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  1. I apologize if this may be asking for much, but I was wondering if anyone here has all the sound files for the screams, moans, and grunts that the zombies make. All the links and vids on YouTube didn't have every sound archived; they're missing the sounds the zombies make when charging toward you. If I'm posting this inquiry in the wrong thread, please let me know.
  2. Could be relevant? Oh wow; that's cool. Cholest, er, brains for you. [brains] I only ever checked that page twice, but interesting now that you bring this update up. For all I know you can still Google images of the COD:IW logo.
  3. What does "Iron Wolf" mean in this case? "Iron" could make reference to the "Iron Curtain", another name for the Eastern Bloc, Warsaw Pact, or overall Soviet rulership. "Wolf" makes me think "Reznov", but what if Alex Mason could be a wolf in his own right? He's a lone wolf. After the events of Black Ops, he tried to see his family but it all went awry, and to make matters worse there's a burn notice for him, meaning that US government agents (most likely CIA SAD operatives) will be hunting him down throughout ever corner of the globe. These are just my opinions, anyway. EDIT/UPDATE Holy shit; look what I found.Herp-derp
  4. Thank you. I've been wanting to make some COD-ish MikuMikuDance videos.....problem is that COD models have so many textures & such that they won't turn up good in MMD. I don't know if someone even tried, though. On the other hand, there are some .X files (accessories) that some people have derived off of the COD games, Black Ops & MW2 in particular, so it's a start, for now.
  5. I have a deviantART account right here. I hardly use it much anymore, despite a recent return due to my search for MMD content.
  6. Maybe I should've posted a link to my MMD "Hope in Us" video, but such an emo-ish musical number doesn't have a place here.....for now. Other than that, what'cha scared for? No I'm not forcing you to see the videos.
  7. Manhunt was awesome. And Manhunt 2 almost gave me a seizure because all the executions were censored with psychadelicky colors and stuff. I hope they make a third Manhunt, but it's doubtful because the angry, irresponsible parents will be all over it screaming "Videogames are supposed to be for kids!!!111" and such......since when are games supposed to be only for kids, anyway? Just because kids make up the biggest percentage of gaming communities? It's their choice to play M-rated games, and not the fault of the game developers....but I won't go into that for now. :? I thought that part was awesome. Are you talking about the part where you drag a VC into the water then cut apart his throat and see his neck half-open? That was awesome. :D
  8. Gross1985

    935 & 601

    Oh, well, I know that. I was just curious where in the Terminal in the game it's located.
  9. Brains for you on this one. As much as I love killing, I still play to win, especially in objective-based modes. Ugh this reminds me of my recent plays of CTF on COD:BO MP, and how the flag carriers always hold off on inserting the enemy flag into our flag. It's no use talking to them either; they just go about what they're doing and give me a swift STFU. I love this addition; it's about time they added this in a COD game. I think they should do away with Perks and use a skill-based system, such as weapon proficiency.
  10. Well I do recall how there were some recycled sounds in the COD:BO MP trailers, specifically some of the death-cries, but when COD:BO was released they were replaced with the newer ones we're familiar with....what if this will be the same deal for MW3? When MW3 comes out, will there be different sound effects and voices? But at the same time, I feel that MW3 will keep the same sounds as the ones used in MW2, COD4, and the previous COD's before that. I don't know why, but still. I will admit it's kind of a turn-off that they're recycling the same sounds, especially for the firearms....this leads to comparisons between IW and Treyarch, and how Treyarch at least tries to put some effort in to use different sound effects for their firearms. :|
  11. As of July 1st this year I downloaded some 3D choreography program called "MikuMikuDance". Anyway, cutting straight to it, I made some videos with some COD-related & CODZ-related content. I didn't upload the video feeds directly to here because, as per my experience on this website, there's a ton of bandwidth issues I personally experience, worst case being that I get an SQL error and can't go anywhere on CODZ....so, you're just going to have to make do by clicking on the links. If you don't want to lose this page, just right-click and choose to open them in a new tab. "Cube One" Wunderwaffe DG-2 Battleship Yamato! Miku with a G11. (some folks at CODHQ's OT section liked this one, especially for Miku's dolphin-dive) Miku with a Type 89 Feel free to vote, too.
  12. I think we have a winner here. 8-) *gasp* Oh......that, and everyone who reveres Osama as a martyr (touchy stuff there). Alas, we can't always have what we want.... :cry:
  13. Really? That's fascinating. "Love" and "deliverance from evil" seem to fit rather well with Zombies. Until then I thought it was just some fancy symbol, although "3" has some significance in religion.
  14. I thought for a while that Treyarch should make a subdivision (or something) dedicated to making a COD Zombies game, whereas the rest of Treyarch works on Black Ops 2. But now that I've read some opinions here (specifically not wanting to buy both MP and Zombies), I'm at a loss for ideas now.....not to mention that I don't know how big Treyarch's staff is. I do believe, though, that Activision would just looooooove the idea of two COD games per year. :o
  15. It's possible. These last Zombies maps have definitely been about progressing the story. In COD:WAW, Nazi Zombies was a miscellaneous, entertaining time-killer for when one wanted to take a break from Campaign and Multiplayer. Nazi Zombies started off pretty basic.....then came the second map, giving player-characters voices and even introducing Perk-a-Colas. Then came Shi No Numa, introducing our four heroes, each with their own personalities and such, and then a mythos was most definitely born due to the abundance of easter eggs tying in with the theme of Nazi Zombies. Der Riese took it all a step further.....and then we had (and still have) a Nazi Zombies community (or COD Zombies, assuming "Nazi Zombies" is pretty much outdated after Black Ops). It can be assumed that the Zombies pillar in COD:BO had intention of progressing the storyline to the established mythos. These four map-packs (which I want to call "FEAR" but people may mistake it for First Encounter Assault Recon) even went as far as to implement major easter eggs, requiring no less than four players in a session. But one thing I did notice was that the gameplay was pretty much the same. There were some innovations here and there, but for all intents and purposes, the gameplay (especially the formula & weapons) stayed the same. The gameplay remaining the same is either for better or for worse; Treyarch has said a couple of times that they know the formula in Zombies is popular as it is, and they don't plan on changing it. Personally, I wish they brought back some weapons from COD:WAW, such as the MG42 and PPSh-41, and included the M60....alas, they didn't. I think that if Treyarch is more intent on progressing the mythos' storyline, then they should break down and make a COD Zombies game.

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