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  1. I believe they cut the (AK)74u because we finally got the AK47, (Trade a AK for a AK) Through the AN-94 was more or less what I thought the AK47 would be, and I would've loved to have the AN in this map, through I like the AK47 as well. the AK47 is a bit dissapointing overall, and ranks a bit below the Galil for me, while the AN94 is right up there with the LMGs for me.
  2. I posted a very similar theory to this myself a little while back, I believe Electric Cherry as you also pointed out was the first ever Perk to be made. and that it belongs in 1933, hence why it is not spazzing in and out like the other Perks (as they don't belong there), and ended up being the basis for the future Perks made by Group 935 in the 1940's., I believe EC WAS made by the United States Government in the 1930's, and that it was being tested on the Prisoners at Alcatraz before being sent for mass production, possibly for Military Use, but also being used as a way to tortue the Prisoners. This theoru could also explain why Alcatraz is operating as a Federal Prison before it did in RL.
  3. I did noticed that as well Tranzit: The Orignal 4, Stamin-Up (BOI Perk), Tombstone (New Perk) Die Rise: The Orignal 4, Mule Kick (BOI Perk), Who's Who (New Perk) MoTD: Jug, DTRB, Speed (Minus QR in favor of Afterline), Deadshot Daiquiri (BOI Perk), Electric Cherry (New Perk) If the pattern continues doesen't that mean PHD will be in the next map?
  4. 1. The Weasel created the idea for Shock Gibson. The Editor stole it. 2. Explain to me how Alcatraz was even operational at that time as a federal prison. 3. Lucifer gave a recording of the future. I thought you were going to give me something harder. You Bring up some points I didn't think of, Lucifer could've easily sent a recording of the future back in the time as part of his game he is playing with the M4, same way with the Perks. Through the main problem with the Timeline of Mob of the Dead is, Alcatraz wasen't even operating as a Federal Prison in 1933, it didn't open until 1934, which is obviously not the case here.
  5. That is not nessacarily true, Seeing as the events on Mob of the Dead were never supposed to even happen in the first place, Alcatraz Island, and the Golden Gate Bridge are stuck in a Time Bubble caused by the Time Rift which 935, Richtofen and the O4 brought on, within this time bubble it IS December 31st, 1933, as the Prison is in a combined state of what it was like in 1933, and the Hell brought upon by the Zombie Outbreak. Through, as I said before, Mob of the Dead is stuck in some kind of twisted time continium that spreads across time, but within this bubble, it is New Years Eve 1933. there's too much evidence, they even blatantly said it in the Radio. within the Time Bubble of the Rift at Alcatraz, it is 1933
  6. That's not what im saying, im extremely happy with all the new toys we got, AK47's, the Death Machine, the Blundergat, along with the Uzi and Thompson, there are excellent weapons, I mean, im not complaining about those. What im complaining about is that it's too easy to get those Toys out of the box, the Challenge and randomness that the Box has always had is gone for me, it's too easy to get a good gun out of the box right of the bat, I can't tell you how many times I get a LSAT, Ray Gun or Death Machine on my first hit, not saying I don't want those, im just saying the Box, it has no challenge or randomness to it anymore, 8 out of 10 times your getting a decent weapon. I also like a little more variety in Perk Choices myself, as there is only 5 Perks on the Map, I would've loved to have more choices, but maybe that is just me. since I really don't use Deadshot or Doubletap, I don't care for them, I just pretty much am forced to go with Deadshot everytime over Doubletap. just because it's useful for Brutus.
