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  1. +1 in alley. as long as you keep the gate closed and you know how to figure 8 and circle and you don't get distracted so you get cornered, you can run it for a really long time. ak74 works for me unpacked until about 26-27. try to have a good backup weapon in case it gets overrun and you need to mow down a bunch of zombies before they corner you. i really like the alley whether it be 2 people or 4, personally. better when the alley gate is shut but if not, as long as you know how to run your trains back in forth in that narrow of a space, you're good.
  2. Anyone ever noticed that you have to push forward to turn the power on in Kino, yet lights are on throughout the starting room? Given all the crazy theories out there, I'll come up with the most ass backwards theory ever: Samantha has turned into a large teddy bear that sits on the roof of the theater and only gives you power when you pay her enough tribute of money. Zombies has been solved! You can all go back to playing the game like it's just a game again!
  3. I'm sorry Mason G. I didn't realize you were better than everyone.
  4. Get into the theatre if you have the zeus cannon and up on stage where the steps lead up to the turret- hopefully by now you have juggernog and a gun that can spray down a lot of zombies- run around those obstacles behind you, take out the stragglers, and when the going gets tough, run up to the turret, jump off, run back up the stairs up to the stage, and keep doing that til you have a huge following of zombies. Boom, hit them with the zeus cannon and you got yourself at least 20 dead zombies. Then switch to the zombie mower and mow them until you get yourself another 20 zombies running after you. Boom. Link that teleporter and throw as many bombs as you can in 30 seconds. When you see lightning as if you're going to teleport back to start, run and reload on grenades. When you return, throw them over that table into the theater steps and run upstairs. Do the loop, you will last til round 50 if you got enough people around you that know what they're doing.
  5. Name: Billy "Blunts" Blunts?: as in Vanilla Dutchmaster Cigar Age: 24 PSN: billyblunts Location: New York Metro Top Level: 25 with 3 other people Likes: Zeus Cannon, Cannabis, Long Walks on the Beach (jk) Dislikes: Pandas (fuck you you dumb bear), headless zombies that stay alive and kill you About Me: When I'm not working I am slaying these zombies. Add me and say you're from this forum and in no time we'll be dropping zombies like it's nobody's business.
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