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  1. How do you guys do it? I mean in solo, on die rise. I was playing by myself I had pap'd an-94, pap'd hamr, pap'd ray gun, and I had all the perks, set up was perfect, I was camping in the roof and I knew I was going to get overrun so I went downstairs in the Buddha room to run trains. But I got downed while running a train in the Buddha room while using the ray gun like an idiot. My question is where do I run trains? I know it may sound silly but I've been running trains in the Buddha room and in the room below the SVU unsuccessfully. I've survived on those rounds purely on luck sack. I run the train but they just come from every direction. it's not like in town that they come from 2 or three places. They come from everywhere. The Buddha room is much easier but there are certain time where I just get stuck randomly. What is the will to continue playing After round 20? Please help. Tl;dr fear of being stuck running trains in buddah room and below SVU room, and what is the meaning of playing after round 20?
  2. Thanks everyone for the replies. I'll try without aim assist. got to 26 last night, good progress!
  3. If i can continue asking questions what other two guns can i use besides the an-94 if i'm leaning towards a camping class? I would train/kite in the buddah room, but i just don't feel comfortable doing that. It's more of a fear that if i get down no one can come get me. How do i surpass this fear?
  4. I see, I see. But why does it feel like i'm wasting so much ammo in such little time? I mean in tranzit i always ran double tap but i never felt this depleted even with two weapons. even with a galil, and hamr i rarely ran out of ammo. but in die rise it happens to me often. I don't know maybe because i dont kite/train in die rise, and in tranzit i did, but uhhh... >.>
  5. I know its amazing, I'm not saying its terrible. I got double tap by round 14. I was depleted by 21. i couldn't make it to the jumping jack's round. which was 24. I died in round 23. with no ammo. so my question is when is the appropriate time to get double tap? Oh, I was running pap'd an-94(depleted), pap'd pdw 57(depleted), and a sliquifier(depleted). I'm pretty sure that if i wasnt running Double tap in such an early round i wouldn't have died and kept playing. Note:What I'm trying to say is, when is the appropriate time to get Double Tap? In which round? Which round so i don't deplete my ammo in such low rounds, that is my dilemma.
  6. I know it seems wierd, but when is the correct time to use double tap?
  7. I don't know if this is a glitch but I've been having problems running in die rise. On both of my controllers. I'm a ps3 player. Note:I was able to run perfectly fine yesterday. Thanks
  8. The an 94 is to stiff. The galil isn't. The only thing the an-94 has an advantage on is the ammo. Maybe with speed cola, and double tap the an-94 would beat the galil, but other than that the galil is the superior gun IMO. It's handling, it's damage, it's just too good. It takes forever for me to kill a zombie with the an-94 at 15+, it doesn't for the galil. It's a good wall gun, and I love the an-94 but I will always choose the galil if given the change over the an-94.
  9. I'm arguing that Green run and NTZ and Great leap forward all happened, or better said are happening in the 80's. they were blown up in the late 60's maxis has been searching for decades more than (1). Maybe it is 1996, maybe its 1986, I don't know. But i'm pretty sure that we're not in some 2025 era because the chinese soldiers have the SDC emblem. or because of the futuristic guns. :cry: :cry:
  10. This. I don't think all of this " the poster says 1996 therefore it is after 1996" is true. It's just something treyarch added, it's not something that is actually true, it's there just to as I guess you could say a mini Easter egg. It's not that it's actually 1996. Re-used texture. IMO. Green run could have been abonded there are several theories out there that make a lot of sence. For the whole Chinese soldier zombies, the whole SDC is just reused texture. Remember that GLF is during the communist era of china. Correct me if I'm wrong by I'm pretty sure the SDC in campaign mode is a democratic government. It's just re used text. Zombie apocalypse happened the government brought in the military, they got overrun by the zombies and hence we have GLF. There's no point in making a whole new zombie dressed in a communist era outfit when you can just tweak the multiplayer character and save yourself some time. At least IMO. I agreed with your post until the "but wait part". Richtofen and COTD all happened because richtofen was Time traveling and jumping across years. COTD is in a different timeline or I guess you can say an alternate timeline. After ascension richtofen time traveled to COTD, he then went back in time to shangri-la, and then to moon. After the moon the earth was blown up. COTD never happened because COTD was in the 2000's, and the earth was blown up in the 60's. meaning that never happened. @ the guns. SVU, an-94 where made around the 90's which is believed to be the era we are currently in. ( check out tac's threat about the whole timeline it's actually believed to be around the late 80's IIRC) :0
  11. We call some instances in zombies that are not exactly related to the story non-canon. But to say that taking parts of the game is "too serious" and not relevant to the storyline is more opinion-based, really. For example, would you ever expect Wonder Weapons to be crucial in helping us determine a particular time period or even propose short backstories of our characters? Or even grab something is simple as a poster/mechanism blueprint to display why we are in the setting we currently are in? I don't believe the original four is dead; it could be possible, but then again, they may as well be finished off. They could have easily just left via teleporter back to Area 51. If you grab the SVU (PaP'ed helps a lot) and scope at the Moon, you can see a cluster of red dots in a particular spot. Supposedly, that's Griffin Station. Would you consider the box the same?:0
  12. I think this is really good. Makes a lot of sence. A LOT. + 1 :D
  13. Fml. So do I Purchase revolution in GameStop? How does that exactly work? The code and everything.
  14. What exactly happens If you don't revive your original self?
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