for 1 think that Nixon is probably the best playable zombie character there is (i still love Nikolai tho) but if everything stayed the same as the original zombies then it would get boring (remember nacht der untoten). each map they have made they have added elements to the game mode (some are awesome others just... different) i am embracing the change.
  12. good point "call of the dead" just doesnt seem like an actual map name, more like a tag line.
  13. nice find with the olympia. i actually was going to pack a punch the olympia while just playing for fun last night but got side tracked and went with the law instead. the m72 anarchy is surprisingly amazing with flopper.
  14. i love how this topic just doesnt die, cause people like me keep facepalming it.

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