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  1. I think this is the adfgvx cipher. This was used by the German Army. A key word is necessary for decoding it. If the key word was obtained, we can decode it. But I don't know the key yet.
  2. In Japan, the selling agency doesn't perform update of BO2 yet. So some people of them still go to high round using the glitch. I confirmed them on leaderboard for PS3. They ruin the leaderboard. I'm ashamed as one of Japanese. I apologize to it.
  3. Did you mean doing this causes less zombies to spawn? or You are just implying that shooting vr11 and not killing human zombie doesn't record kills on leaderboard? Good research. Just not seeing anything benefit from this. But Most of this is known. Did the latter. Thank you for your suggestion.
  4. Thank you very much for your suggestion.
  5. BO2 will be released soon. So I want to settle some questions I have. One of my questions is about effects of V-R11 Lazarus at Call of the dead. V-R11 Lazarus is a very interesting weapon. That gives the instant kill when it is shot to a player. It can also make George. A. Romero go back to the sea. And then it can be changed from a zombie to a human when it is shot to the zombie. I have 6 questions for this weapon, and could settle them. 1. When it is shot to a zombie in barricade, the zombie changes to a human. The action of human is the same to that of zombie. 2. When it is shot to a zombie at zipline, the zombie changes to a human immediately. 3. A human changed from a zombie cannot tread on a claymore. 4. A human changed from a zombie cannot become a crawler. When the human in the barricade is killed, he cries the same voice as that of a zombie. 5. When it is shot to a last zombie of the round, the round finishes as soon as the zombie changes to a human. When the human out of barricade is shot by a gun, he cries the human’s voice and dies. When it is shot to a zombie crawler, the zombie crawler is changed to a normal human. About the number of kill, when the zombie is only shot using V-R11 Lazarus, the number of kills doesn’t increase. When the human changed from the zombie is killed, the number of kills increases. 6. When it is shot to a last zombie of the round in barricade, the round goes to a next round while the human changed from the zombie is in the barricade. From above results, it is found that changing from a zombie to a human leads to the reduction of the number of zombies. About the number of kills, the number of a zombie and human is the same. The video of each result is as follows. 7-5DMyJEtMc
  6. Inquiring to anything leads to a research. This is the foundation of my education. I always perform it. I have already performed it to various fields. So I also performed it to COD BO zombie mode. I don't see the code. Because I think that seeing the program of game is different for playing the game. I think that the play state of a game is caught objective. So I always think of various situation when I'm playing the game. I want to bring a concrete result from something that I feel during playing the game. And I'm glad if my results are useful for everyone.
  7. Thank you for your comments. I think that the time lag depends on not only the number of use of the mysterybox, but also others. So the time lag may be avoidable in the future. I would like to continue to study about this more. And I think that this is the discovery of a special bug for COD BO zombie mode at PS3. ^^;
  8. Thank you for your comments. I'm honored for it. When I have measured the probability of each weapon for the mystery box, I have noticed this phenomenon. At that time, we have used the mystery box 240 times at R26 in kino. When we got to R27, we felt very severe time lag. I could find that the time lag depends on the number of times of use of the mystery box.
  9. Thank you for your comments. I'm honored for it.
  10. When we go to higher round at PS3, we often feel a continuative time lag. Especially, I have felt it at Call of the dead when I got to R72. This time lag makes us difficult to play the game. I thought of the reason of such severe time lag. I could arrive my answer by thinking various situations. Time lag depends on the number of times of use of a mystery box. I could obtain the proof. When I was playing Call of the dead, I obtained following situation at R72. For a game with 2 players, when the number of times of use of a mystery box arrives at about 450 at R72, a light time lag occurs. The time lag could be canceled, when one player has a claymore. When the number is more than about 500 at R72, a severe time lag occurs. At that time, the time lag could be canceled, when two players have a claymore each other. The time lag can be seen at Fig. 1. Rbi5PqEc0dg Figure 1. R74 and R75 at COTD. I performed one more experiment to confirm above phenomenon. Before I play the game, I calculated the round that the time lag starts. The calculation was performed for Nacht der Untoten with 2 players. Because recently new strategy of Nacht der Untoten for co-op has been released by 5and5. The strategy is very simple and effective to go to high round. I performed the experiment using his strategy. There are no traps and no PAP in Nacht der Untoten as you know. And zombies at higher round have to be annihilated using a thunder gun. So the thunder gun has to be reacquired frequently. The mystery box will be used many times. This situation makes me estimate easily the round that the time lag starts. As the estimation, I assumed to do it as follows. 1. Thunder gun doesn’t reacquire until R35. Because a max ammo can be obtained easily. 2. After R36, all zombies are annihilated by only a thunder gun. 3. Appearance probability of a thunder gun is about 4%. I have also measured this value. The population is 2,000 when I have measured it. 4. The number of times of use of a mystery box which uses from R1 to R35 is 30. 5. Last spawned zombies at each round are annihilated by a thunder gun after R36. As an estimation result, the number of reacquisition from R36 to R52 is 20. Using the appearance probability of a thunder gun, the number of times of use of a mystery box is 500 for the number of reacquisition of 20. Total number of times of use of a mystery box is 530. This means that the time lag starts at R53. Actually, I confirmed that the time lag starts at R53. I finished the game when I got to R53 because of severe time lag. The play information shows at Fig. 2 and Fig. 3. Figure 2 and 3 show time vs each round and a movie at R53. From this experiment, it was found that the time lag depends on the number of times of use of a mystery box. When the number is over 500, we will feel severe time lag. The time lag indicates that the memory on PS3 is few and it may lead to the gspawn error. Furthermore I will investigate the detailed information of occurrence of gspawn error in the future. Figure 2. Time vs each round until R53. f9u3O3MmSYk Figure 3(a) R51 – R52 at Nacht der Untoten. dsyjLlVtd0w Figure 3(a) R52 – R53 at Nacht der Untoten. .
  11. Oh! Thank you! I want to try your strategy. ;)
  12. Nice strategy! And great work. Can I ask? Do zombies come from second floor? When they come from there, I thought that such zombies may be late to come. How about the danger of it?
  13. Thank you for your comments. There are some electric traps in the map. So I also want to use not only flogger but also them effectively. I don't think that our current strategy is the best. But I would like to bring it in the future.

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