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  1. mrverse

    Moon: A Detailed Guide To Round 50 Co-Op

    I smoke alot of weed but is the Awful Lawton even in Moon?
  2. mrverse

    The Walking Thread *Spoilers*

    BEST PART-13 episodes ipuXgEQarPI mdkJ8d6Bz8g XevpXM82ltM
  3. mrverse

    The Face Behind The Avatar

    @deckchairs sure that is not you in the top left under STE? I think it is :)
  4. mrverse

    New Idea for upcoming equipment...

    I always think I would love to be able to close doors again. That would be sick.
  5. mrverse

    New Idea for upcoming equipment...

    If it has 115 in the darts get them in the box. Its a wonder weapon :D
  6. mrverse

    How Far Have you Gotten?

    Man how long did that take?
  7. mrverse


    Kill him without touching you get 1000 point PaPs. Simples done it a ton of times. Just stand on the barrier with claymores by the teleporter. Boom bang bang and here comes the fat Pap bonus!

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