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    ZCODL Symbol in Trailer

    co-sign this... plus why get all excited about if they're gonna do a zombies movie or not anyway.. 95% of all video game movies are terrible and after being a huge Resident Evil fan and seeing them destroy that videogame storyline with the movies they made was just sad
  2. xxAKSHUNxx

    Classic Maps put into Map-Pack for Black Ops.

    i was the same way never played zombies until BO. So i went out and got a used copy of WaW($20) and bought the DLC bundle($25) with all the maps and the whole thing came out to $45, which isnt that bad at all but i would still prefer being able to download the maps for BO so i could play split screen zombies online, plus have all the maps on one disc instead of two... you would think they would probably offer them in a bundle sometime soon so they have more people wanting to play those updated maps they spent time working on, plus i think the people who actually bought the prestige editions early on would like to get more people on their friends list who actually have those maps now too..
  3. xxAKSHUNxx

    Monkey / Perk Strategy

    no offense but i dont get your logic.. Jug is the only perk that you actually NEED to have for the most part and to never buy it and relying on your teammates to all get their machines so you can get Jug free just sounds insane..and quick revive should be the least of your worries, why bother sticking your neck out for a perk that only helps when other people cant stay alive? and @bmaster2000 you can only buy 4 perks, the 5th you can only get by having the 4 and protecting the machines to get the free perk powerup

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