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  1. http://www.callofduty.com/media
  2. why does everyone hate this? why...why...why. I don't understand...it takes skill, and no matter how much you say it doesn't...it does. TRUST ME. If you think it's all luck...play me or a couple different friends in quickscoping, you will get beat every time. If you are quick enough to beat a UMP with quickscoping...that shows a lot more skill than if a UMP person kills you. It is harder to use than the rest of the guns in MW2 because of how easy it is to kill people with the other guns... Ohh i know you are good at quickscoping. lol I was mostly referring to the "bad" ones. (like me) If you can`t quickscope, please don`t practice in SnD. Practice in private matches or in FFAs.
  3. Ya, I hate those "wannabe grizz" quickscopers in SnD.
  4. lol,I hate almost every map. Except for Summit,Firing Range,Nuketown and Kowloon.
  5. Now you just need a PS3!
  6. I just go on with the Thompson route,more points.
  7. I loved this trailer just for the song.I love scorpions! :mrgreen:
  8. As long as i have fun with the game,I don`t really care about the graphics or engine.
  9. You should try "twitting" this to JD_202 or David Vonderhaar .
  10. I think Carbon is joking...
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