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  1. I report as follows. I have a Japanese version of COD BO2. For other maps so far, the intro movies were Japanese language. So I confirmed it for Origins at CODTV. The voice of Origins intro is also Japanese language.
  2. I think that the battle of XXXXXX at the first line is the battle of Mukden. The detailed information is here. This is a proof indicated that Takeo had taken part in the war.
  3. I had written this here because this had been related to Grief mode. I'm sorry. ^^; I'll report to viewtopic.php?f=100&t=26010 and here in the future! I hope that my report will be helpful even a bit to clarify the emblem system.
  4. Very welcome and thank you for your reply. I had thought that the emblem at Grief mode may be written at a category of Grief mode. I'm sorry for late report. ^^; I got a clarity result that the emblem at Grief mode is changed from single bone to shotguns suddenly. By obtaining some other results, a mathematical analysys can be used. So it will be able to bring a clarity parameter for changing to the shotguns to us. I'll report it, when I got the parameter.
  5. I write here for the first time. I'm performing some experiments to clarify the emblem system. In the experiments, I have obtained a result. The growth of emblem is different between Survival mode and Grief mode. I have already reported it to viewtopic.php?f=137&t=33098 1. When a new account is played at only Grief mode, the emblem is not grown. 2. The emblem is changed from single bone to shotguns suddenly, when the fully-grown account is played only one time at Survival mode. 3. When the account is Shotguns emblem, the emblem is not changed by increasing DOWNS. Now I'm investigating the boundary condition to the Shotguns emblem. I'll report it, when I get the result. I'm glad if this is helpful for everyone.
  6. I'm glad for the comments. Now I'm trying to measure the number of zombies for 8 players. When it is obtained, the numbers of 6 and 7 are also obtained. By that, we can have the number of zombies for 1 to 8 players. ^^
  7. Today, I got a new domain. The script for calculating number of zombies was moved to the new server. I would like to inform it. Health and Number of Zombies for Round
  8. We cannot see the "press x" at xbox or "press square" at ps3 on the theater mode. It can be seen under only real time playing. I don't know why. Currently zombie's steak can be hit or caught by knife action. But if other difference effect can be seen by "press x" or "press square", I want to see it.
  9. It's a nice information. That may be a hidden rule! We will try it. But I think that it looks so difficult. ^^; Thank you for your information!
  10. Yes! "Pree square" is displayed at that time. But that is wrong. You can catch or hit using knife. If you have customised your controller, you may be able to do by pressing square button.
  11. Thank you! I already have a new account for new experiment. So I'll report other parameters in the future. ^^
  12. We were surprised it too. Because we had tried to play catch using the zombie's meat. This led to a new discovery. :)
  13. Thanks bro! Yes! I think that the slow walking disappears from 1.13 update. You can attach the thrown meat to other players by hitting. ^^
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