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  1. Yo zombie killers. I think it is 60 years ago the bombs fall to the earth. It hit the 60's USA and the zombie apocalypse began for real all over the world. Today in the game we are in 2025 post zombie apocalypse and yes we have fighting for over 60 years and we are now on trip around the atomic USA in a Greyhound bus from a old bus company in New York and the old beat up robotic GPS driver is all at wear about the zombie apocalypse. And the 4 characters use moden russian weapons and Russman is talking about he's childhood before the bombs he mention forest and corn fields is growing again And strulinger also talk about the time before the bombs and how he surviving the zombie apocalypse on the street by killing zombies with guns and eat them to survive. The 2 characters misti and Malton are younger Misti is born in the city centre and her family was killed by zombies, she remember some of the bank ect. Malton is born under the government protection and become a moden scientist! Yep that is my theory.
  2. At the start of the game, inside the busterminal you can see at in a orange suit like a cleaning guy, on his arm there is a label that says Hanford sanitarium. And around him there is some zombies there in hospitals suit. So maybe they are infected by the missil from the moon with 115. Or what if there was before the bombs some sort of electric therapy going on, or other electric experiment with sick people. Any ideas???
  3. Hanford is in California right beside Neveda where nuketown is. I think a missil hit there between!
  4. I think we are fighting in the little town of Hanford. The zombies are from Hanford sanitarium. And it has maybe to do with the Green run project. Good work bro!
  5. How to do the EE egg in solo???
  6. NO. you dont get it in solo after the green light,
  7. yo bro. so far too, solo-11or14. whit 4 pl-14...
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