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  1. owner_101

    Who is "Eddie"?

    I think that the entire zombie storyline is in Samantha's and Eddie's mind. Samantha, is Samantha Maxis, Eddie, is Edward Richtofen. I can't rememeber the exact words, but one of them complains (I think Eddie) that he didn't get his go (being in control of the zombies, in their imagination), and Sam says he will next time. @AlphaSnake: Do you mean Eddie is Richtofen's son? And he would've played with Maxis' daughter Sam? If so, that makes no sense as Richtofen started to hate and resent Maxis and Sam.
  2. owner_101

    Origins Highest Round

    What is the highest round you've gotten on Origins at the moment? Did you build anything?
  3. owner_101

    Were We Wrong?

    Of course even a 100 Mile wide meteor hitting earth wouldn't destroy it. It's simple High School physics. The only possible way to blow up earth is from the center core, with a really GINORMOUS explosion. A planetary collision would do the same thing. I believe that the maps happen in order (excluding Nacht)
  4. owner_101

    2nd Tower Orb Glowing (Tutorial and Proof)

    I like how this is your first post. So to recap the list of trollers are: -BirdDog Dan -OPL Razor -itscanny And this is NOT harassment, yes I may be jumping to conclusions but three people who have little posts, accounts made recently then all start claiming about doing more about the EE and one of them claims he is/has someone on the "inside"... seems kinda suspicious. And BTW why am the only one who has been warned with the threat of a caution because of this? At least publicly.
  5. owner_101

    BirdDog Dan Tranzit EE next step train station |Update|

    Bullshit Dan as you people call him has a new friend: OPL (Original Poster Lies) Razor. viewtopic.php?f=136&t=26135&p=253385#p253385
  6. Personally I expect more of the story to be on these maps and of course new wonder weapons. Hopefully more perks. Also the Ray Gun HAS to stay becaus it is such a classic (it's been in every map) What do you think? Check out Covert Gunman's version of this: viewtopic.php?f=81&t=19115
  7. owner_101

    MW3 complaining thread

    I don't hate it, this thread is for other people.
  8. owner_101

    MW3 complaining thread

    There seems to be a lot of threads complaining about...stuff and it would just seem easier if it was one big thread. Enjoy complainers!
  9. owner_101

    Nuke in MW3! (M.O.A.B)

    Aslo after you call in your team gets X2 XP for the rest of the match.
  10. owner_101

    How to be a good CoDZ User

    How do you get into a usergroup? Is this how you make your name big and colourful and have a title around your name (e.g. carbonfibah has FOUNDER around his name)
  11. owner_101

    New Shangri-La Analysis *New Golden Item!*

    Enough said.
  12. owner_101

    SEVEN fuse boxes

    All the fuse boxes are just scenery/interactive scenery. As I've posted before: Sorry to burst your bubble guys but the egg is over! People have even looked at the code and the Node puzzle ends with the DM!
  13. owner_101

    What if...

    You have a point, and theres only one type of zombie(two ifyou count the tech). Theres five zombie types monkeys, dogs, tech, normal zombies and gas zombies (more if you count all the ones in DOA) BUT I think you might be talking about L4D zombie types...
  14. owner_101

    Next wonder weapon idea

    The ray gun is fully automatic hold down the trigger to see...

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