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  1. A very warm welcome to CoDz Leightonater! Im sure you will enjoy your stay here :)
  2. YoungMaxwell


    Welcome to CoDz Marge. 8-)
  3. A very warm welcome to the forum weehammy97. :D
  4. Thanks very much guys! Wow this intro was a while ago now! :D
  5. A very warm welcome to CoDz Grix. :D
  6. Mikeh i have just approved your request.
  7. See now if you were on the 360 - i would be able to help you here as i am from England. Although im pretty sure youll be helped. :D
  8. Welcome back to the forum - good to have you back :D
  9. You sir are a gentleman and a scholar. I deeply appreciate your generosity. Rewards for your kindness are in order. I will get back to you on what that shall entail. No problem - happy to help. Im excited :D
  10. I have made a donation - Carbon, let me know if anything goes wrong with it......it said it went through. For some reason it came up in my Dads name, but its not from him lol.
  11. Hi there tlc! a very warm welcome to you and your not wrong about this being the best website out there! :D
  12. My GT is YoungMaxwell. Its what the randon Xbox threw up for me when i got it 8-)
  13. A very warm welcome back Alp! what bank and where would that be in London? I work on a building site in London :)
  14. To many more years as a fantastic community! ;)
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