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  1. A good spot on Cell Block Grief to get people to continuously knife at you is if you block the doorway on the catwalk going from cafeteria to where the hellhound is.
  2. For Co-op it is the 1911, but after playing a lot of grief, I FINALLY got my VS to be the MP5. I rarely hit the box until late in the game. Give me an MP5 and double tap and I'm usually good to go for longer than the other team can stay alive.
  3. One word: REAPER! Also the MG- 42 and it's colorfully named PAP version the Barracuda FU-A11.
  4. This happened to me on solo one time. I ended up just having to end the game. The game did count on the leaderboards though.
  5. Good theory! This would also explain why this is the only perk machine that says 5 cents instead of 10 cents. Prices for things are are always cheaper the further back you go.
  6. Were you by any chance in afterlife when your sister got the 2nd Blundergat? I know I saw a video where the person who gets the BG from the box first enters afterlife and a second player hits the box until they get the BG too. I guess if you are in afterlife, the game treats it as if you died and the BG is available from the box and then you still have yours once you revive yourself.
  7. It becomes the Sweeper. More ammo and it has 2 shots per clip...pretty sweet.
  8. @ETEl2NAL407, If you leave the first room through the library and go all the way to the top of the first set of stairs to the 3rd floor of the cell block you can take the gondola down to Jug. I usually grab an mP5 and the Wardens key from the cell block and then go straight down to jug.
  9. You get 2 claymores at the start of each round and when you get a max ammo. You can't re-purchase to get more.
  10. For me, the icon was right below Green Run and Nuketown on the main map. Hope you figure it out!
  11. I was playing some Black Ops 1 last weekend and I had gotten so used to buying Double Tap 2.0 right after jug that I bought Double Tap without thinking and was caught off guard by how slow I was killing the horde. :D
  12. I like the both the old and new guns, but my only issue is with the horrible ADS on the SMR, Mtar and Type 25. You can be standing a foot from a wall and ADS and the bullets do not even hit anywhere close to where your sight is aiming. It is like a constant hip fire and in turn makes those 3 guns pretty weak.(SMR especially). I am not sure if this is a bug or if 3arc did this on purpose because they felt they were too overpowered. When you PAP, they shoot straight again so my guess is that it was not intentional.
  13. I am always down for some grief. GT- P diddily EST I am usually on most nights around 8:00.
  14. Damn, that sucks bro. I have had it happen a few times and I am on Xbox, so I agree that it has to be on Treyarch's end. I always just played a few games of multiplayer and it would eventually work. Good luck, hope you figure it out
  15. This has happened to me before. After waiting for an hour or so it started working again.
  16. I can confirm that this is indeed a glitch. I have only seen it happen once to a friend and it was while playing grief on the farm(not even a PAP on the map). My friend got downed on round 3 before we had opened the door to the house and I looked down at his screen and saw he had duel pistols out. I was like "What the hell?!" and told him to shoot something before I revived him and it was indeed explosive rounds. As far as I can tell it is random and very rare.
  17. Unfortunately companies do this ALL THE TIME. Anyone ever seen a McDonald's commercial? The burgers looks so perfect, but when you actually order it, it looks nothing like the commercial. This is just advertising and sales. They prey on the emotional responses of buyers, i.e. Whether you really need this product or not, we will try to make it seem as if you MUST have it. Perhaps a better analogy is signing up for a Cable TV or Internet Service Provider. They offer you a great price with premium channels or super fast speeds as a promotional offer, but three months later your bill is much higher because the promotional offer ended, but if my neighbor signs up just then, he'll get the cheap price. We, as consumers, must be aware of the cheap tricks that advertisers use and use intelligence to counter them. In this case, it's easy to see that a map like NTZ was never intended for a small audience, thus the relatively small percentage of people who bought the pre-order/HE would never have justified the amount of time & money the developers spent on NTZ, therefore, it would have to be released to larger audience later at some point. Enter, the season pass. Now the developers can make their money in full and they even have a great way to determine sales strategies in the future by comparing their pre-order sales with other standard sales. This lets them know which advertising strategies work and it's our duty as consumers to tip those scales, after all, our purchases are what make their data. So, if you don't want them to advertise like this in the future, don't buy the pre-order. Do you really think they'd just leave a map on the cutting room floor if only 0.005% of their consumers actually saw it? No. So don't give in. Don't let them trick you into buying prematurely. Except for BLOPS 1, the classic maps were exclusive until the last map pack was released(about 9 months). Also, Treyarch gave everyone who had purchased the Hardened edition Moon for FREE which was awesome. I assumed that things would work similarly for BLOPS 2 until 2 days before release(when it was too late to cancel my preorder) when they announced that season pass holders would also get the map.
  18. It sounds like the other guy might have thrown the meat at you and you caught it or punched it. This thread has some more info: viewtopic.php?f=137&t=28015
  19. Good solo strategy, basically the one I use myself. I would change one thing though. In BO2,Double Tap 2.0 is MUCH more useful than regular Double Tap from the previous games and is always my second perk purchased after Jugg(occasionally first depending on the situation). It essentially doubles your ammo and damage since it fires 2 bullets for every 1 that you fire. Also since you are firing less bullets, you will not have to reload as frequently, so it kind of works as a substitute for Speed Cola too... and at only 2000 points it is a steal!
  20. I still can't believe that they haven't made Nuketown zombies a grief map yet. The way the map is set up, a 4 vs. 4 would be awesome! Also, having no boards on the windows and the random perk order would add another layer of difficulty.
  21. Just a heads up, facing the dragon on Die Rise can be done solo. Just get 1000 points on rd 1 by knifing a few zombies, keep at least one alive and then take the freight elevator down, jump across and open the door to power and ride up one of the 2 main elevators to the roof. Walk up that metal ramp that takes you to the trample steam bench and look at the dragon sign and the achievement should pop.
  22. Slightly off topic, but have you also noticed that some other guns(mtar and type 25 come to mind) seem to be horribly inaccurate when aiming down the sights. You can stand 6 inches from a wall and ADS with the mtar and somehow like only 1/5 bullets actually hit inside the circle on the sight. I am not sure if this is a bug or what but it needs to be fixed.
  23. So if we can't reach the machine to actually buy it, perhaps the only way to get it is by getting the random perk bottle. The perk is on the map so theoretically, there should be a chance of getting it when you pick up the bottle. This would be a way for treyarch to put it in the game but also make it hard to get. I am at work so I can't play yet. Has anyone else gotten flopper from the random bottle?
  24. Yeah, from the description, it sounds like they are denizens that teleport. They said they look like the denizens, but did not say if they attack like the denizens(jumping on your head). It would be sweet if the random perk bottle makes another appearance(maybe if you finish the round without anyone getting hit by them). We'll know soon!
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