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  1. People will find a way to complain about anything. The Giant is a remake included as an extra, with tons of new features despite being the same Der Riese we've known. You mean to tell me having SOE, The Giant and Dead Ops 2 isn't better than having just Tranzit? Or Kino and Five? Ridiculous. Treyarch will never win with most of these people, who's only feedback is to complain. You have new zombies. Customizable zombies. You got an old, classic map. Aww they didn't give you an Easter Egg on an add on? Too bad. Ok rant over. Enjoy the game.
  2. This is what hangs me up. The whole "we retain our consistent consciousness through alternate dimensions, timelines etc.." I imagine it may be explained, but I'm not holding my breath. At some point you chalk it up to "it's a video game and you must suspend disbelief". One things for sure, they pay attention to the theories, and the people proposing the theories pay attention to everything. It really makes for phenomenal content.
  3. 25th in line, less than 10 minutes away!

  4. With the impending release I'm sure many of you, like me, will skip the campaign and the multiplayer mode (at least initially) to jump straight into the warm and cozy world of zombies. So my question is this: What is most important on Day 1 to you? Some people will spend the formative hours learning the map, surfing for partners, and exploring the ever-evolving storyline we all know and love. Some will attempt to plow ahead and jump to an early leaderboard advantage, counting on discovering the intricacies of each map as they go. So what's your style? Slow and steady, and fast and furious?
  5. These are pretty sweet. Excited to see how they expand zombie rankings, since they were so close in BlOps2
  6. Don't you just figure if the story or game-mode reaches a point where it's too large or unwieldy that Treyarch will develop it as a stand alone? With next-gen consoles and digital media expanding the way it has, I wouldn't be surprised by anything. Money drives everything. If they can make money off it they'll make it, and let's face it, I'll buy it.
  7. There used to be icons you could display in your signature that reflected certain accomplishments across the various zombie games. Have those been done away with? Just curious, trying to get my footing here again!
  8. I'm willing to get some run in later tonight.
  9. So with the impending release of Dead Ops 2, I'm extending an invitation to anyone who wants to get some practice in on the old Dead Ops Arcade, XBox 360 edition. This was one of the most fun zombie maps in Black Ops 1 that never got its due, mostly because people did not understand how to play. Drop me your gamer tag in this thread and we can get some practice rounds in. Also, peep the Manifesto (stickied to this sub-forum) that I wrote a few years back for tips on how to slaughter thousands of zombies far quicker than the other modes. Dead Ops is back, and so is the King.
  10. Guess who's back.  Back again.  RZA's back.  Tell a friend.

  11. Hello everyone! Been quite some time since I've been here, but I've missed the zombie discussion in my life so I'm back! Can't wait for Friday, and a return to the top of the DOA leaderboards. If anyone wants to run some practice rounds in the (Eastern Standard Timezone) evening this week I'm very much so down for that. Let me know!
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