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  1. I bought the Hardened Edition of the Game. I imported it from the US to Germany, so i payed 95€ for it. If i had bought the standartversion it would have cost 60€. In the US the Hardened Editon was for 70 US$, ~so 55-60€. So its cheap in the USA. Who didnt bought the hardened/prestige doesent need the maps. Who needs the maps had bought the special edition instanly. Next time just buy the best version !
  2. All of them, MW2,[email protected],BO are hacked on PS3 ! MY OWN PS3 is legit 3.61. People running CFW can boot additional programms to the game causing cheats in online-play. for example. I was playing a nice round [email protected] Zombies in early 2011. Suddently the whole game went "COLORED". Everywhere discolights, unlimited ammo, some hints like ,, press L1+O to fly,,L1+Triangle for Godmod... I left the game. At MW2 i was receiving headshots in 500ms-rate. another cheater. Nevermind. the new firmware is there. Hope its over with those piracing/cheating fags.
  3. hmm, maybe you right. maybe its a fake. i was thinking that too, when i saw the date on the picture. Treyarch would wright 05.03.2011 (us style) not 03.05.2011 (europe style). Maybe an Uk-Flyer ? but i hope its real.
  4. I found this today on the net. The new MapPacks name will be: "ESCALATION" It will contain once again 4 Multiplayer-Maps and 1 new Zombie-Map. MP Maps Name: Hotel, Convoy, Zoo, Stockpile Zombie Map Name: Call of the Dead The Pack will be released on 3. May on XboxLive and around 30 days later on PS3. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Greetz: Norbert84 (PSN-ID)
  5. Hello Zombie-Players, yesterday, me and three friends were playing ascension on ps3. I thought the whole time that you can only have 4 perks at the same time ?!? When allready equipt 4 drinks the last drink-o-mat wont be active for you. usualy ?!? After beating the second space-monkey-round the monkeys droped for the second time a free-perk-drink. Suddently one of my friends screamed, "WTF - i got 5 perks !!!!" He made a photo to proof it to me. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Does someone know how to enable the 5th perk ? I think you have to have allready 4 perks (bought) and have to get 2 free perk-drinks (after the second one you will receive the 5th perk) not 100% sure. we are not cheating / glitching - Legit PS3 Users.
  6. Hi eveyone, me and some of my friends having the same problem with the blackops leaderboards (PS3). It does not depend on which version you use. I have an US Disc, my friends have AT(german-uncut), UK Versions. Some of them experience the problem. Me too. -( Had "kino der toten" up to 30rounds (2player) or "der riese" up to 35 (3player). Then... you playing a crap-shit-game-you-die-before-round-10-or-something... and your Highscore is gone. Thats so :cry: Anyway,love the game, love zombies, got classicmaps, headset, add me... :twisted: My PSN: Norbert84
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