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  1. What is the highest round you've gotten on Origins at the moment? Did you build anything?
  2. Of course even a 100 Mile wide meteor hitting earth wouldn't destroy it. It's simple High School physics. The only possible way to blow up earth is from the center core, with a really GINORMOUS explosion. A planetary collision would do the same thing. I believe that the maps happen in order (excluding Nacht)
  3. I like how this is your first post. So to recap the list of trollers are: -BirdDog Dan -OPL Razor -itscanny And this is NOT harassment, yes I may be jumping to conclusions but three people who have little posts, accounts made recently then all start claiming about doing more about the EE and one of them claims he is/has someone on the "inside"... seems kinda suspicious. And BTW why am the only one who has been warned with the threat of a caution because of this? At least publicly.
  4. Bullshit Dan as you people call him has a new friend: OPL (Original Poster Lies) Razor. viewtopic.php?f=136&t=26135&p=253385#p253385
  5. Can you also put a link to the video, as it doesn't load on my iPod touch or iPad.
  6. That is to make the turbine/fan that can open doors and power perks.
  7. What is the bus route? Will have this tomorrow. Where are the hidden locations (NDU etc)? What do you mean? Where are the Perks?! Tombstone is located where the lab is (past the farm I think) Speed Cola is in the bank in Town. Where are the buildables? Assault Door is at Diner. Fan is at start. Power switch at lab. Where are the wallguns? Too many to really say. What are the boxguns? RPG, War Machine, Barrett, RPD to name a few Where is power? Lab (need to build it though) How to handle the boss zombie and the fog zombies? Electro Zombie I believe you need to make the buildable where Tombstone is. Where are the storages? A fridge at the farm is for weapons. Where are the music-teddies? No idea.
  8. owner_101


    For everyone who has seen the trailer will know that Snipers can have iron sights, but this would make it easier for those Quickscoping Scum (lol) to kill people, so how do you think they will balance it out? Also the Sniper seen in the campaign that can shoot through walls by firing multiple bullets is made by Metal Storm (they made the 1,000,000 rounds a minute "gun") and it works by stacking bullets and firing them electronically. So what do you think about the snipers?
  9. Not really - I've played it since CoD 5 and in my opinion snipers come with scope already on (like the PTRS-41)
  10. Weapons -Auto shotgun -Snipers can have iron sights (WTF?!) -Heartbeat/X-Ray sight -generally seem quite powerful -GOLD CAMO -Stinger type launcher -RPG launcher Equipment/Lethal etc. -TOMAHAWKS (win!) -Electric "knife" - think the projectile of the ballistic knife that after 3 secs (after hitting something) discharges electric stunning people close, can have 2 or more -Throwable explosive that needs to be primed but can be thrown later Killstreaks -Quadrotors - seem pretty easy to killA -An "Assualt Drone" like off MW3 drops from a heli in a crate, crate opens you drive it -Suicide Bombers - drones that fly towards you, fast, crash and explode (unfortunately there seems to be hundreds of them when you call 'em in) -Microwave disruptor - basically a stand and a plate that makes the air in front of it go wavy, stuns people in the wavy bit -Something called lightening strikes (HAARP anyone?) maybe like Rolling Thunder or manipulation of weather -Seem quite powerful Other -blackbox-esque map but instead of a plush housing estate it's a small village (poss. another map) with a windfarm -can run with knife out, still one hit -possibly see load out as a hologram when you spawn -Dolphin diving returns I'll add to this, and leave your thoughts. Good Day.
  11. owner_101

    Storm PSR

    I hope everyone has seen the E3 gameplay and the new sniper (Storm PSR). Well it turns out that the rumors are true - there will be a sniper that lets you see through walls, shoot through heavy cover and destroy killstreaks with "1" shot. Anyway you can see through walls and shoot through them, should be quite good for Objective Modes but bad for campers. Also I think it can see through an unlimited amout of walls. Discuss.
  12. This is why they won't make it because you can take the best wonder-weapon (with little ammo) and combine it with the gun that has the most ammo then all you have is the wonder-weapon with lots of ammo in a different body. Also I think WW will start to have different forms because of the (Wave Gun) so it would kinda mess up cause you can't take a HK21 apart. (for example)
  13. Are you sure that is what it means? I thought it referred to the Manhattan Project.
  14. Yes, but not for B.O II. Since Zombies will run on a multiplayer engine; host migration should be built in. Another reason why they're increasing the number if players?

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