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  1. How Richtofen lured Maxis into the teleporter to kill him in original Der Reise radio log.
  2. Could the portal/door picture be a reference to the original Richtofen killing Maxis? And perhaps the Shadowman has visited this universe's Sam before, perhaps telling her of the universes he is aware of. That could be how she found inspiration for the original storyline (Origin's cutscene Sam). And maybe the forest picture is reference to the forest where the main menu for zombies and the death scene takes place. Because I feel like it has more significance than just being a dynamic menu forest. Or they would've just made a zombie submenu like the first Black Ops.
  3. 4 players Co-Op and headshotsSolo Round Total And I know I had a 3 Stories medal and Introduction medal before the site overhaul Gobble Gum usesRounds survivedKills
  4. Movie: Fight Club. Not the fighting per se. If you've watched that movie, then you'd understand what I'm talking about. Video Game: Flower. The reason why I say that is because right now, i'm pretty happy with my life. And in that game, yeah things get sad and gloomy on occasion, but it's mostly about finding one's path in life. Song (Love Life): Right now, i'd say...F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X. by The Fall Of Troy. Mine and my girlfriend's song.
  5. You're banned for being right, making me feel retarded, and making me load a revolver with just one bullet. :|
  6. You're banned for having a fantastic podcast. :(
  7. You're banned for thinking 115 is a significant number. I MEAN HONESTLY? WHAT DOES 115 HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING? :^)
  8. You're banned for being in Arizona and having every gaming device assessable to all CoD games. You fiend. :x

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