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    Der Riese Server Exploration

    Whoever has the "der riese" map do some scoping and see if you find anything. Would not surprise me if there are tips in that map.
  2. Team Kya

    Der Riese Server Exploration

    Jesus how many times Have i posted this across several forums. If you type in at the prompt : Login Porno IT WILL PROMPT FOR A USERNAME....AND YOU KNOW WHY? CAUSE ITS TO THE DAMN CIA SERVER!!! If you can read english you should know this, this drives me insane that you have dumbass kids posting the same shit and nobody seems to acknowledge that its true. If you type just Login...it comes up to the CIA servers...if you type login dfslkfjdsl89483028423 it still prompts for the CIA servers...IT SAYS ON THE SCREEN "CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY Data System" IN ENGLISH!!!!! Like how retarded do you have to be to try Login "anything" and think your getting to a different server? The damn login command is to access the login feature to sign in as someone else AMONGST THE CIA SERVER. NOTE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LOGIN -local access and RLOGIN - remote server nobody believe me? Type it in I dare you, i double dog dare you. Login Veruckt User:dking password:MFK Holy shit it works?!?! DID I JUST DISCOVER A LOGIN FOR THE VERUCKT SERVER?!?! OMFG I DID I DID!?!?! Im just tired of people wasting time on "nothing" literally.
  3. Team Kya

    Der Riese Server Exploration

    The dump file can be found in the description of this video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-KIinQyLmw It does have the above listed usernames llamma posted, but no passwords are given for said accounts It seemingly has the dump in order where as it has the username first, take amason, and it has his files listed afterwards. You can sidestep logins by doing a number like this, : ex :cd [filename.filetype] actual ex: cd hai15.txt Which will take you to a blank directory under /dking/hai15.txt....Next type cd .. with the two periods like that, then it will now have you in the directory of the person whos related to that file, hai15.txt would allow me to get into dking's files. YOU CAN ALSO, if permissions are not set, you can type from anyones prompt, such as,> print hkissinger/oxcart.txt and it will print that file, although that particular text is under several user accounts therefore it is not a "new" text file. It seems there are not any files directly related to any of the 3 cia accounts(sagnew, jehoover, hkissinger), therefore trying to do these trick does not work for those. Although if we could get into der riese or dod this would be a probable way of hacking around unknown passwords for accounts.
  4. Team Kya

    Der Riese Server Exploration

    Lets see this "dump file" if you did in fact obtain this legitly and did not steal it from some other site.
  5. Team Kya

    Der Riese Server Exploration

    Dking has all the haikus in his directory. I read a bunch but honestly didnt draw any signs from em. There are about 25 hai.txt files. one talks about being surrounded in vietnam, another few talk about a cigar castro is smoking. They are all 3 liner haikus, so idk...
  6. Team Kya

    Der Riese Server Exploration

    GUN IN MY RIGHT HAND AND A COLA IN MY LEFT BRING ME THE MEATSACKS File called Radiance.txt in roppen’s home directory is encrypted, here it is decoded: IF THE RADIANCE OF A THOUSAND SUNS WERE TO BURST AT ONCE IN THE SKY THAT WOULD BE LIKE THE SPLENDOR OF THE MIGHTY ONE File called hai2.txt decoded: UNDEAD ALL ABOUT SURROUNDED NEED MAX AMMO COULD USE A REVIVE hai5.txt decoded WENT DOWN TO THE LAKE STUMBLED UPON A SECRET WILL NOT SLEEP AGAIN Theres a few of them, you have to decode every one of them, and it is hard to see on my TV anyways.
  7. Team Kya

    Der Riese Server Exploration

    Ill take the honor of going through and compiling the Hai ku txts up here...expect a post in the next 45minutes with a update of some of them, just so everyone can look them over....although :twisted: if I do stumble upon a login I will not leak it until im at least 10 steps ahead, otherwise although I recall looking thru some of the haikus with nothing obvious sticking out..will report back though. and YES trying R login verruckt and let me know how the "unknown system" error message appears.
  8. Team Kya

