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  1. -Win a Grief game where both teams consist of CodZ members -Win a Turned game where all players are CodZ members -Use Perkaholic gobblegum 30 times/most used Gobblegum as Perkaholic -Get the highest reticle in zombies possible with each scope (Thermal, Reflex, etc) -Deadliest weapon as rocket launcher (Pro Noob Tuber) is what the title should be if approved -Earn 3 divinum in one game (It is possible due to the new daily challenges) -Withdraw 225,000 points from bank in BOII (can be screenshotted if amass points in early round) -Reach Prestige level 100 in Zombies
  2. Is there a full out manual for these in the works? I know that videos can only do so much, for me at least, but actually having the words typed out is much more informational.
  3. So playing the map, I noticed something quite peculiar. And I was thinking, "Man, this looks quite familiar!" We are definitely going to the Moon. But a question I've been asking is, is this Vril generator on DE or is it going to be a similar mechanic where we get it in a future map and come back to this map with the Vril generator, like the original Moon EE.
  4. I've always been fascinated with the music genius of Kevin Sherwood, because his lyricism fits perfectly with the story and dialogue within the zombies universe so I decided to give my own analysis of this song. A wolf is at my doorI feel itI see it in my dreamsA world of my designA forced enlighteningreveals itI found a life that I malignand I feel it The narrator, whoever it may be, that is entirely up for discussion, feels an ominous presence everywhere. I personally believe this could be the stream of consciousness from a Samantha, whether the Moon Samantha or the Origins Samantha, I'm not entirely sure. But it seems that this ominous presence hounds the narrator literally like a wolf yet it is contained within their own reality. I feel so strangeLike I’m everywhereand that no one was thereWe only want to liveforeverRepeat serial suicideyou can’t find youand hide This narrator (controller) feels omnipotence. Omnipotence was never meant for a human being, our own mental capacity and physical capacity cannot handle the idea or the euphoria of being everywhere and controlling so much. Human beings only want all of the joy of their lives to be endless and you can go through life like it was a cycle unbroken, and just end it all but inevitably, the darkest feeling inside your own reality will find you. But the narrator feels the extremes of joy and anguish, committing a duality effect. Am I deadIs it all overThere is no pain hereYou lead and I’ll followMy tree of life is hollowThe tide has turned intorain Mob Of The Dead, Shadows Of Evil, even us, as players, will be drug into a vortex of endless death. Zombies are dead, *S P O I L E R S* Mob Of The Dead's characters are in purgatory, *S P O I L E R S* Shadows Of Evil's characters are dead, and at a certain point of omnipotence, the inner part of a human being, if exposed to such a power, will lose all grip on humanity (My tree of life is hollow).Beneath a waning lightI see itA creeping shadow spirewill bleed into the skyCarotid tightening conceals this‘mortality’These moments freezeand fall away‘from duality’ The narrator witnesses such visual atrocities, such awful imagery and compares that their arteries are concealing the pure human essence they have. But it all begins to fade away because if you're simultaneously everything through omnipotence, you're simultaneously nothing at all, causing a duality effect where you lose all human capabilities. I hear my nameIn a voice like mine That I hear in my mindThe time has cometo leave for neverI peel the fabric backand see me hideI can’t hide from Iand hide from me If you remember Samuel, the voices inside his head along with Richtofen knew his name without him knowing. In previous EE songs, there were references of an external force sparking and speaking within the narrator's existence. Again, duality. A dark, ominous force within us is exposed when under extreme amounts of stress. The narrator however literally discovers that they are hiding from themselves, but how can you hide from something that is simultaneously alive, everywhere, and yet so dead inside?Am I deadIs it all overWhere is my pain nowIn my headit draws me closerWill it know my nameI feel it againand again I feel itI feel it when it’s closingmy eyes I feel itI see it again and again in my mindI see itwhen I look at the skyand I amAlive again Numerous references to Pareidolia in this verse. But at an analyst glance, the narrator questions so much about what is real, what is alive, what is dead, because they have been exposed to so much power for just "a fragment in a larger universe". Caught in a constant loop because they were exposed to so much. I do really believe that this song is from Samantha's perspective because a young girl, being exposed to such metaphysical concepts, whether imaginary or inside the MPD, traumatizes her heavily.I’m aliveI feel the pain nowI’m really hereI’m alive nowI’m alive nowI’m alive I’m aliveNow I dieagain……yeah Like the Cycle in MOTD, like the literal restarting of a Zombies game once you die, you're alive as you perceive, then you see that Game Over screen as your player falls to the ground. Or you'll get revived once more by a teammate, only for them to die inevitably, along with yourself. Again, the duality effect. We can live forever, only to die forever.Are we deadIs it all overWhere is the pain nowYou lead and we’ll followOur tree of life is hollowThe tide has turnedinto rainAre we deadDid we cross overWhat is our name nowAre we dead nowAre we dead nowAre we dead again "Where are we going?" The characters inside this universe are all losing their mortality through destruction of so much and of themselves. Richtofen may claim to be trying to repair every universe damaged by the exposure of 115, but that's such a daunting task for a human being. so, will everything be stuck in a cycle for eternity of death and pain? Or will there be a conclusion for the narrators, for the characters inside this deeply damaged universe of Zombies, and a conclusion for the community where we are satisfied with the ending and "cross" over into peace? Only time will tell by time the last DLC hits for BOIII. Thanks for reading.
