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  1. We did the Music easter egg during our try of doing the plane Location 1: Starting room in back, the book shelf at the zombie winodw there is a bottle on the shelf you'll hear it doing its noise Location 2: The dog room with Deadshot the side room on the right (facing the dog) the middle room there a ledge the bottle is agaisnt the wall Location 3: The docks, facing the part for the plane before the fenced section, the left hand side there a corner with the wooden boxes youll see the bottle sitting on the floor Anf youll recognise the song :)
  2. we died when i was reading this lol we're gonna try again
  3. Hey guys were doing the achievement got all the parts except the engine how do we get the electricity off the door
  4. i see my trample steam on the floor symbols was correct also the elevators kinda correct also :)
  5. i did too, agreed, legit. what is the blue line at the bottom? video timeline bar? its obviously been recorded and there playing it through windows media player and simply screenshoted it ..... movie maker isnt capable of effect like that anyways so no need for people to think its fake because of them
  6. checked the image its legit no photoshop marks or anything to give it away that its fake
  7. wasnt that the one Spiderbite said it wasnt....? might be something different
  8. its hard to hear something about energy fields its a mixture of his voice and the fleash i think no my video and i havent tried it in game yet
  9. Credit to NGT for these Part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kOmT7C1_ik Part 2 and 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQV9Oz5sSck
  10. Personally i think it should be a community effort i think either show proof of some progress or your trollin
  11. the white one has been tried in tranzit and it didnt work
  12. Noticed not all of the elevators have the gold symbols... The ones with the golden symbols use the keys to get to the same level at the same time so there in sync...? maybe an idea another idea use the tamper steam on the floor symbols maybe... just ideas UPDATE Is there the same symbol on the floor and elevator like do they match at all???
  13. Syndicate posts video showing PHDFLopper in the broken elevator http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5UP4D0yNJlE
  14. just a thought when i was heling users about nuketown zombies as we know Nuketown happens before TranZit, therefore Rictofen is in control of the zombies (blue eyes). Does this mean possible the Maxis is fighting to try get the power back to Samantha and possible she may be envolved in Tranzit somehow, i mean the first image we assumed that the girl in the photo was Samantha and as she is a little girl on moon and Nuketown and Tranzit happens after she must be grown up? so maybe we need to do the Rictofen EE then Maxis then committ and try to get to high round to find out more audio as the color change on Nuketown happens on round 24-25? sorry about spelling and grammar its 2.30am and im tired lol
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