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  1. Although I am massively hyped for the giant, i'll be pretty busy at the time of the release and don't know if I want to spend a rediculous amount of money for the map, and then pay the the subsequent dlcs as well, when the giant will probably be released for free with the season pass. My question is this: When will non hardened edition holders gain access to The Giant? When do the season passes come out? I seem to remember Advanced Warfare's come out on the day of release?
  2. You're wrong. You can get an m1911 in the WAW Shi No Numa box.
  3. What caused the change in universe? Also why pick the same dudes but 20ish years earlier, surely that would just cause more problems (excluding Richtofen) Well basically when the 115 Rockets hit the Earth a rift in time was created and after that things got weird. Everything was "simple" from NDU to Moon. The characters were captured by Group 935 during the war and made test subjects. That was the original universe. Now in a completely different univers the characters are battling in World at War they are the same characters but in a different reality and in a way not same. Not to mention they were some sort of templars in the middle ages too. I see the reason for the added complexity, but it basically alienates most players.
  4. What caused the change in universe? Also why pick the same dudes but 20ish years earlier, surely that would just cause more problems (excluding Richtofen)
  5. Once Der RIese was released for World at War character bios were added for Demsey, Nikolai, Takeo and Richtofen. Now with the addition of Origins and generally much more information about the characters, these bios seem pretty inconsistent, e.g. Richtofen was known as the butcher during WW2, and that Nikolai played a big part in Russian politics. Are the characters meant to go through world war one and two, and then encounter the zombies, but some kind of intervention forced an alternate timeline in which Tank, Takeo and Nikolai hunted down Richtofen in Northern France in WW1? Just generally a bit confused on the origins of the storyline at this point. Radios on WAW act like it is the first cases of the zombie outbreak (in 1945) Also I guess Takeo's face was never meant to be young like it is in WAW, but instead middleaged like in black ops 1. Sorry for the bad formatting, just a past fan of the zombies story attempting to get up to date.
  6. Hmm, this is annoying. There really needs to be another WW2 centred CoD. Future getting old.
  7. In the trailer you can see that the old version of Richtofen has a plain red band on his arm. This bugs me, Treyarch seem to be skipping details of historical accuracy in order to make their games more politically correct. Does having the Swastika cause the game to be banned in certain countries or something?
  8. So, after watching the "Origins" teaser (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VB_9esQucmw) many thoughts have come to mind The most important to the large scale zombie storyline however is: What are the o4 doing in 1917, and why is it the end of their story? My thinking is that it will be one of two motivations of Richtofen: Motivation 1: Richtofen has seen what the zombies have done to the world, and although he may end up being the dictator of the world as controller of the zombies (after Richtofen's blops2 easter eggs are completed), he realises that it is not a world he would like to be king of, as there is not much life left to control. Therefore he is going back in time with his elite companions to stop the zombie outbreak where it started, in 1917 France. While ending the zombie apocalypse, Richtofen will still retain his knowledge of element 115 and time travel, and so can manipulate the world in other ways. I could see a really cool ending cinematic with Richtofen standing at the top of a huge tower with thousands of people below him chanting his name! Motivation 2: For this motivation I'm going to have to explain some theorised back story to the zombie universe and the world wars within the universe: In my opinion, within the zombie universe Germany won the first world war, due to their superior understanding of element 115. Now, this is going to get really messy as far as time paradoxes are concerned. The Germans were able to win the first world war due to technologies such as the 'giant metal men' being traveled back in time via Der Riese. This would explain the name of the map, and the first line of it's description: "The Giant is rising". Der Riese, or "The Giant" was a facility that mainly created mech-type giants to be used in warfare. Due to Germany winning the first world war, it allowed Maxis to rise to power, and then eventually play his part in the storyline we know today, with Maxis possibly taking control of the zombies and or severely harming the earth. So, Richtofen's motivation could be to make sure the first world war is lost by the Germans, so that Maxis can never challenge his power over the zombies, and would never hinder the earth. Ok, so now Richtofen's possible motivations are covered, now we must wonder: How is he going to achieve these aims? Well, the most likely way we're going to see this pan out is as Richtofen controlling his younger self (perhaps via talking inside his own head? LOL), and making him act differently to either destroy the zombies, or in someway sabotage the giant and the war effort. Another possibility is that we play as the characters as we remember them, (Nikolai being drunk etc), but this would not explain why we saw the younger versions of each character in the trailer, unless the teleportation back in time decreased their aging. The only supporting evidence I can use to back this up is the fact that Takeo's face aged considerably between Der Riese on world at war, and Kino on Black Ops 1. This could have been due to a side effect of teleportation that only sometimes happens, but it is more likely that Treyarch just wanted him to look different in Black Ops 1 to suit his character better. Check out my breakdown of the "Origins" teaser trailer here on my YouTube channel where I talk about the possible storylines for this map: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9v_LPymg ... e=youtu.be Thanks for reading this guys, I know these theories aren't completely solid, but they're just ideas. I hope they serve you well for springing new ideas and theories about the possible storylines to do with this map. Will it be a conclusion the zombies, the original four? We'll have to wait and see!
  9. The Robot(s) were most likely manufactured in Der Riese and then sent back in time (remember they were perfecting time travel, Richtofen and the crew traveled forward in time to Kino from Der Riese) This was most likely done so that the Germans could rewrite history so that they won the first world war, creating many time rifts along the way of course! A video I just created on the teaser mentions this and explains my thoughts on the whole premise of this map: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9v_LPymg ... e=youtu.be
  10. Wow, this is a solid theory dude. Would you give me permission to create a video theorising a map based in Agartha on my YouTube channel? I would give you full credit for the discovery/theory of course! My channel: http://www.youtube.com/SageSmile
  11. I don't think we'll see an 8 player map. It'd be to chaotic to coordinate eight people to do an easter egg, and I just generally don't think it will happen. I think that the o4 will come back on the last map tho, the t4 will probably be dead/doing another act.
  12. It's a large improvement upon Greenrun/Tranzit, however I don't feel it has the same 'wow factor' as some previous maps have had.
  13. Shi no Numa is in modern day china (1940s Japan due to disputes) Therefore Die Rise and Shi no could be really near geographically!
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