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  1. Just curious, but it seems as though the only real premise for this debate is not so much for the title of the game mode "extinction" which was featured during the squads mode gameplay, but rather for the leaked achievements list...which was then followed by "supposed" or "rumored" secret achievements. Now i understand that rumors are okay to speculate on, but doesn't this site have a strict non-exception policy on discussing leaked information. in other words why are people talking about a supposed alien mode when its sole existence as an idea is because leaked information. Also i
  2. Not the person you want, but they are annoying as hell. And no, they are NOT a guaranteed max ammo. That's only guaranteed if you stop them at the first generator they attack. I do not have time to break off my train at Juggernog to rub all the way to Generator 1 in the middle of round 23. Definitely not the case...as long as you don't kill any of them from the first generator(assuming you cant make it in time), they'll waltz along without attacking anyone to the next generator...and as long as you kill them in the act it "is" a guaranteed max ammo... Maybe its just me but I've n
  3. Honestly if i could take anything from this...and this is more so my wishes than anything...I would think that maybe considering its asking for recruitments other than the hero's we know to be on the map, I feel as though maybe it's saying that "we" specifically must help fight the zombie hoard, i.e. not a character they make... In other words perhaps in the future of zombie games we will be able to create our own character using a more fleshed out version of the character creation mode that cod ghosts is implementing...Which to me would be sincerely EPIC...
  4. Wait Ljx19 have you played the map yet considering your on ps3...?... Cause if you haven't i can honestly tell you the templars arent that much of an issue/concern or as big of a pain as most would identify them as...
  5. I respected your humanity up until this paragraph. We should play co-op all you would have to do is watch my generators. Waste of God damn time when I'm trying to get everything together for my high round games. Haha...I figured I would lose some people when i spoke of my fondness for them attacking the generators...but nonetheless its the truth...i like that it makes me re-evaluate my plans on the fly at unexpected times...plus worse case scenario they take one...just take it back, then when theyre in the act at the next one kill them...Always get a max ammo if you catch them "with thei
  6. Honestly i sincerely love everything about this map and all that encompasses, from the staggering difficulty to the simple awesome ambience of the enviornment its siimply an amazing map. I regards to you "hate" section though i disagree with most... the generators give you extra cash back after turning them on so u actually get payed to turn on the power, and there are decent guns to where turning on the generator next to the box (which u can get to by round 2-4) and survivng till you can hit the box is pretty easy...plus it stops the box whores, if even for a second... I actua
  7. I find the Acog kind of novel honestly...makes the gun look like the pistol from perfect dark if youve ever played that haha... nonetheless i understand what your saying on the ammo capacity...but the same could be said about the Mustang and Sally as well...its just a matter of preference and utilization...
  8. Have you even used it... With the above statistics the BOOMHILDA uses approximatley 6% of its ammo capacity while Mustang & Sally use 13% ammo consumption for the same # of zombies... How is the BOOMHILDA in any way weak...
  9. Overtly agree with this...I feel the Boomhilda is all the mark 2 is and then some...most people say "oh there merely the same thing, but the mark 2 has more ammo" Sure in a clip but if you think about it with the 240 (i think its 240) you get your also shooting 3 per fire even if simply one shot would have done the trick...there fore the mark 2 only has roughly 80 shots compared to the 150 of the BOOMHILDA...much better in my opinion...the BOOMHILDA that is...
  10. Also in regards to the napalm strike, unlike the fists of fury(personal name for upgraded melee move) which you can still get from the chest even if you completely bleed out, the napalm strike cannot be re-earned nor achieved after bleeding out if the player had them when they went down.
  11. Could this be stickied as a primary topic... Amazing work for finding the steps...
  12. So essentially what the title states, what are your thoughts, which do you prefer...honestly I am in love with the boomhilda, its power, accuracy, no warning label necessary as to whether u may kill yourself with it...its everything I wanted the ray gun mark II to be and then some... What are your thoughts...should it return or some gun resembling it in the future for our starter pistol...or should the mustang & sally(which I still adore) make a comeback... OR should we potentially within the future of zombie be able to select our starting pistol that way people can
  13. Where have people found these staffs and confirmed that they are the staffs for the map origins...
  14. Honestly it seems as though the only reason they changed the voice is because of the zombie community saying how they didnt like how it sounded like a man(it kinda did)... but now it honestly sounds terrible, i liked the initial video despite it sounding slightly amiss as it fit the dark, sinister, and decrepid mood of the map creating this dark mysteriousness about it... But now it just sounds like some random girl, who sounds nothing like the voice from moon, "attempting" to adequately narrate the lines but does a horrible job, and it completely strips the video of its initial feel
  15. I feel as though the appearance of the Remington is no more than treyarch simply using guns that are already in existence, i.e. guns they've already programmed into the game, and no more... I don't believe there is really any significance to it in regards to the story or it having any deeper meaning, saying so and attributing any odd observation in cod zombies as having some symbolic or strong reasoning is def occurring too much and by this point I think its safe to say that somethings are done simply because a matter or time (or lack there of) for development, and unwillingness to create
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