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  1. Gamertag: Mextension Best Solo Run: 56 Best 2p Run: 50 Here is my info: Arena 1: Island *Enemy types - Zombies *Challenge Round - None Arena 2: Fountain *Enemy types - Zombies *Challenge Round - None Arena 3: Prison *Enemy types - Zombies - Prisoner Zombies *Challenge Round - Prison Break: Introduces the Prisoner Zombies that run faster than normal zombies Arena 4: Temple Ruins *Enemy types - Zombies - Crawlers *Challenge Round - Creepy Crawlers: Introduces the Crawler Zombies than are harder to hit and slightly faster than norma
  2. Now sitting at 50 in 2-player....could do much better :D
  3. 2-player: 40 (top of the leaderboardz 1-player: 57 (I win?)
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