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  1. I was playing MOTD with some friends and we were about to finish the easter egg but then we got down and then rather than it turning into a game over we all went into spectate mode and we couldn't do anything. I'm posting this because I'm confused and was curious if it had happened to anyone else. Anyone?
  2. i would like to join. Im a very good player and i think i have a good clan name. -=lW.=- Loyal Warriors PSN: ArcanicBlood
  3. Yea i also agree, on both statements.
  4. hey im good with video editing so is there anyway i can help?
  5. I have updated the site so come check it out :)
  6. Hey guys i made this hat site for all the Codz members i hope you enjoy it. http://codzforumchat.yolasite.com/
  7. but how do i make sure that i get 10% off of the items?
  8. Hey guys im starting up a new clan and its called FreeBorn (FB for short). I used to be a member of OpTic and they ripped me off so now im making a new clan and i need people to join. I need anyone that is awesome with snipers and assault rifles. And this is a PS3 clan so if you wish to join message me and ill get back to you. Thanks
  9. thats a good idea. ill try doing that. although how many points should i rack up before i get the bowie knife?
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