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  1. I think that the entire zombie storyline is in Samantha's and Eddie's mind. Samantha, is Samantha Maxis, Eddie, is Edward Richtofen. I can't rememeber the exact words, but one of them complains (I think Eddie) that he didn't get his go (being in control of the zombies, in their imagination), and Sam says he will next time. @AlphaSnake: Do you mean Eddie is Richtofen's son? And he would've played with Maxis' daughter Sam? If so, that makes no sense as Richtofen started to hate and resent Maxis and Sam.
  2. Lol, I'm sure that's the argument religion uses. On topic, how good are the staffs? If they're reasonably good, there wouldn't need to be a 5th (or 9th) staff.
  3. The zombies universe doesn't connect to any others. Also, Nikolai looks different because he is younger.
  4. Quite a good theory, but I thought the box was just a tracker for the Easter Eggs, and without this, the majority of the theory doesn't make much sense. Also, as far as I know, there is no connection to the Greeks (apart from the spiral) and the Vril (for this map). The theory that I like the most (I can't remember who wrote it) says that the Town and Mine teleported through time with the Time Bomb and into a "hole" caused by the missiles. This is why the Mansion is jutted up against the rocks etc. EDIT: For the poll, I don't think it it correct (but I am probably being biased), but if more proof came about, then I could definitely see this being right (with the possible "Devil" in MoTD and the possible "Pandora's Box).
  5. Samuel used to eat zombie flesh so I thought he moans because he is hungry. Also since he used to eat zombie flesh, he probably got exposed to lots more Element 115 and some Richtofen can talk to him.
  6. Just because they made a sign that happened to name a mine in Australia, doesn't mean it's in/from Australia. I think it refers to Element 115 and it makes the dead become "living" again, and since all of the Element 115 we have seen have been in rocks, it is a "Living stone". I can't remember who's theory it was, but the gist of it was that the Time Bomb put the town and mine forward in time, and because of the missiles moving the tectonic plates, the town and mine "overwrote" the existing rock that was jutting up.
  7. I thought the ghosts spawn continuously, so you can't just leave one.
  8. I thought you needed to use the time bomb for that achievement.
  9. Seeing some gameplay of the time bomb, I thought that, this is how you PaP on round 1. Get to the box and get it on round 1, and throw it down. Then wait until you have 5000, then go back in time and PaP. Can anyone test this to see if it works?
  10. In the new trailer for Mob of The Dead, there is a pick-up for a Tomahawk. When thrown it goes straight through zombies. After thrown, it seems to return to you.
  11. I'm not too sure about this as the Guard/Warden seems purely cinematic. I have some other pictures and info about both of them here @MF The Heavily Armoured Zombie (could be called HAZard), shuts off/lock downs the perk machines and the box, so you have to pay to use them again. It doesn't mention the Pack-a-Punch (I think).
  12. Nice find but I hear her at 4:28-4:30. I am using this trailer.
  13. No, as the cut out pieces would continue the World Map (bottom right), continue the start room (top left) and the roof (top right). Could be as he could brainwash zombies (as shown in the loading screen) overwriting Sam's/Richtofen's control. Umm... I believe that in Afterlife/Purgatory mode you are an Electric Zombie/Avogadro/Him and maybe in TranZit the USA created one/took one from Alcatraz for power. Electric Zombie/Avogadro/Him is made out of electricity which is kinda non-physical and since we can't see what you look like in third-person with the Afterlife/Purgatory mode enabled, we could look like Electric Zombie/Avogadro/Him. What you look like in Afterlife. Yeah, you can see it above Takeo's picture. If it's a person I believe it's the Mexican, Richtofen killed accidentally (heard in a CoTD radio I think) and he replaced the Mexican with Dempsey, but it looks like a room/area. Sam still seems to be in control. You can hear her when the characters pickup a Max Ammo. 4:28-4:30 Taklok with the thread here Also, I think you need some of my Avatar.
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