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  1. I completely agree! I'm fed up with shooter after shooter... I mean seriously, I don't mind a game that involves shooting but in the past 6 months I've seen next-to-no games that don't use shooting as the key element. This is why I'm looking forward to Uncharted 3, and why I looked forward to LBP2. To be honest these FPS games are all the same thing, and I get so bored of them :| And, I'm not trying to start a console war here, I'm just asking a question. On the 360, do you have any amazing games that aren't shooters or sports games (not including Kinect games)? Once again, not bashing I just rarely hear of 360 games without shooting or sports :?: :?: :?: Yeah, if people start responding angrily and start a war, I might just delete my comment... see if anyone takes you seriously when it looks like you're arguing with yourself... muahahahaha :twisted:
  2. HL is FAKE. The truth is that Dempsey, Nikolai and Takeo WERE all test subjects of Group 935, and they WERE being tested on element 115 exposure, under the watchful eye of Richtofen (you know, before he went crazy and presumably killed Maxis). The three were the only ones to show resilience to the side-effects A.K.A zombification. And the fact that Richtofen hasn't zombified means he must have some resilience of his own too. The only downside to this is that during testing, Dempsey, Nikolai and Takeo had their short-term memories erased (i.e. they can remember most things like where they come from and who they are related to, but cannot remember much about the recent past, which includes Group 935). This is all proven by the information on the Dreamland server on the terminal. And, how did they get there? Dempsey was originally leading at least two other marines on a mission to raid Verruckt and rescue Peter (an undercover U.S spy in Group 935, whose identity had been compromised). It is likely that Peter had already been taken away, and Dempsey was the only one to escape Verruckt (only to be later captured by Group 935, due to being in the middle of Germany). It is also a possibility that Peter was one of the playable characters in Verruckt, along with Dempsey, and two names without faces mentioned in the Dreamland server: 'John Banana' and 'Smokey'. If this is true, then it is possible that Peter AND Dempsey escaped, only to be captured. How Nikolai and Takeo were captured is unclear. Personally, I don't believe in the theory that Takeo was a prisoner of Nikolai. This is because in Nikolai's bio, it said something about how 'due to his obsessive drinking, he was dropped at the front line'. I do not think that the Red Army would let NIKOLAI, of all people, guard any prisoners at all. Can you imagine how much of a disaster that would be?? :? ^^ That right there is showing how easy it is to put all the pieces together and come up with a storyline. 8-) -Jackyboy
  3. I've never been a big fan of either. Put a bottle of Juggernog in one hand and good ol' Ray in the other and I'm happy. But the DG-2 can never be replaced. (R.I.P DG-2 Whenever/SNN/Came out - 9/11/10) And I also want to dedicate this sentence to Mr. Monkey- our friend who was sadly transferred to the Pentagon and was split apart from our characters. He was destroyed in testing several weeks back. R.I.P Mr. Monkey 6/08/09 - 1/02/11 :cry:
  4. Nonono, you have Treyarch mistaken with Activision. Activision are the ones who don't give a flying monkey about their customers. Treyarch are making a very decent and complex story, but I'm assuming due to what you said that you barely know who Dr. Maxis even was.
  5. Yeah, I remember last night when I was playing on FIVE, and... oh wait I have to type it like a troll. loLz, i rember lst nite i waz on zombehs and the presidenrt gto the lazre blastre on round 115 and sam apeared and sayd task 1 compete then the president got the lazer blastre agen on round 935 and sam got mad and waz bout 2 kill uz when (prepare for the common atrocious spelling of 'Nikolai') nichelayi threw beer (beer, seriously? ) at her and she meltde then it came up that we won and the prsident teleportd and the gme ended. God, don't you just hate it when that happens? I hate it almost as much as I hate LIARS. GTFO. Yours sincerely, The guy who wants to slap you with a fish. And then drink PhD Flopper and belly flop you into oblivion. 8-)
  6. Well you're right, it is a theory. just not a good one. in this theory the story line just gets all messed up and doesn't make any sense. and the monkeys doens't become cosmic sliverbacks because they are monkey zombies (look at the monkey rounds, never seen a cosmic silverback). Why would Nicolai help at a rocket facility? he doesn't look like a scientist to me. Also samantha doesn't fit in this story. I'm sorry but i don't believe this theory. But thanks for the effort To be honest, I agree ^^^ No offense, but this theory doesn't seem to fit with what we've discovered so far. And Nikolai, employed at a launch facility? God help us all if Nikolai was hired to work on a rocket Plus, don't you think the armies would find it odd for an American and a Japanese man to walk in and say: "I travelled forward in time from the end of WWII. Pleased to meet you." Though there is one thing that caught my attention. Richtofen in his spacesuit. That is, honestly, the only part which I think you could be heading in the right direction with. We need to gather up what we know: The gang arrive via Lunar Lander and not via teleporter; It is widely believed due to the Kino loading screen that Kino takes place in 1950, whereas FIVE takes place during the aftermath of the Cuban Missile Crisis which was over 10 years later. It is very likely (due to the telephones in Ascension) that FIVE and Ascension happen simultaneously. The fact that most characters are still looking exactly the same and are covered in blood (Takeo even has a bloody handprint on his back!) suggests that time travel was used to arrive in the general area. How the gang ended up on a Lunar Lander is unclear; Richtofen is the only one wearing different clothes, is this because Richtofen did not time travel and is really 10 years older (hence the change of appearance) or did he change clothes because a Nazi in Russia would not have a warm welcome? Maybe Richtofen stole a spacesuit from the facility. The pieces of the puzzle won't link! Arghh! There are no teleporters in Ascension so the gang can't have been teleported there! Is this to suggest that another source of element 115 is nearby? Could this be due to the Russians sending the Silverback up into space and then back down? Maybe he brought some of the element down, which inspired the work on 'Project Mercury' (the Gersch Device)? Gah! I can feel it- we have enough clues to put the puzzle together, but we haven't finished putting together the basic outline yet, meaning working on the details is near impossible right now...
