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  1. Simply Epic


    Can't wait! Fus.... Roh dah!
  2. Simply Epic

    Opinions on Greenrun characters

    Haha, Russ is pretty funny and blunt. Marlton's knifing sounds defiently are questionable, but shows you his reluctance to perform manual labour i guess. Maybe Misty got around in her past, but she's now interested in a non douchebag-kinda guy, (Marlton) so you've got to give her credit for that.
  3. Simply Epic

    Opinions on Greenrun characters

    Hmm yes. They are defiantly the 'average joes', apart from maybe Marlton. I thought this from seeing the trailer, telling my friends that we seem to play as 'unlikely heroes'. I think we'll play as these characters for the next DLC map, and then it'll be back to our old crew.
  4. Hey guys. What are your opinions on the Greenrun characters? These can be general ones, too in depth plot features. Here are mine: Marlton: Is a fairly funny character, with some depth due to his involvement in nuketown. Misty: Bad ass character. Fairly funny, and likeable. Russman: A boring character with little plot involvement (so far). A few funny quotes. Samuel: An average failed family man who's paranoid about conspiracy. Reminds me of a bird watcher, or Jim Gordan from Nolan's batman films, if he was discharged from the police service. Will probably have a lot to do with the story line seeing as he can hear Richtofen. The shorts, gotta love the shorts.

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