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  1. Why dont mods do their job? or do we not have mods in this forum?
  2. HAHA its all said because people get off to Hearing "rumors" LMAO why would their be a patch update to complete the easter egg? If what the fag said from 3arc is real obviously there is more you can do BEFORE MARCH 1st. If you do not want the egg to end dont let him escape... /=/ easter egg will be patched? I need to get some of the stuff people on here are smoking so I can understand it?
  3. Great report bro, Real long. Although Id hate to see this thread go to waste after you typed all that....really redundant Like honestly if this easter egg was borderline impossible to figure out to begin with, how is it that a choice few, or maybe it was treyarch that leaked it, knew about this easter egg? Considering the difficulty do you not think if there was another method or further evidence that it would have surfaced there after the easter egg was first being performed by everyone? Would not all the extra steps, IF THEY EXISTED, be known by everyone now? Or starting to surface with confidence or in youtube videos? I want to know how it all originated really, forget all these theories. Howd they find out how many times you have to shoot the portal to activate the gersh device or w/e? Howd they find out it was X amount of shots with X gun? You know unless you had this information relayed to you directly from the programmers, the only other way would be to decipher the raw code of the game itself. Some have looked at this, and i imagine those who originally found this easter egg learned of it from looking at the raw code as well. CONSIDERING THIS THEORY, these same people should have produced any further results if they in fact discovered all of this via observing the raw code The way i look at it, unless you literally just went around with a crawler, shooting things, throwing gersh devices at stuff, and trying to get the "mystery" man to talk would be the only way a normal being could even attempt to figure out this secret from scratch.
  4. Damn if you kids had brains wed have this easter egg figured out 100%. But instead its like hey did you notice in the beginning the screen is in black and white? Somehow richtofen must be hacking into my TV set, cause I mean why would a game be in B/w? /sarcasm
  5. Whats the PH Flopped do? I bought it, but didnt find out its effects? some says it lightens your load i.e if your carrying a thundergun it makes you move just as fast as if u had the pistol? IDK you tell me guys. thanks
  6. Whoever has the "der riese" map do some scoping and see if you find anything. Would not surprise me if there are tips in that map.
  7. Jesus how many times Have i posted this across several forums. If you type in at the prompt : Login Porno IT WILL PROMPT FOR A USERNAME....AND YOU KNOW WHY? CAUSE ITS TO THE DAMN CIA SERVER!!! If you can read english you should know this, this drives me insane that you have dumbass kids posting the same shit and nobody seems to acknowledge that its true. If you type just Login...it comes up to the CIA servers...if you type login dfslkfjdsl89483028423 it still prompts for the CIA servers...IT SAYS ON THE SCREEN "CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY Data System" IN ENGLISH!!!!! Like how retarded do you have to be to try Login "anything" and think your getting to a different server? The damn login command is to access the login feature to sign in as someone else AMONGST THE CIA SERVER. NOTE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LOGIN -local access and RLOGIN - remote server nobody believe me? Type it in I dare you, i double dog dare you. Login Veruckt User:dking password:MFK Holy shit it works?!?! DID I JUST DISCOVER A LOGIN FOR THE VERUCKT SERVER?!?! OMFG I DID I DID!?!?! Im just tired of people wasting time on "nothing" literally.
  8. The dump file can be found in the description of this video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-KIinQyLmw It does have the above listed usernames llamma posted, but no passwords are given for said accounts It seemingly has the dump in order where as it has the username first, take amason, and it has his files listed afterwards. You can sidestep logins by doing a number like this, : ex :cd [filename.filetype] actual ex: cd hai15.txt Which will take you to a blank directory under /dking/hai15.txt....Next type cd .. with the two periods like that, then it will now have you in the directory of the person whos related to that file, hai15.txt would allow me to get into dking's files. YOU CAN ALSO, if permissions are not set, you can type from anyones prompt, such as,> print hkissinger/oxcart.txt and it will print that file, although that particular text is under several user accounts therefore it is not a "new" text file. It seems there are not any files directly related to any of the 3 cia accounts(sagnew, jehoover, hkissinger), therefore trying to do these trick does not work for those. Although if we could get into der riese or dod this would be a probable way of hacking around unknown passwords for accounts.
  9. Lets see this "dump file" if you did in fact obtain this legitly and did not steal it from some other site.
  10. Dking has all the haikus in his directory. I read a bunch but honestly didnt draw any signs from em. There are about 25 hai.txt files. one talks about being surrounded in vietnam, another few talk about a cigar castro is smoking. They are all 3 liner haikus, so idk...
  11. GUN IN MY RIGHT HAND AND A COLA IN MY LEFT BRING ME THE MEATSACKS File called Radiance.txt in roppen’s home directory is encrypted, here it is decoded: IF THE RADIANCE OF A THOUSAND SUNS WERE TO BURST AT ONCE IN THE SKY THAT WOULD BE LIKE THE SPLENDOR OF THE MIGHTY ONE File called hai2.txt decoded: UNDEAD ALL ABOUT SURROUNDED NEED MAX AMMO COULD USE A REVIVE hai5.txt decoded WENT DOWN TO THE LAKE STUMBLED UPON A SECRET WILL NOT SLEEP AGAIN Theres a few of them, you have to decode every one of them, and it is hard to see on my TV anyways.
  12. Ill take the honor of going through and compiling the Hai ku txts up here...expect a post in the next 45minutes with a update of some of them, just so everyone can look them over....although :twisted: if I do stumble upon a login I will not leak it until im at least 10 steps ahead, otherwise although I recall looking thru some of the haikus with nothing obvious sticking out..will report back though. and YES trying R login verruckt and let me know how the "unknown system" error message appears.
  13. the DK-MFK related either officially or by a coincidence to the following account of Dking with the password of MFK. I dont know if that was just a single incident where the "letters" are related or if there is actually something to the rest. I compared the above to other accounts that we are looking for passwords with no obvious matches or similarities. "SWTWU" is close to the password of SUNWU that is connected to the one CIA users account, rkain specifically. Although this password is officially obtained through a writing left by WU that rkain has in a email, obviously showing that is his favorite author. Obviously, and as I have done myself, sometimes people write a limmerick, use a favorite piece or saying, to serve as a reminder to their account password. We need to look at whatever material that has not been already ran down to "contain" passwords. This being those verruckt limericks and so on.
  14. I hate to be a buzz kill but I believe there is absolutely nothing secret about those red boxes. Trey-arch mapped new graphics and objects obviously. they are just for show, having a actual box on the wall that does something when you hit it. Just how you can shoot anything and everything in the game pretty much.
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