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  1. thanks way2go I ended up getting to round 100 0 downs :ugeek:
  2. Sorry but I think they only introduced ee on and after the ascension dlc's I'm a noob when it comes to that sort of thing. I think treyarch accidentally on purpose leak info or give the info to 1-2 well known (shall remain nameless) youtubers.
  3. I just got a dog round after 5 rounds not 4 :? does that mean after you get to a quite high round they strat coming after 5 rounds? I noticed on ascension the monkeys did this too. Please help as I don't want to try and recycle mid round and die if I will get a maxy next round.
  4. Hi Kino seems to be real bad for tg fails more so than ascension is there a trick to not getting them?
  5. I am sure that is wrong co-op leader boards end at 99 so can not be 101. I think offsuit kingjaq got to 99 first. He also took the record from Hoardkill a while back which was 188 not sure what he has now.
  6. Hi posted a youtube video zombies vs survival comment if you think zombies is better. 9pKD6MAJK3M
  7. I think thats y zombies is so cool every1 has a fav map some people love maps with no perks some wit no pap its so addictive.
  8. Love your gameplay vid the characters sayings are so funny not my fav map but love the fact its so hard. Move the traps so you can use them and i'd play it more.
  9. All of the high rounds on the leaderboards are the glitchers more than round 30 is epic if legit.
  10. Yeah me too i posted that game on youtube. i messed up it was my bad but i was 0.25 of a second late with the ballist knife :oops:
  11. Who were the two players cos Verrucktzombie1 and me got to 66 last night.
  12. Box guns are over rated sure on some maps like shagri la you need the baby gun or the later rounds would take 4ever but kino shi no and any map with traps you need the money making wall guns for keeping the traps on as much as possible they kill instantly and take out way more zombies.
  13. i just finished making that shi no vid i had to use a basic editor but its ok. cotd sounds good to me Y2lzb53E9Uo
  14. That was an epic game i think we could get #1 on kino or call of the dead friday.
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