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  1. Apparently we play as him in the 80s flashback missions Does Sam Worthington voice him still?
  2. ZombieNationZ

    Story Theory

    In blops 1, zombies had a connection with the campaign.
  3. But he said if he subscribed to somebody it was official.
  4. It's not a great question to ask I'm afraid. Delves into Blops 2 which he can't talk about. How do you know this runs into Black Ops 2? We've only seen it in Black Ops 1 so far right? Couldn't hurt to ask He has a point. It couldn't hurt.
  5. We already know this one, dude. He's a playable character in the part of the game taking place in the 80's Is Sam Wortjington voicing him?
  6. Will we see Alex Mason at all in the campaign?
  7. Humans hate the taste of human meat. We are made that way. Wtf is happening?
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