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  1. I just have to say this, I don't know if I'm right or wrong, but I have another Reznov theory, backing the whole "He's alive!" thing. When Alex and Reznov are escaping Vorkuta, like, on the truck, Alex jumps onto the train, and the truck just slows down, kind of swerves, and then stops. Is it possible that Reznov was on another bike, or even not at the motorcycle part? My theory is backed by the fact that Alex has those "out-of-body experiences" throughout the game. Also, if you actually look at the driver's seat in the truck when Alex is on the train, no one is there. Tell me what you think! :mrgreen:
  2. Didn't know that. Good find, [brains]'s for you!!
  3. Think about this, we know that there is a guy called X, but he is anonymous. We also know about the "maverick" code and how it says Reznov isn't dead. But if you read all of the things not just including the "Reznov is dead" part, you get "X R E Z N O V X X I S D E D X" now I don't know if any of you guys figured this out, but other than Rezonv is dead, the rest is all X's so, yeah, Mr. X. This is my theory, and I think its pretty solid. :mrgreen:
  4. A confusing thing for me though, is whether you are having an out-of-body experience in some cases, it just seems that way for me.
  5. Okay, I've played through the campaign several times now, I completely understand the stuff about the numbers, but the part that still confuses me is what things was Alex hallucinating about, a great example is, when you steal the hind in Payback, when you see the hind, you start to hear the numbers, but Reznov wasn't with you? Could you have been hallucinating about Woods there?
  6. To be completely honest, I never really believed that FIVE was part of any kind of story, but I think it would be cool to see them in the whitehouse or something, as for the actual zombies, I would love to see a map based on something like the Eifel Tower. And I don't play online, so BRING ON THE SP!!!!!
  7. I have to agree with you, but in Treyarch's case, what if the illuminate don't exist, but are a made up group for the puppets ie: leaders of nations to talk about to keep people aware of them so other "secret" societies can remain secret.
  8. YAY!!! It has to be Prototype!! And I loved that game!!! :o
  9. The funniest thing about mine though, is that he didn't show up as alive, so he had dozens of bullet holes riddled across his body!! It is like the thing when you down an enemy and he is still gasping for breath, except mine lasted forever!!!
  10. I don't know if anybody has seen this, but it is freakin' hilarious! Alright, so on the mission "Crash Site," there is that part where you reach those old ruins, you know, with the Hind and the first time you see the spetznas soldiers in the level? Anyways, I threw a grenade, blew off the arm of one of the soldiers (he was wearing a ski mask without the mouth hole) and he landed in a sort of sitting position, with his chest on the wall. Here's where it gets funny, HIS EYE'S WERE STILL MOVING!!! Unfortunately, I don't have a good camera to capture this with, but I'm sure its on youtube!
  11. Alright, time for some spoilers, highlight to see! I think the numbers have to do with the numbers that brainwashed Alex Mason, you know, to execute him and to kill them.
  12. I have a very good spot for 2 players, what you do is use your pistol and knife on zombies til' you have higher that 1750 points, then you open up the door that's on the floor the stairs go up, after you open it, there is an SMG there for 1000. Its a great room, there,s two places to cover, and when the hellhounds come, there is a little hall that you can go in, it lets you take them out very easily. As for getting the power on, wait for the last zombie to come, have one person distract him, while the other goes and opens up the doors, just whatever you do, DON'T OPEN UP THE ROOM WHERE YOU TAKE YOUR STAND, YOU WILL DIE!!! Take the doorways that have the fire trap and alley, just be sure to pick up better guns along the way, this strategy is probably much easier with more people. -Hope this helped! :D
  13. {P(Z,aa,X,Y)}},removeSWF:function(X){if(M.w3){y(X)}},createCSS:function(aa,Z,Y,X){if(M.w3){v(aa,Z,Y,X)}},addDomLoadEvent:K,addLoadEvent:s,getQueryParamValue:function(aa){var This is for those that didn't want to read through it all! Hope this helped!
  14. Okay, if you guys are so pissed about altitude, would it make it better if it was arcade-ish, like when you fly the helicopter in dead ops?
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