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  1. Yeah I changed my opinion. I officially got sucked into this again But guys, go to 1:21 Teddy Bear type laugh? It just sounds like sound editing to me, but I could be wrong. There is still more to come because #DavidVonderhaar said we are going to get more on the TV version. Also get it trending so he can tell us something he is not supposed to. :shock:
  2. WOODS IS A BEAST :twisted: I trust Treyarch to pull off one hell of a game though
  3. If Carbon had a reaction like that.....then I am gonna need to have a spare pair of pants ready :?
  4. Wait till the reveal trailer to see if they do any other type of Zombie Marketing, for all you know they do it after rather than before That is what's REALLY exciting me. MO4R ZOMBEHZ There is no doubt I am excited as all hell for this trailer coming today. I haven't even thought about zombies yet because I won't be able to withstand the PAINFUL WAIT :cry: for a trailer. I can't even comprehend what it is they are going to do with MP yet. Heck, I can't even wait another two hours for the trailer! I know it will pay off in the end though. :D
  5. I am a little upset at the viral marketing so far. GKNova was absolutely amazing, but the pics on Callofduty.com didn't really give us too much to work with in my opinion. I am sure there is more to come in terms of that though. In terms of the actual game, I don't think we have enought to judge it on yet.
  6. Indeed they do want improvement but for the wrong reasons... :twisted:
  7. Not robots, ZOMBIES! That was the master plan that we were told at Der Riese. Richtofen is part of the Illuminati, and he was part of the plan to replace soldiers with the zombies. You also have to look back to the loading screen pic with all of the mind controlled people (BBD has a great thread on it), it is their attempt to find a way to control the zombies. This whole backstory is for the Illuminati to control the world. Here is BBD's thread on the mind control and human genomes, which is another alternate to the zombies theory viewtopic.php?f=81&t=21185
  8. I know that with other games, and like GKNOVA, they created an ARG. I may be taking a shot in the dark here, but if those coordinates are pointing there, it might be something towards something actually being there or that will take place. We had the GK case last year and maybe if someone like Covert or another VIP goes out to XP, E3, or a campaign or MP reveal, then these may come in handy as well as the new letters. We may get another pickup of some sort. Again this may be way out there but you never know what Treyarch will pull off.
  9. FPSRussia already conformed that it has nothing to do with the Roman emperor unfortunately. Tacitus is just a weapons manufacturer of some sort in BO2 No matter what he said, you can't ignore the small fact that it is true and links up in a round about way. It is true and I understand that it sounds right because we all had the same idea, but if it has been confirmed that the roman emperor has nothing to do with it then that is that.
  10. Also, the second or 3rd Tuesday in November, which is usually the release date of all CODs, falls on November 13th. On the same date, there will be a solar eclipse on that date; coincidence? Also, I made this theory before, didn't really share. Tacitus was a Roman senator, who was most famous for writing about the eclipse that occurred after the death of Augustus. Shangri La - Eclipses activated basically the scenery for all Easter Eggs. FPSRussia already confirmed that it has nothing to do with the Roman emperor unfortunately. Tacitus is just a weapons manufacturer of some sort in BO2
  11. Full metal jacket Sorry Matuzz, everyone is replying so quick that I can't keep up lol :mrgreen:
  12. Charlene is really not relevant, as explained by Alpha in a post which I cannot find haha :D
  13. Charlene Corely was a defense contractor of C&D Distributors, a supplier of small hardware components, plumbling fixtures and electronic equipment to the military. She was convicted of fraudulent invoices from the DoDand on two accounts of conspiracy. It seems a bit relevant, and there could be a deeper conspiracy. This could go with the production of the quadrocoptor, and they would be some evil compnay just like the Project NOVA. I have my doubts though and is probably just a coincidence and means nothing, but I thought I would post it http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charlene_Corley
  14. I don't believe he said that, I believe that tweet was him responding to someone else. It's going to be hard to find out what it means. Ah, the was my mistake It looks like it is going to be a long way to deciphering this one :geek:
  15. I could definitely see "classified" being the solution. The only problem is that FPSRussia is saying that it is common knowledge, yet people have been tweeting at him about it meaning "secret" but he hasn't said anything to them about being correct or his promise of t-shirts.
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