    Der Riese Server Exploration

    the DK-MFK related either officially or by a coincidence to the following account of Dking with the password of MFK. I dont know if that was just a single incident where the "letters" are related or if there is actually something to the rest. I compared the above to other accounts that we are looking for passwords with no obvious matches or similarities. "SWTWU" is close to the password of SUNWU that is connected to the one CIA users account, rkain specifically. Although this password is officially obtained through a writing left by WU that rkain has in a email, obviously showing that is his favorite author. Obviously, and as I have done myself, sometimes people write a limmerick, use a favorite piece or saying, to serve as a reminder to their account password. We need to look at whatever material that has not been already ran down to "contain" passwords. This being those verruckt limericks and so on.
  9. Team Kya

    Der Riese Server Exploration

    Just for the record, I tried all viable logins available from everyone thats included on the who list, CIA passwords and the 3 Dreamland passwords, all on der riese, with no avail. Figured Id run thru everyone to assure no one has access to it using their same login information, as some people do they use the same password across all accounts.
  10. Team Kya

    Der Riese Server Exploration

    Why would test subjects have access to their "own data" . As i mentioned above, as said by others, the people who talked about the subject of zombies and accessing "archives" probably have accounts. Although the discussion about zombies was amongst verruckt between v bush and roppen. ------------- I H T I Y S W T W U M I B A W Can anyone find any clues from the letter sequences above. They are the first letter of the first word in the sentences of the limmericks from verruckt.
  11. Team Kya

    Der Riese Server Exploration

    The clues from the film kino film reelz are as follows: JD and 5 (Video with eyes) supposively JD are the initials of a producer from treyarch, and as many others have said hes famous for posting his initials "JD" around everyone in the games, including World at war. The significance of the number 5 I have no idea. The "eyes" are part of a saying he said about thinking with your eyes and not your head(something like that). 110-115 in the zombies vids......assuming 110 and 115 element numbers on the periodic table. the EAR 935 in the video with the guy behind the table/lab. EAR are the initials of Erichtofen obvious, 935/Group 935 obviously. I tried erichtofen login with ear935 and 935ear as the password with no results. -------there are only 3 reels, but 4 rooms. each time its totally random where the reels will end up. Other threads claim of 5-6 rooms and more film reelz...ALL LIES! As I have speculated on other sites, I believe regular CIA users may have access to the der riese archives, considering there are emails from roppen back and forth about riddles/sayings from the verruckt archive. In these emails the capital letters at the beginning of each sentence had a significance as a Password for another user, roppen(or the other guy in the email, cant think of his name) says DK-MFK, does this mean anything to you? Just so happens Dking (username) has the password of MFK. I went by this theory on the other emails but did not find anything of a obvious note. Will post up tonight some things. Perhaps some other people should check out the emails and take a gander at them. --If you read the riddles, they describe situations in zombies. Like they have a riddle about throwing a exploding monkey -----) points to use of monkeys obtained from chest. ----another one talks about a zombie still coming after him even with his head blown off ----) example that zombies with no heads still will take a swing at you , that is in the later rounds. Its hard to say if the above is just tips from the game or there is more behind it. Also verruckt does not exist as a Archive so stop trying to login to it. rlogin verruckt says "unknown system" and login verruckt = Logging into the CIA server. You can type in Login fdsafsdfsda and itll still log you into the CIA system by default. Also as well I think everyone knows this by now, no matter what username you type in it accepts it. So you could type User: ZZZZZ and it would still prompt you for a password regardless. Im thinking that if lmaxis/erichtofen have a actual login that their password would be of something "prior" to everything in Kino or that happened up to Kino. People speculate all the names of people(fluffly){dog}, sophia, etc) and obvious numbers(935, 110, 115) when in fact if you think about it how could they relate to a "prior" account created for archives. A -Totally in the dark about other possible accounts such as john banana or tank dempsey etc etc. Does anyone think that there is anything behind all of this or is it just easter eggs/background information behind everything up to this point. I just find it hard to believe that Treyarch went all out and put in the terminal to fool around in. talk about stepping it up for 2010. Way better than hidden radios or what ever simple stuff. EDIT: Ill verify the morse code or the knocking or w.e, as I actually studied it at a point and i can EASILY verify the isis55 or whatever translated above.

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