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  1. -Win a Grief game where both teams consist of CodZ members -Win a Turned game where all players are CodZ members -Use Perkaholic gobblegum 30 times/most used Gobblegum as Perkaholic -Get the highest reticle in zombies possible with each scope (Thermal, Reflex, etc) -Deadliest weapon as rocket launcher (Pro Noob Tuber) is what the title should be if approved -Earn 3 divinum in one game (It is possible due to the new daily challenges) -Withdraw 225,000 points from bank in BOII (can be screenshotted if amass points in early round) -Re
  2. How Richtofen lured Maxis into the teleporter to kill him in original Der Reise radio log.
  3. F I N A L L Y One of my problems with Dead Ops is that for me, it gets way too intense too quickly so yes I'm glad there are multiple people now to throw into the frantic joystick fray.
  4. Could the portal/door picture be a reference to the original Richtofen killing Maxis? And perhaps the Shadowman has visited this universe's Sam before, perhaps telling her of the universes he is aware of. That could be how she found inspiration for the original storyline (Origin's cutscene Sam). And maybe the forest picture is reference to the forest where the main menu for zombies and the death scene takes place. Because I feel like it has more significance than just being a dynamic menu forest. Or they would've just made a zombie submenu like the first
  5. Is there a full out manual for these in the works? I know that videos can only do so much, for me at least, but actually having the words typed out is much more informational.
  6. So playing the map, I noticed something quite peculiar. And I was thinking, "Man, this looks quite familiar!" We are definitely going to the Moon. But a question I've been asking is, is this Vril generator on DE or is it going to be a similar mechanic where we get it in a future map and come back to this map with the Vril generator, like the original Moon EE.
  7. 4 players Co-Op and headshotsSolo Round Total And I know I had a 3 Stories medal and Introduction medal before the site overhaul Gobble Gum usesRounds survivedKills
  8. I've always been fascinated with the music genius of Kevin Sherwood, because his lyricism fits perfectly with the story and dialogue within the zombies universe so I decided to give my own analysis of this song. A wolf is at my doorI feel itI see it in my dreamsA world of my designA forced enlighteningreveals itI found a life that I malignand I feel it The narrator, whoever it may be, that is entirely up for discussion, feels an ominous presence everywhere. I personally believe this could be the stream of consciousness from a Samantha, whether the Moon Samantha or the Origins
  9. I'm sure we will be hearing from the Weasel very soon.
  10. Couldn't the Earth that's marked out represent the Earth that the Green Runners inhabited? That thing was all but destroyed. I believe this multiverse theory to be quite true. But there's four we have visited (so far). The WaW/Black Ops/Black Ops II one, the Origins/The Giant One (the game that Sam and Eddy are playing with, seemingly), the Origins cutscene, and the Shadows Of Evil/Mob Of The Dead one. Because the original four have not been heard from since Moon, which Richtofen destroys Earth and the Green Runners inevitably die and perish in Buried, the four fro
  11. I become an Elemental Hero Neos. :^) Only the Yu-Gi-Oh players could understand. I EMP Jesus.
  12. I think it's bad when I go on a cycle when I begin a match. -Start Match -Kill Zombitches until round five -Contract a tumor due to Sam's voice -Kill more Zombitches -Slit wrists -Big Daddy comes -Drown ears in bleach -Don't kill anymore Zombitches -Just kidding. Kill alot more. -Listen to her complain about being on her first period or whatever -Hectic teleporter destroyer round time.
  13. It becomes Tumblr (AH NO NOT THE FANFICTIONS) I EMP Disney.
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