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  1. Keep this on topic. If you are going to make fun of an idea, why even post in the thread?
  2. Are you trying to resize them when you upload them or just when they're on your computer? If you are trying to resize when uploading, the website should have an option to resize prior to uploading.
  3. This is what I'm wondering
  4. How many times do we have to tell you that the electric pole does not give you candy? Anyways... with 2 people i've made it to round 25 and solo I made it to round 30.
  5. First of all, this question could have been asked through a pm to carbon. Second, this is in the wrong section. Third, there is flaming so it is now locked.
  6. Lime dude please keep it on topic and if you have nothing to say that relates to the topic then dont say anything.
  7. Ibanez

    How to become a mod

    The essay was a contest that we had on the old website. Anyone could write one. It was a 1000 word essay on why you wanted to become a mod and carbon chose the essay that he thought showed that the member has very good skills and mod-like qualities. Lissa and I both entered among many others and we became mods.
  8. Yes, the site was taken down because we were exceeding our monthly bandwidth it is unknown when the chat will be brought back, probably when we can get enough donations to pay for more bandwidth.
  9. Im gonnna pre-order my copy of the hardened edition at amazon. I did the same with red dead redemption the day before it released and picked release day delivery and and came on release day.
  10. Nothing Except the stuff that has been posted
  11. Here an article about it from Kotaku too, Click Me!
  12. The secret achievement in Shi No Numa is to activate the song through the phone in the Comm Room.
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