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  1. When I got Round 57 solo on Kino, I thought I was good. When I got top 100 on Nuketown zombies, twice, I knew I was good. But really, I've been at super high rounds, played with some great people, and had tons of fun with zombies. I don't care if I am good or not, it's fun and that's all that matters :)
  2. You get the permanent Quick Revive if you revive 20 times without going down.
  3. Okay, this is all fine and dandy about how games count if someone quits, but what about someone new joining? Will it still count then? Will it count for everyone, or just the people that were there the whole time?
  4. So, I know that if you are playing in a public match, and someone leaves, that it doesn't count to leaderboards. Now two things I want to know, is if you have 4 people, and one leaves, does it count for 3 player leaderboards, or not at all? Second, If you have 4 people, one leaves, and someone new joins, will leaderboards count, or will they still not count? I don't have the time or resources to try this out myself, but if someone can try it out and see what happens, that would be awesome. Now, I know that if someone new joins, it doesn't count for them, but I want to know for the other people in the game. Thanks!
  5. See, I didn't look at all the leaks and stuff, and I didn't scour for any info or anything until AFTER the game was released. If it was brought up months ago, that means it was leaked months ago, as the name of the map was never revealed officially, other than when the game launched.
  6. That would be NDU, not NDR. [N]acht [D]er ntoten.
  7. I believe that it is in relation to the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_Run experiment. These took place at the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hanford_Site that is located in Washington, on the Columbia Gorge River. The experiment dealt with plutonium and uranium, and also Iodine-131 and Xenon-133. I don't think that the map itself correlates to this, or even any form of radioactive materials. I believe that it is saying that the map or the events of the Easter Egg are considered to be similar to the Green Run, but with the things used substituted for zombies-related things. Don't know how, as I cannot think very well right now, but I am sure some of you can figure it out.
  8. TranZit is the game mode. Green Run is the map. You can play TranZit on Green Run, or you can play Survival/grief in the sections, but it's still Green Run.
  9. It sounds like the Geek from TranZit, I walked up and knifed it and heard something along the lines of "Oh gosh, can anyone hear me? I'm trapped in here!" I definitely know he said "I'm trapped in here" but before that was kinda faint. I don't know if this is relevant, but I did this after activating the song (It's the opening song from Moon, where Samantha says "Do you hear the voices?" at the end), so that may be something you need to do before being able to start the EE, but I don't know.
  10. First off, joining in progress should ONLY be available for private matches, unless it is reconnecting to a public game that you were in and got lagged out of/disconnected from. Now, here's what they can do; [*:3ugi32rq]If you join a session in progress, then it does NOT count towards your leaderboards. [*:3ugi32rq]If you are there from round 1, then it DOES count. [*:3ugi32rq]If you are disconnected, and reconnect, then it will still count towards your leaderboards, so long as you join back in within 5 rounds or so. [*:3ugi32rq]You can only join if you are on someones friends list, unless the host puts the game to public, in which case anyone can join through your Xbox profile. [*:3ugi32rq]The game host should be able to kick players, ban players (From that single match), and restrict who can invite people to the match. This should all be available pre-game as well as in-game. [*:3ugi32rq]Anyone that is not restricted from sending invites may be able to send an invite to anyone.
  11. Wow WTF admins... At least fricking tell me when you move my topic into someone else's topic... It annoys the shit out of me, but it's even more annoying when you don't even tell me about it.
  12. If you look at the new reveal of the Zombies, it shows a small room in some sort of bar/restaurant. If you look on the walls, there are pictures of Castro on the walls, as seen here: This leads me to believe that the zombies map is based in Cuba, possibly in the 80's Cold War, or maybe in it's own time frame entirely. Some more pics: A view of the street in "The Map": Picture of a Zombie/Player with a player behind: Discuss A view of the Bank: A view of one of the Diners: No idea, but looks like some sort of contraption in the middle of a room: Concept art for 2 more of the diners:
  13. Woods just pushed Kravchenko out the window. Mason was all hallucinating and thought that Reznov was Woods for the rest of the game after that. Reznov didn't actually exist past the prison escape. Pretty sure Reznov died in the escape.
  14. Actually, he had blonde hair in Shi No Numa. And he could have lost his hair from going through the teleporter, or from stress or something. Or shaved his head for no apparent reason. Or the monkeys stole his hair. Or Nikolai ate his hair. Anything, really, could have happened to his hair.

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