  7. Not actually me playing in the video but yeah. And aah, I didn't realize the Soviets used a bear as their mascot. If this is true then this theory has as much of a chance of being wrong as it has of being right. But, if it is wrong, then what was watching Maxis?? *The bear is *Watching me. *It lives *But I can't prove it. This clearly isn't referring to Samantha as the data was written before Maxis and Sam were betrayed by Edwardm and Samantha was clearly alive to everyone. WHO is the bear?????
  8. I noticed a few interesting quotes of Dempsey's in your video: 1:33 "Another easter egg! Ha! How do they do it?" - vox_plr_0_egg_room_lounge_0 Which room is the lounge? 1:36 "Haha! And you thought I wouldn't find it..." - vox_plr_0_egg_room_rest_0 I guess this is referring to the restroom area. Could there be more in there? Someone needs to noclip... 1:38 "All right! I always did want a spot on the big screen!" - vox_plr_egg_room_screen_0 I take it this is referring to the projector. Has anyone heard Dempsey say this when messing with the projector before? If not there could be another secret to it... And I also noticed that his two favourite weapons seemed to be the M16 and the PAPed shotgun that shoots fire (I think it's the SPAS-12?). Could something interesting happen if every character has his two favourite guns? Hmm... :ugeek:
  9. Maybe Dempsey really needed to go? It's amazing he didn't 'go' while being chased around Shi No Numa and Der Riese by zombies!
  10. Surely someone must have searched the sound files for Kino der Toten by now. If there was a third hidden radio transmission we'd at least know what it says by now and it'd be all over the Internet. I mean, this is EXACTLY how it was with the elusive 8th radio on Der Riese. We found the sound file but we never found the actual radio (not including the iPod version of the map). Personally, I think the reason why the sound file was there but not the matching radio is because Treyarch put the message in a book that you can find on the map, and decided the 8th radio was no use in the map. So, it could well be that we've already FOUND the message written down somewhere on the map. Maybe it's on that bit of paper under the metal stairs in Kino? I know it has some sort of message on it about "the Doctor".
  11. I watching a couple of videos of Ascension, to get the basic layout of the map for Thursday when First Strike is finally released on PS3 (can't wait! ) and I heard something interesting at the end of one of the videos. I don't know if this has been posted or not but I searched the 'Ascension' section and couldn't find anything recent. Watch for yourself and see what Nikolai says when he dies: fj8bRTfUvAM He says "The bear has been hit!". Does this mean Nikolai is 'The Bear'? We know from the terminal that Maxis states that: *The bear is *Watching me. *It lives *But I can't prove it. So... maybe Maxis thought the three were dead when they were being tested on, but realises they are still alive? I don't know what it means, I just thought I'd bring it up as no one else seems to have recently.
  12. At Der Riese, being tested by Maxis and Edward.
  13. Never heard of this before. Good find! [brains] EAARB EAARE Neither of those ring a bell. What could they mean?
  14. First actual spoiler of Ascension for me... but oh well! Amazing video, I can tell you worked hard on it! I love how you included the zombie maps in there too! The Der Riese/Kino der Toten transition was a good idea and I agree with thegrix that the Firing Range/Ascension transition was by far the best! And the map does look really good, and now you've got me pumped up for Ascension with the 25 seconds of gameplay I saw, I don't need to worry about giving in to spoilers because I've seen what I needed to! Great job!
  15. First off, how does Richtofen changing his uniform have anything to do with him being in trouble with someone? And yes, Dempsey, Nikolai and Takeo all had their short-term memories erased before all this happened when they were test subjects at Der Riese (presumably) under the watchful eye of Dr Edward Richtofen. But, slowly, the three characters seem to be getting their memories back, as they are starting to question what is going on. Paticularly Dempsey, who I think plays a bigger part in all this than we think. It is a strong belief with good evidence that Dempsey was in Verruckt. By the way, please try to learn how to use correct grammar and punctuation. It's nothing against you but you have no idea how irritating it is to read through a post written by someone who doesn't seem to be aware of the existence of the 'Caps Lock' button.
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