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  1. Hey i thought this was very cool so the day Origins comes out the official discovery of 115 has arrived here's the fox news article Call it Astoundium -- at least for now. Swedish scientists report fresh evidence confirming the existence of a new element for the periodic table, the “telephone book” of matter that makes up the universe. First discovered a decade ago, this particular substance proved hard to confirm -- after all, atomic number 115 doesn’t occur naturally anywhere on earth. By bombarding calcium ions at a thin film of americium -- that’s atomic number 95, for the forgetful -- an international team of researchers led by physicists from Lund University measured the element’s alpha decay, a “fingerprint” of a given element. The element has been tentatively named “ununpentium” since its discovery in 2003, but an official name has not yet been given, and the element’s very existence remained unconfirmed until now. “This was a very successful experiment and is one of the most important in the field in recent years,” said Dirk Rudolph, professor at the Division of Atomic Physics at Lund University. Besides the observations of the new chemical element, the researchers have also gained access to data that gives them a deeper insight into the structure and properties of super-heavy atomic nuclei. Scientists have created heavier and heavier synthetic elements in recent years, the most massive being element 118, temporarily named ununoctium. Such experiments can offer insight into how atoms work. source: http://www.foxnews.com/science/2013/08/27/new-element-confirmed-for-periodic-table/
  2. None of it actually adds up, but as to why richtofen is puzzled? its a theory there's no way to be sure until Tuesday.
  3. so THIS is Maxis? if he went back and Maxis dies, wouldnt Samantha also cease to exist, whos telling the story from the future. i dont think thats Maxis on his table 1. That's not the intro cinematic. 2. Samantha may not be his real child. durp 3. Were supposed to release Samantha so we'll find out.
  4. All im saying is in the intro cinematic the guy on the table definitely has a beard that looks like maxis' lmao
  5. I really think that it's maxis on the table with his head cut open and maybe thats what he went back in time to do. Like he said in the buried "endgame" speaking with maxis "you will simply cease to be, aveta zay toodles" the only way for him to cease to be is going back in time and kill maxis, that way he would've never existed and with the completion of that "endgame" he has the power to do that.... also if you look closely at the image of maxis provided in the intro then look at the guy on the table there is a striking resemblance.
  6. Whether their eyes are yellow or orange, it's the same as world at war and blops1, Samantha or maxis could be in control as the zombies eye color is the same for both, most likely because they have the SAME BLOOD!!! my 2 cents ps. thats a burnt orange circle lmao
  7. updated OP with 3arcs fixed version... ps. my 2 first threads 2+ pages and flames W00T thx guys! :D
  8. location specific!! futuresight? lol jk ...I have a feeling that robot monstrosity is going to be excavator pi all over again.
  9. Take notice the "giant" is German made.
  10. Here it is, the awaited cinematic intro for the new zombies experience known as origins! Let the discussion begin!!! TS701bMxmSI So we see Dr. Maxis for the first time, Samantha is in full control and she's going to tell us how it all began and it appears that this is where the outbreak began. clicky clicky
  11. Maybe the color of the eyes depends on what you did in buried either maxis or richtofen, it's far fetched but maybe they'll somehow bend time to make it work as 3arc normally does. ps. 1st post over a page, Thx for the feedback!!
  12. I thought the same exact thing, it's probably just the same texture but with no correlation...
  13. I thought the fingers of the 935 logo where the teleporter "Bells" from Der Riese, did i miss something along the way?
  14. I'ts going to be really interesting to see how we go from yellow eyes to purple/blue (or vice versa) in game whether it be location specific or a event that occurs in-game only time will tell.
  15. Yup! i was trying to beat everyone for a first, but got caught up with uploading issues. and possibly the blue hue to those stones is 115 ore before being excavated for experimentation.
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