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  1. good eyes.. i seen people point out the mystery box but didnt even notice the monkey bomb
  2. this makes the most sense of anything i heard from this site regarding the blank portraits in Kino
  3. Almost 100% that its not a dog, if you pause it like someone else said you can easily see an arm coming off it... no offense but the picture was iffy to begin with how could say dogs are confirmed when you only had this one shot to go on???
  4. Why would Richtofen be the only guy out of the crew still in his space suit then if they all already came back from the moon tho? Wouldn't it make more sense if he was the only one who actually knew they needed to go to the moon beforehand so he put his suit on before everyone else did and then they followed him there... and about the focusing stone, he probably needed to get everything he needed on Earth first and then go to the moon.. seeing as the moon is pretty far it would make more sense to get your stuff from the Earth then plan to go to the moon instead of making trips back and forth between the two... not saying you're wrong just playing devils advocate
  5. co-sign this... plus why get all excited about if they're gonna do a zombies movie or not anyway.. 95% of all video game movies are terrible and after being a huge Resident Evil fan and seeing them destroy that videogame storyline with the movies they made was just sad
  6. it means Too Long, Didn't Read
  7. the strategy i use is pretty much the same as yours, except when i get the thundergun i run circles in the starting room instead of the mp40 room and wait til you get the max amount of zombies spawned and then shoot them.. and the other player is doing circles on the stage... and dont upgrade your thundergun until at least the 20s but if you can save it to the 30s that works better... and dont stop on the stairs, just run and dodge zombies til they all spawn and then shoot.. and for weapons one guy should get the thundergun, ray gun and monkeys.. while the other play has ray gun, monkeys and whatever other gun they prefer (hk, rpk, whatever)... keep hitting the box til you get the right weapons and you shouldnt have to upgrade any weapons until the rounds in the 20s and keep count of when the dog rounds will be so you have an idea about your ammo
  8. getting firepower (death machine) and friendship (chicken) are the two i think are the best... personally i think the feet one sucks the most because it doesnt provide much unless you want to steal some of the powerups from other people..at least with fortitude you get double your time with everything and i usually let whoever gets that have the tanks/planes and whatever weapons pop up first
  9. Ascension is set during the exact same time as Five, and they have monkeys in Five, so not sure how they would get destroyed forever considering the guys in the pentagon are using them.. the monkeys arn't in Ascension because they added the Gersch and no need to have both monkeys and the Gersch in the same map... i've never seen a real explanation for why they dont have monkeys on CoTD (maybe they thought the VR11 was a good enough replacement) but i doubt its because they've been destroyed, no offense but i think you just made that up to prove your point...
  10. i was the same way never played zombies until BO. So i went out and got a used copy of WaW($20) and bought the DLC bundle($25) with all the maps and the whole thing came out to $45, which isnt that bad at all but i would still prefer being able to download the maps for BO so i could play split screen zombies online, plus have all the maps on one disc instead of two... you would think they would probably offer them in a bundle sometime soon so they have more people wanting to play those updated maps they spent time working on, plus i think the people who actually bought the prestige editions early on would like to get more people on their friends list who actually have those maps now too..
  11. its right by the door marked "E" or you can get to it by going down the stairs on the box marked "C" and making a left and buying that door
  12. the new map might use that in the storyline of Richtofen getting those 2 pieces (stone & rod) and have him splitting off from the group because he got what he was looking for finally. If that's what they're planning then it explains why they would have him with the rod still as a hint to what is to come soon...
  13. this happens in just about all the maps.. nothing new
  14. i think it's just a tounge in cheek reference to being revived plus all the Nightmare sequals they made that he starred in
  15. def at least one alien, the other in the back is most likely a second alien or person involved somehow
  16. xxAKSHUNxx


    in the video he says it works for Black Ops, Modern Warfare 3 and beyond. When he says "beyond" I think he's referring to it the other way (future releases) and talking about Elite keepin stats from Black Ops and any games released after, not previous.. also i read this on kotaku earlier: "This screenshot shows an Elite user's performance in Call of Duty: Black Ops which will be supported in the beta. It appears that Activision and Beachhead are only guaranteeing support for Modern Warfare 3 and beyond once the service launches in the fall." from that quote im just guessing that it will only register stats from MW3 and any other CoD games made after and wont have any of your previous stats.. but im just guessing and could be dead wrong link: http://kotaku.com/5806775/how-call-of-duty-elite-works-and-why-you-might-be-paying-for-it
  17. typed in "Black Ops" and the code you listed on google and got redirected to this thread: http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=11119 google search: the greatest thing on earth
  18. it's actually the 6th map considering Kino was created for World at War, but who's counting lol... and i mean it's at the Pentagon, which is a five sided building named after the 5 sided shape, why would they refer to the map as Five for any other reason.. thinking outside the box is cool sometimes, just no need to hurt your brain looking for answers when they're staring right in front you
  19. this may be a stupid question, but can you still purchase the map packs for WaW? thanks in advance
  20. They're the equivalent of the portraits in Kino.. 3arc just put them in for fun.. i wouldnt suggest driving yourself nuts trying to look more into it than that
  21. its the lander for the monkeys.. they just make the explosion look bigger in the trailer probably so the game looks more intense.. like airbrushing on a hot model on the cover of a magazine to get you to look inside
  22. a Dallas map sounds too boring compared to other peoples guesses i've heard at it being the moon or a ship carrying 115
  23. makes sense but at the moment its all just speculation until we really find out.. i would guess probably more of a june for xbox and july for ps3 release seeing as its just about april and we havent heard any news other than the possible names for some of the maps
  24. um....? quit whining and just play the game as it is or dont play it at all
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