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  1. It seems like this was patched at some point. When I first started playing this map I would get free perks pretty regularly. Lately it seems like I never get them and don't even get regular power ups after teleporting a lot of the time.
  2. If you have any friends with the digital season pass you can make your xbox their "Home Xbox" and have access to the bonus map (and future DLC and any digital games they have). Me and my brother both do this on each others console and then coordinate purchases to basically get 50% off all digital games we buy, which was awesome this year with so many games releasing at the same time. Good luck!
  3. I'm pretty sure it's just a random powerup that spawns when you teleport and there is no secret method to it. I've gotten a perk bottle the first 2 times I teleported one game, and then other times it takes like 10 tries for my first perk bottle.
  4. If anyone is ordering, you can use discount code KFNATION15 to get 15% off...makes them $15.29.
  5. I preordered one from from Amazon the afternoon they announced it. Later that night, I remembered that I had the Best Buy Gamers Club membership where you get 20% off all new games so I was able to get one for only $160, which is a steal since the game and season pass is $100. Unfortunately, I then cancelled my Amazon preorder since I didn''t need 2 of them. The next morning one of my friends said he couldn't get one the night before since it was already sold out everywhere and I am still kicking myself for cancelling my other pre-order.
  6. It is really dumb that treyarch included separate leaderboards for 1,2,3 and 4 player games but made no easy way to start a 2 or 3 player game and have it count on the leaderboards. When the game first came out I figured it was an oversight that would be fixed in a patch but here we are almost a year later with no fix. :(
  7. P Diddily


    It depends if they have a mic. Shangri-la with micless randoms was unplayable due to the fact that you needed all 4 people to stand on the switches to open PAP.
  8. In defense of the ascension death machine theories, it seemed like there had to be more to this EE reward than a 90 second death machine, which is pretty much worthless. :evil:
  9. I am getting a "item does not exist" message when I go to the original link. Anyone else?
  10. The way buildables were done on Mob and Origins was far superior. Being able to pick up multiple parts at once and then having any player build the final product at any workbench was much better then having to pick up one piece at a time and go drop it off. I also liked the menu screen on these maps that showed you which parts you already had for each buildable. Functionally, the turret and electric trap were worthless. They needed a turbine to function and it took forever to get around the map on Tranzit to get one. Most of the other buildables were fun.
  11. I am not sure if its always the left foot but it is whichever one has the yellow lights on the bottom.
  12. I don't think the loading screen for mob of the dead is part of the comic, it was Al's journal.
  13. LOL, at least they didn't include a heart staff. Worst. Power Ring. Ever
  14. Those are the elemental staffs that you are seeing at 1:53-1:58. Apparently each player can have one.
  15. ahem hem... TEMPLAAAAAAARRRRRRRR AHOY. Are you disagreeing with him? Or not? Why do you post that image? You seem to imply that the meaning is inherent, but I don't understand your post. The picture shows that the crypt zombies have on a white tunic with a Red Cross on the front like a Templar Knight.
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