  5. I'm sure we will be hearing from the Weasel very soon.
  6. Couldn't the Earth that's marked out represent the Earth that the Green Runners inhabited? That thing was all but destroyed. I believe this multiverse theory to be quite true. But there's four we have visited (so far). The WaW/Black Ops/Black Ops II one, the Origins/The Giant One (the game that Sam and Eddy are playing with, seemingly), the Origins cutscene, and the Shadows Of Evil/Mob Of The Dead one. Because the original four have not been heard from since Moon, which Richtofen destroys Earth and the Green Runners inevitably die and perish in Buried, the four from Origins that eventually somehow end up in Der Riese but since this Der Riese (The Giant) is so drastically different from the original, it has to be a different dimension all together, and finally, the shared universe of Mob of the Dead and SoE. With Maxis being the Great Destroyer for the first, some figurative power that hasn't been expressed yet in Origins, and Satan/Chtuulu in MOTD and SOE, respectively. And Weasel escaped from his dimension some how, as the plane from MOTD is seen in both SOE and The Giant. There's one universal (pun intended) theme though. And that's D O N ' T F U C K W I T H P O W E R F A R B E Y O N D Y O U R R E A C H. Dont harness 115, Aether, Satan, Cthulu, whatever. Just chill, fight military nations in Campaign/Multiplayer on fair terms. Don't be sending zombies and creating Wunderwfaffles and making deals with Satan n shit. I just want to know more about Origins cutscene Maxis and his "plan" because the way it sounds to me, there's going to be a massive map filled with "reparing" everything that has been done since Nacht Der Untoten if he plans on mending EVERYTHING.
  7. I think it's bad when I go on a cycle when I begin a match. -Start Match -Kill Zombitches until round five -Contract a tumor due to Sam's voice -Kill more Zombitches -Slit wrists -Big Daddy comes -Drown ears in bleach -Don't kill anymore Zombitches -Just kidding. Kill alot more. -Listen to her complain about being on her first period or whatever -Hectic teleporter destroyer round time.
  8. Me: I'll totally join this guy's clan! Me: This guy is serious. FINALLY. A serious clan. Me *after reading XBL*:...Fuck.
  9. Nah it's Irrational Games who did Bioshock. Well it's kind of merged to form Irrational Games. 2K is the parent developer/publisher. But I didn't know aobut that. Interesting...
  10. Ahhhhh....the feels. It's funny that the reason why I disappeared from the forum is because me and my then girlfriend were together around the time I became active here. So the feels.
  11. Well that's what i'm saying. Let 3arch pay us, the players that have been there since the beginning. Almost like how a Kickstart program would work. We've payed and we deserve a bit of luxury. I get so tired of kids who are like "ZOMG THEZ NEW CHARACTER IN ORIGINS R AWSOM". It's not NECESSARY to pay the price. Just optional if you want an experience that was originally desired.
  12. I've been gone from the forums lately, sadly enough. But i've been actively playing some Black Ops maps and some BOII maps and I was talking with my friends about what they think should happen with zombies within BOIII. And I brought up the idea of something along the lines of Mass Effects progress carry overs. Even though if anyone form 3arch reads this, it'd probably be too much trouble for what i'm proposing. But what I am proposing is this: In Black Ops II, we had rank and statistics to keep track of our zombie killing journey. And if you go to CoD Elite, you're able to see your rounds and your most used weapon and stuff like that per game. What I want 3arch to do, is do what MW3 did with multiplayer from Black Ops backwards to Modern Warfare and demonstrate your highest rounds for each map, with a record of whether or not you did easter eggs for the maps that have them and stats from Black Ops II. (Which would require updates for Black Ops and Black Ops II to send some kind of message to 3arch that the account associated with completing the egg, completed it. Hence the trouble). But if they were able to do so, that could open up alot of possibilities in terms of different endings and different outcomes. Like let's say you do none of the eggs, the map (non dlc) in Black Ops III would be the N4 dealing with Maxis in control of the zombies and Richtofen working alongside of you to overthrow Maxis. Let's say you do do all the easter eggs in Black Ops but none in Black Ops II, you unlock a different map where you play as the N4, trying to get back to Earth from Moon. Let's say you only do the N4 eggs in Black Ops II and did the Richtofen egg in Buried, you would deal slowly rebuild the Earth how Richtofen wants it to be rebuilt, bringing a form of going back to previous maps with a sense of Nostalgia and doing that while the MoTD controller controls zombies and Richtofen is powerless until you get done rebuilding stuff, with some kind of recordings explaining how Richtofen began to lose control. If you did the Maxis egg, you wouldn't have Richtofen working alongside you due to your supposed "betrayal" and instead, you (the group) designate Samuel as the next controller and begin to work independently to overthrow Maxis. And let's say you did all eggs thus far, from Black Ops to Black Ops II including Origins, you get both maps with the N4 and O4 and they will correspond together and that will be the canon experience. And the statistics from Black Ops II will carry over and each zombie player will have a profile expressing those feats. I know it's a bit complicated but if you've read thus far and have questions or comments, please do so. Thank you.
  13. Well, Trent Reznor from NIN composed the main game theme. And i'm a die hard NIN fan, so it'd be cool if he and Kevin collaborated together.
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