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  1. Any love for Alestorm in here? I've just gotten into them and have to say they are a pretty good folk/pirate metal band. Sp6vqtO57I4
  2. My favorite Amon Amarth song is sSJWOV44Otc or ZstRFE5eOxM Also, I just got the new Nile album and it is pretty sick, anybody have it?
  3. Shock value does play a part in a lot of death metal bands images but their sales are not purely based on this, although there are people that will buy it for that reason. Personally, I wouldn't care if the gory topics were removed from the genre. I don't feel that the shock value is a necessary trait in the genre but it does add a distinguishing feel to the genre to differentiate the genre from others. The theme of gore is not the only characteristic that distinguishes the genre from others and that is why it is unnecessary. Death metal as a whole is distinguished by its vocals and not purely the shock value and I feel it should just keep on rocking the way it is \m/. Let the bands that use the shock value continue to use it as it is not just shock value its another way to separate the band from others.
  4. I actually forgot about Amon Amarth. I guess they'd be second on my list.
  5. 1. Lamb of God 2. Machine Head 3. Trivium 4. Tool 5. Five Finger Death Punch
  6. Im pretty proficient in java, i cant guarantee that I'll be able to understand everything but probably most of it.
  7. Ibanez

    Samantha next leader

    Keep this on topic. If you are going to make fun of an idea, why even post in the thread?
  8. You should've gotten a picture in the car.
  9. I am looking for any and all userbars, please help. If you see any userbars that are not in this thread, then help me by posting them and I will add them.
  10. Are you trying to resize them when you upload them or just when they're on your computer? If you are trying to resize when uploading, the website should have an option to resize prior to uploading.

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