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  1. Can someone tell me where the parts are for the shield please? Seems really useful
  2. I've heard others mention the no powerup thing as well. However, the Brutus's do drop powerups on the bridge. I got a few from them last night there. I don't know about the other zombies. If I'm not mistaken, only the first Brutus that spawns in right after you arrive will give you a drop. After that I don't think you get any at all. However, it works a lot like No Man's Land.... as you're there killing zombies, your odds of getting a drop increase dramatically but it's not possible to actually get a drop there after the first one. What this means is that when you shock yourself back to the prison, the first zombie you kill will almost always give you a drop. Last night we were doing the EE and all three times we went to the bridge we spent at least one round there.... and all three times the first zombie we killed when we got back gave us a Max Ammo. Speaking of drops... how long did it take everyone to notice that there are no carpenters in this map? Wow i didnt even realise there was no carpenter.. shows how much i dont use windows in this map
  3. The bridge is incredibly easy to hold off, probablies the best place so far. 3 players at the back (opposite the electric chairs) and one person runs a tight but incredibly easy circle in the middle, works with any number of players, only downside is their is no powerups which is a killer for ammo
  4. There is nothing worse when you have a good thing going and a player gets downed/dies ,only to quit like a little baby because he lost his perks or weapons, despite the teams good strategy and attempts to revive him and in some cases despite the money to get set up next round. For this I think there should be a lengthy timeout or even a day ban, thats how much i hate it. For players who genuinely need to go out or do something important in their house/whatever there should be a ban report for every game where someone left, for example a player tells the team he needs to go, when he prematurely leaves after the match the other players can say if he left unlawfully. Please vote and or tell me your ideas. Thanks.
  5. I too have had a glitch that i wonder if anyone has had, some annoying glitch that made 4 of us fall through the gondola and ended a game that was going really well on round 19 :(
  6. Im not going to quote it t save people scrolling, but user above funnily enough it goes backwards in the order youve wrote for me, it all however depends upon the quality and common sense of the players youre with i find. ( i hardly ever play solo)
  7. Im gonna have to try the steam room out! Also i feel really guilty and just laugh when i get amazing bits of luck, just like that :p
  8. Aye, i agree with you there, any of them slim walkways get crowded and you better start praying. Also does anyone else feel this map is a bit too easy? I think it may be because the map is so big that all the zombies spread out. I mean im not the best zombies player by any means and round 10-15 on other maps is normally when i start to struggle. However on this map ive been to 15-19 about 4 times (played about 9 times)
  9. I agree with that nostalgia factor, this map has just brung so much to the tablr that the fans were yearning for
  10. Upon further playthrough i actually think the best place to hold out with four players is the gondola (the dock end) two people crouched just at the end of the barbed wire fence pathway looking toward jug and one toward the stairs, then the other two players standing just behind them and occassianely checking the fence spawn point
  11. In my opinion two on the roof and two just on the under level (infirmary) is the best place to hold out, maybe the docks, but it gets way too crowded. And in my experience the shower room is the worst thing about this map, for me, going in there on solo means suicide and on co op its even harder. What are yours so far?
  12. Upon a couple more games, he is relatively easy to kill, just a bit annoying in close quarters
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