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  1. I just tried this out and it's real. [brains] 4 u
  2. lolwut? Anyways, on topic I doubt its a bug but I wish they would change the ability to reload the Thundergun's clip instead of having to use all the shots to reload.
  3. Wow man, I didn't realize that when I offered you some gameplay tips on that other thread you would get so butt hurt about it Maybe you should be the one using glitches though. If you think the Thundergun stops killing Zombies in 1 hit at Round 20, then you definitely haven't been that far. I was asking for a video so that I could post it in the official Treyarch bug forums, but hey name calling is constructive too I guess. you didnt offer me tips. you blatently sat there and said my opinions are wrong. opinions cant be wrong. so eff off. and i have been to round 20. imma put a video up by the end of the week showing me not killing a zombie with the thunder gun. only reason itl take that long is cuz im in midterms week and i gotta study. Dude saying "The Upgraded Thundergun doesn't kill at one shot at round 20+" is not an opinion it's a false statement, if you said "The Upgraded Thundergun is not good at round 20+" then that would be an opinion but you gave numbers and stated them as fact and those numbers are incorrect.
  4. 2-Player: 38 #2 on the Leader board
  5. fixed that...... its BUYER SALE not fire sale, bonfire sale or help its BUYER SALE No, it's "Fire Sale" and "Bonfire Sale". Listen closely. Also the Pentagon Thief will not appear right away, you have to do something first it seems... It's Fire Sale
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