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  1. Call of Duty: Black Ops CPU performance improvements Zombie matchmaking improvements Fix for locked ADS after pressing shift-TAB to bring up Steam overlay Fix for ADS while holding shift as a sniper tell me something about last two because i cant understand em ;d
  2. i dont want to speed boos i just want to control it ... when i want to move down i move my mouse down and the rocket flies down-(for example) left
  3. yeah i found it too because i have machinima in sub ;p
  4. when i want for example to fly up, the rocket flies up and a bit left or something, you know mouse + these rockets hasnt any precision, something similar was in mw2 with predator, do you know what do i mean? if you have some tips please tell me ;p
  5. pc man i know how to see invitec but there is no invites when they sen them to me or i send it to them
  6. so i will describe my problem: i'm from poland and when i want to invite 3 of my mates which live in germany they dont see my invitation also when they invite me i cant see their invite ;/ can you help me?
  7. but i saw that some people fixed it and tell me why can i connect with some friends and 3 of my friends cant find my invite do zombie?
  8. if anyone knows how to fix this D&*N lagz please help me ...
  9. so i found something, everythings lags less ;d just run black ops multi, then press ctrl alt delete andd run task manager, then in processes find blackopsmp and set priority to high, then find steam process and set priority to low, it helped me and my friends in playing ;)
  10. like i wrote: this guy who has tattoo with numbers 115 is called X-ray, yesterday there was 115th aniversary of xrays discovery ;d
  11. what numbers do you mean? the old one? what new zombie site?
  12. i i got something i think on this gknova vid there is a man with weird face which looks exactly like man from customization trailer (looks like joker from batman ^^), so maybe there will be customization too?
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