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  1. Cause I don't. But let me explain.. World at War started all of this with Reznov in campaign and Zombies, Black Ops picked all of that up where they left off and same goes for BO2. If Origins is gonna tell us how it began and we already got a ending, do we really need more? I know it will be fun for more maps but do we need it? This story was a trilogy and extending that any further is like beating a dead horse if you ask me. What do you guys think?
  2. The towers meant something...You just told us what they mean...I'm sorry is this seriously a real question? Cause you KNOW what the towers did...and there will be no DLC 5 AND no BO3 (atleast I hope no BO3) cause this all was a WaW trilogy this honestly should be the end of zombies and the end of this trilogy...
  3. I thought I was cool D: I just never saw it posted on here.
  4. So me and my friend are playing around on Mob of the Dead right now and we notice what looks like part of a poster in the starting room in one of the cells that say's something about a shoe we couldn't really make it out cause we are on splitscreen atm. But we found another part of that same poster in the Infirmary on the bed next to the Uzi. We are looking around for a 3rd piece now, and I'll be adding a photo later but if someone with the ability could get a better picture of this I'd appreciate it.
  5. This fits up with a theory me and my friend had that all these character's are trapped in hell. With all the demonic presence this map has. I think the zombies cry out Sam still cause in a couple years sam control's the zombies maybe Satan got the Idea and took her zombies to play his own game with these mobsters.
  6. Me and My friend both believe it's George from Call of the Dead, cause he is the only one in zombie lore to make those kinds of foot steps and I want to say Danny Trejo said he was returning in BO2 (Dont hold me on that) I personally would love to see the Call of Dead crew return with Reichtofen in control this time to see how they act and how George has changed cause the Gas Zombies have changed with the change of power. Just my thought (:
  7. I can agree with that. I always seem to lose it by then. But I know some people have always had it so Idk.
  8. There's a Persistent Carpenter. I've been trying to tell people for days now. You have to grab Carpenter while you shoot a zombie in a window. Then the next carpenter you grab will make Steel barriers. I have yet to find out how to lose it but I lose it a lot.
  9. Get Carpenter and kill a zombie in the window. Makes steel barriers when you grab carpenter. Would post video but Im still in game
  10. I don't think that's photoshopped.. I've seen it before on the page but it was gone the next time I looked.
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