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  1. As I posted in another thread, (thanks for posting an image of it!) I can confirm these red widow wine drops are REAL. I got them in the rift running high rounds down there. I think you literally get them by getting a shit load of "cocoon" kills. When I get to about round 32 I start to throw them at my train. Not only does it make the whole train freeze for easy kills it replenishes my widows grenades. I have now seen these red grenades twice. Once in a 4 player game after we completed the main Easter egg and also in a solo game. I promise these are real. Lighting glitch ? Maybe? But when my power ups lighting glitch happens it doesn't show any glow. This one has a distinct red glow
  2. I thought I was the only one who noticed.... But I thought it was red when you're out of ammo?
  3. Def not the same. Zombies never spawned like this. But I still have to agree it is easy to train, but to be honest it's not a training map..... Not all maps are meant to train on... Me and my brother have a legit 95 on buried because of camping not training.
  4. I see/hear so many people talk about these "dings" The only dings I ever hear are when I pack a punch and get my 100th kill with my Lil arnies. My perks drank, miles ran etc. are in the top 1500 in the world(xbox1) and literally every game I grab the wonder weapon. (Just showing how much I play) When you get an audio que from the wonder weapon it doesn't ding. It talks to you. I'm pretty confident these dings are not what you are looking for. and after everything is said and done. The "unpack-a-punched" version is already op to me. Especially with alchemical antithesis.
  5. I can confirm that red ones drop too. I don't know what i did , but after completing the main Easter egg and getting the cut scene, they all dropped red. Lighting glitch ? Or something? I told my party about it they all said they never seen this before either. I was the one with the wonder weapon tooZ
  6. Thanks for confirming its a glitch!
  7. I can confirm this.. Just happened to me. After equipping margwa mask I got widows wine and tried the gumball did it perfect and the gumball appeared but I could not grab it I tried everything but it was stuck. Had teammates to confirm we were doing the Easter egg.
  8. Of course sir. That is quite obvious. I quoted you under instead of on top because the 1st half was intended to someone else up there. i was just giving a little small tip, I'll keep em to myself now tho, to avoid criticism from hind sight.
  9. Naw not every gumball gives you a chance just the random power up one (I'm feelin lucky)... but you're right it is randomized by divinuim I just figured a lot of people didn't know it was possible.
  10. Haha I love how he calls everyone haters too
  11. This by far sounds the most logic. So I guess remembering where you got the margwa heart might be key to getting that first unlock sound since people are getting it in different areas
  12. SoE they just count as a random power up so the gumball can drop this. 100% confirmed on multiple occasions. I know I always love that extra perk.
  13. http://youtu.be/6dT4DaAhl48 wonder weapon audio from people using the ww in various areas
  14. Nice info I hope it's all true. I love the wonder weapon even when it's not pap. Hope they aren't sounds for something already discovered.
  15. Didn't see any videos or posts mentioning it so figure I give a small tip. The I'm feeling lucky gum balls can spawn free perk bottles (which gives it to your whole team) I find myself equipping this gum all 100% of the time. It's rare but I've gotten it twice In the 10 I've used. just a guy tryna help.
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