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Highest Round on Dead Ops Arcade?


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What is your highest round on Dead Ops Arcade?


Dead Ops Arcade unlocked from out of nowhere last night for me, too. I thought you had to break free from the chair, but I've still not been able to do that; I don't know how long it takes to have to do it, either.

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I made it to round 21 solo this morning... :)

But online, I get matched up with idiots who use up their Speed Boosts in the first few rounds to get to points and weapons before I do... and I still ended the rounds with more points than them :lol: Highest round online is 14 I think...

2-player: 40 (top of the leaderboardz

1-player: 57 (I win?)

Seriously? Round 57? That must have been insane!

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Just played it once so far, but I got to the 5th round. That gay zombie ape will get his... :x

Also, I read somewhere that you can get another trophy by typing "Zork" at the computer screen, but haven't tried it yet. Anybody know if that's accurate?

This is indeed true, zork is a little text based adventure game that was included with black ops. You dont actually have to play it though, you just have to start it.

I just got to round 26 solo last night. I think I could make it much farther, as most of my deaths were from stupid mistakes.

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what did we get to? 19? lol that was my first time ever playing Dead Ops...I kept running into the freaking lightning pole things...it was so annoying :evil:

How many times do we have to tell you that the electric pole does not give you candy? :P

Anyways... with 2 people i've made it to round 25 and solo I made it to round 30.

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The most obnoxious game i ever played we got to 23 with 3 people.

My friends brother literally kept pounding buds during the match, dropping his controller and yelling..GETTIN a BEER!. And this was playing sloppy as well.

Although i noticed in the later levels its easy to "get away" and run from the zombies.

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