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  1. P Diddily

    Free perk educated-theory.

    It seems like this was patched at some point. When I first started playing this map I would get free perks pretty regularly. Lately it seems like I never get them and don't even get regular power ups after teleporting a lot of the time.
  2. P Diddily

    Can someone on xb1 transfer giant

    If you have any friends with the digital season pass you can make your xbox their "Home Xbox" and have access to the bonus map (and future DLC and any digital games they have). Me and my brother both do this on each others console and then coordinate purchases to basically get 50% off all digital games we buy, which was awesome this year with so many games releasing at the same time. Good luck!
  3. P Diddily

    I think im on to something with free perks

    I'm pretty sure it's just a random powerup that spawns when you teleport and there is no secret method to it. I've gotten a perk bottle the first 2 times I teleported one game, and then other times it takes like 10 tries for my first perk bottle.
  4. If anyone is ordering, you can use discount code KFNATION15 to get 15% off...makes them $15.29.
  5. P Diddily

    Multiple Blundergats from the Box?

    Were you by any chance in afterlife when your sister got the 2nd Blundergat? I know I saw a video where the person who gets the BG from the box first enters afterlife and a second player hits the box until they get the BG too. I guess if you are in afterlife, the game treats it as if you died and the BG is available from the box and then you still have yours once you revive yourself.
  6. You get 2 claymores at the start of each round and when you get a max ammo. You can't re-purchase to get more.
  7. P Diddily


    Slightly off topic, but have you also noticed that some other guns(mtar and type 25 come to mind) seem to be horribly inaccurate when aiming down the sights. You can stand 6 inches from a wall and ADS with the mtar and somehow like only 1/5 bullets actually hit inside the circle on the sight. I am not sure if this is a bug or what but it needs to be fixed.
  8. P Diddily

    PHDFlopper found....

    So if we can't reach the machine to actually buy it, perhaps the only way to get it is by getting the random perk bottle. The perk is on the map so theoretically, there should be a chance of getting it when you pick up the bottle. This would be a way for treyarch to put it in the game but also make it hard to get. I am at work so I can't play yet. Has anyone else gotten flopper from the random bottle?
  9. P Diddily

    12 Hours to go!

    My guess would be 1:15 ;)

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