  7. We already established that the M4 are living in some sort of state between live and death, however the escape attempt, the events the Mobster 4 are stuck reliving took place on December 31st, 1933, in the minds of the Mobsters, they do not know they are dead, or whatever kind of state they are in, to them, it is New Year's Eve of 1933, the events they believe they are living take place on December 31st, 1933, before the 935 Experiments happend, the events described in the Radio are what happend, the Plane was never built, Sal, Finn and Billy murdered Weasel on the roof and were executed, and Ferguson worked at Alcatraz until 1942, however the Events of the Zombie Storyline have completely screwed up the Space Time Continuium and the events at Alcatraz are in a messed up Time Paradox, stuck across all time. The Events on the Map, alest in the Time Bubble can't be Post-1942, as explain to me how the Golden Gate Bridge is still unfinished for example? the fact is here, Alcatraz is in a stuck time bubble and time loop that bridges all across time, due to the actions of Richtofen, 935 and the O4, the Zombies were never orignally there before,but now they are. the screwed up time continium can explain the presence of the Water Tower and the Shock Gibson image, or they could just be Easter Eggs inserted by Treyarch. Wheather the Outside World outside Alcatraz Island is post-1942 or not is a good question, but the fact remains, the Mobsters believe it is December 31st, 1933, the events they are stuck reliving are of the night of December 31st, 1933, they are "living" that night, or were until the Zombies showed up. The map takes place on December 31st, 1933, but Alcatraz all in all is in a messed up state, as the Perks and Pack a Punch which were not invented yet (sans Electric Cherry, which I believe is from the period) have been dragged through the Rift to a place where they do not belong.
  8. Im not trying to sound like im complaining, I absoulutely love this map, but there are too big things I don't like about Mob of the Dead. The Mystery Box: They took about half the guns that were in the box out, I mean, I never used guns like the M8A1 or KAP-40, or the SMR, but it was nice to have choices, of the guns that are left in the box, half of them suck, and the other half are/were the best guns in the Box, (MTAR, Galil, AK-47, LSAT, Ray Gun, Death Machine and Blundergat), it's way too easy to get a good gun out of the box and takes away from the challenge somewhat. The Perks, there's too little choices in Perks, I understand why they got rid of QR, but only 5 Perks? what is this? Ascension? There should be a wider range of choices, Stamin-Up and Mule Kick would've been very useful on this map, and hell, even PHD. What do you guys think? maybe im just ranting, but ehh.
  9. I have to agree with you, Im sick of people saying this take's place in the 1940's. as it does not take place in the 1940's, or later, it is obviously December 31st, 1933, before anything with Group 935 happend, the events of MoTD of course didn't orignally happen until the 935 and the O4 broke Time Space with Teleportation and Time Travel, creating the Rift and forcing our Mobsters to live this repeated Cycle. The Events in the Intro up to the Point Ferguson was killed was what orignally happend, after that it sends us into the events of the map and the Zombie Outbreak at Alcatraz. Wheather it is whatever time Die Rise is in the rest of the world is unknown, but alest on Alcatraz Island and the Bridge, it is New Years Eve 1933
  10. It just does it when you go into Afterlife, why? I don't know.
  11. It always does this everytime you Come Back from the Golden Gate Bridge or you go into the Afterlife..
  12. That's what I think also, that Electric Cherry was made by the US government, and it was being tested on the prisoners at Alcatraz, much like the Perks were tested on the O4, Through I believe the testing at Alcatraz, while intended to be Scientific to test Electric Cherry, was used more nefariously then Richtofen's tests on the O4, Tests that mostly plain out torture the Prisoners, through the testing was probaly done for Scientific Purposes as well.....
  13. No, she literally hit the box 2 seconds after I got my Blundergat, I was not in the afterlife, yet she also got the Blundergat
  14. I believe this is a glitch, but im not sure, but anyway. I was playing a custom game with my Sister and one of her friends last night on Mob of the Dead, and around Round 7, I got the Blundergat out of the Mystery Box, no big deal right? Well my Sister hits the box right after me, what does she get? The Blundergat, We got Two Blundergat's out of the box, im not sure how this happend, but something I noticed, we both kept our Blundergats, and later we could not collect the Skulls that gets you the Blundergat from the Box or Tomahawk the Poster to get the First Spoon. (and thus, No Spork) What do you make of this?
  15. Thanks... I noticed the fact Electric Cherry belongs to the time period of Mob of the Dead (1930's) and no other, So I made a general observation and came up with this theory of mine, I thought it was on my part winging it a bit, but I thought I would share anyway....
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