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  1. i remember richtofen saying in ascension when you tuch one of the matuska dolls something along the lines of him having a little sister that he love to crush her dolls to hear her scream in anguish & pain (he said it in a very orgasaming voice) . on moon i remember samantha saying evil richtofen then mentioning sofia then teddy as if separate characters. i wonder if the teddy bear samantha's holding in the MPD has like an evil soul in it? maybe she referring to her actual teddy bear? & didn't richtofen preform secret experiments on sam?
  2. lol i thought you said that picture of them is just an artists rendering of them than a historical document? well hears some food for thought the original 4 have a hidden picture of them whereing the black sun society/templar outfits & they have giant statues of themselves in the same outfit in the artifacts underground chamber where you billed the elemental staffs. +pluss where you have to put the upgraded staffs for the easter egg. edward richtofen~german-staff of lightning→kimat's bite>thore tank dempsey~american-staff of air→borea's furry>oden nikolai bel
  3. thanks for the detailed comments murder. yeah that's how i currently view the story line but ill definitely check out you post when i get some time & maybe it will fill me in on details i am missing thanks. yes maxis did say that check out next gen tactics zombies video where they do the EE & you can hear maxis say it. also i don't know if you know i am shure it was posted somewhere but never saw it, but like weasel's comic drawing spread around MOTD there is one around origins & it shows the original 4 whering the templar knights outfit with the black sun symbol hol
  4. please for the love of samantha don't take what i said as personal or offensive as i don't mean to be. i was simple asking if you all felt like i did. (i am not a good speller & not good at putting my thoughts into written form) *the drill blue prints are by the radios in the spawn room* this ending dose not leave questions like it did when moon happen it just gives the ultimate answer its was just a game all along,an empty feeling that was not in any maps before it. with the split ending for buried & the ending of origins both do not inspire my imagination for "what" c
  5. they said every story has a beginning & an end this map shows us just that. origins in its self contradicts a lot of past set in stone facts abut how some things happen in the zombies storyline that they themselves gave us & with the origins ending well nothing matters story wise anymore now, & shure they can put a "spin" on it B/C now they can literary make up anything they want now. they never told us what happen to the original crew after moon they ended the new crew with two very different endings the mob was never fully explained how it affected the full story &
  6. well now that's is not leaked information & the easter egg has officialy been completed & uploaded to the interwebs....how dose it feel to know you wasted years of your time making theorys for absolutely nothing! all that time & effort for nothing! what a huge spit in the face of all zombie fans!
  7. i did all of ricks side & my towers still lit & the box is all blue but the map select shows no progress!!!!! T.T
  8. i just hope they give zombies its own game! zombies has soooo much details & time pireds they could easly make a campaign mode for back story stuff with no or some zombies in it & keep zombies mode as the main part of the zombies story & multiplayer can be based of the campaign. & they shuld make a real zombies COMIC!
  9. white=pacified yellow=sam blue=ricktofen orange=maxis red=???/evil-force/brutus purple!=??? just something interesting that a purple force sent are "new crew" to die rise from tranzit with a magic purple power! & a magic purple power revived them to start a "new" this is also the only map stu can hear the "garbulled voce" wich dose seam different then eddys voices which stu can hear in his head in all 3 tower maps qute clearly. i think the purple eyes have something to do with the garbled voice in die rise.
  10. well now we know maxis looks like! in buried there is a family portrait with what looks like a little girl who kinda looks like samantha, one lady looks like the mansions ghost & theres one man who looks like a younger maxis? the others i have no idea about. soooo just an idea. what do you guys think?
  11. Hello! now in buried we know there are 2 different conflicting endings for the grand final EE. is zombies over IDK, are there really 2 separate story branches or are they just to sides of the same coin? Say hello to ARCADE THEORY! (friday/july5/2013) [by undead arcademachine] Now lets say after maxis blue up the earth he found the N4(O4 where abuts unknown) he got them to do what others have failed at, lighting the 3 towers(trainzit, die rise,buried)(MoD relevants unknown) RED! After they light the 3 towers & push the button maxi
  12. good idea i only talked abut it in a post or to but ill give it its own post thanks :D
  13. hello murder just posting my theory to see how the community likes it & maybe add to it like facts N stuff B/C as zombies stands now it looks like its over with 2 different endings......or so they want us to think!(i hope) & what better mind fnck (mind games achievement) then something along the lines of this(arcade theory) or somthing like this. no one would see it coming. im not trying to predict the future but just trying to make sense of what info we have now. & reading into the clues TA gives us. plus as i see it TA likes to make every little details as cannon in
  14. as for the story as i see it the next map will have you play as the next characters and you'll have to have activeted the both the red & blue boxes doing every easter egg to merge both worlds outcomes in different timelines together in the next map? OR ricktofens side is the main side if you look at infinity mode as the "future" of them doing the maxis side & dieing, so ricktofen sends them there to get the switch after maxis kills them so he can mend the time rift he created to alter history so ricktofen can gain control. might explain why they are being respawned when they
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