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  1. Wow I never noticed that [brains] to you I thought that the phasing zombie was always him, never knew it was just the Nova. I know in a tight spot hes a pain in the ass, but somewhere like Biodome he doesn't bother.
  2. Best strategy, have one person running, then have 3 stay back by teleporter they should get few zombies, mostly dogs. Get enough buy Jugs make them stand on the Pad and your out.
  3. Why would they name it a Phasing Zombie if it's a boss. Reasons: 1. Don't need to kill it in order to begin a new round. 2. Doesn't die on Insta-Kill 3. HE TAKESS mehhh perks!!!! I hate when I'm walking through and door as soon as I buy Juggernaut, then bam raped. Far more annoying then George and takes away perks and you can calm George down. Also has anybody seen the glitch where after a Gersch is thrown he moonwalks really fast and he can still grab you.
  4. Round 27 excavator never broke through tunnel 6 .. fml biodome like six times and tunnel twice.
  5. I know when I read the stats for the Wave Gun I was like huh? I can kill more than 4 zombies unPaP. [brains] to u.
  6. Can hack power-ups too put it in the OP Fire sale to max ammo and everything else to max ammo even death machine.
  7. Although it's a Phasing Zombie ..idk I'm confused.
  8. Sorry, but he is a boss. Proven by the fact that on Insta-kill he doesn't after one bullet/knife. Sort of like George and the Napalm Boss.
  9. TaylorGangOD

    QED Question

    Lag. QED doesn't do that, was the other guy host?
  10. 27- 3 people, 1 left at Round 25.
  11. Teleporters do take u back in time don't they ?
  12. On Shangri-La Dempsey while on pack-a-punch stairs says an ancient temple, a russian cosmodrome, then being stuck in a room with Richtofen. I think that for the first two maps he states are important, but for Call of The Dead I don't think its really important since we didn't play with the original characters, but it could be the order of the maps and also maybe Moon does fit in with FEAR SAM. That is if we can exclude COTD
  13. yeah ik but they might be on area 51 only idk
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