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  1. The shape of the entire object looks almost identical to the round shaped top that we saw with Stamin Up. I can almost guarantee this is a perk, the shape of the entire structure is too identical. As for the tombstone, I think this maybe a possibility that this "Tombstone" may have some integration with the storyline. The structure looks very similar to a perk, but it's also a possibility that this could be some type of interaction with the storyline.
  2. Simply amazing, just from the 40 seconds that we got. The blue eyes on the Zombies looks epic, the new strategies that will be involved with the bus, and the fact that Zombies can grapple onto the bus, and just the incredible details we've seen in tid bits of the map. Everything looks amazing, beyond what I could have ever expected, I also can't wait to see how the actual bus will incorporate into Zombies, and the aspects associated with it like new strategies. Also, the beginning scene where the bus drives into the town, looks very creative, and I can already tell we'll be playing this map for months without boredom :)
  3. Guys, I think we're missing the fact that the file name is named "Power_on_v1.wav" This sounds exactly like the power turning on, most similar to that on COTD. Also, it's a .wav file, which is Audio for windows. Thought I'd point these things out. Also, did anyone else think that noise was badass :lol:
  4. It's finally Tuesday, do we get to see a trailer today If you didn't guess from the power_on_1.wav title, this is the new sound of the power turning on. Also the quote about power, is triggered at the start of a game on Kino Der Toten, Richtofen shouts it out, referring to the fact that you must turn on the power. As towards the picture on the screen, it looks like a burned down and post apocalyptic scenario, but we can't be too sure. Let's hope we see more later on in the day Also, I thought this was irrelevant, guess not... https://twitter.com/_rez_/status/247567667932852224
  5. Just thought I'd inform you guys of this. Thoughts on this? I'll do a bit of researching later.
  6. At the time of the tweet he had 5,115 followers on Twitter at that exact time. Since then he has gained more, but yes he is obviously referring to Element 115.
  7. *Updated* with the EPR paradox theory. Anyone have any ideas on this?
  8. Hey guys, so Jimmy tweeted this wiki page on his twitter, or updated his info; Now, first looking at this, it may seem just to be a biography, but I went around to his publications, and checked each of his works, and found that most of them had to do with Psychology, and spirits and such, but one linked work of his linked to this; Cover art look familiar anyone? Not an exact match, but I think it's close enough, no? Also, the short info box on Google's ebook site; ultimate nature of our universe...Quantum mechanics, relativity, and beyond to the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen effect and Bell's theorem. We've seen a lot of the stated above in Zombies haven't we? I'll look more into this, but I just wanted to get this out to you guys. I might be wrong with the Black Sun part, but the part about the book seems to definitely fit. Tell me what you guys think. ****UPDATE**** I may have found something extremely important in the actual book. If you look in the sample book on Google eBooks found here the book talks quite a lot involving the EPR paradox, which was an "early and influential critique leveled against quantum mechanics. Albert Einstein and his colleagues Boris Podolsky and Nathan Rosen (known collectively as EPR) designed a thought experiment intended to reveal what they believed to be inadequacies of quantum mechanics. To that end they pointed to a consequence of quantum mechanics that its supporters had not noticed." For more information about it; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EPR_paradox I'll be looking more into the EPR paradox, as I'm reading about it now, and I've found that a lot about what we see in Zombies is linked to this.
  9. Looking back at some of the replies, including some theories of Shangri La being close to Area 51, I looked more into the pipes and found that there are more cases of almost identical pipe structures of the Baigon Pipes. I found that there were similar structures located in Southwestern US. As you know Area 51 is located in Southwestern United States. I strongly believe that the Baigong/Navajo Pipes are strongly integrated with the Zombie storyline, I also think the Vril-ya are strongly involved with the pipes as well. I'm having some thoughts that maybe these "Aliens" mentioned were the Vrilla-ya.
  10. And what do you know; Dropa stones are found on Shangri La; Also, dropa stone disks found on Moon as well (Supporting theory of Shangri La moving somehow to Moon); And just doing a quick search across the forums, I found this thread; viewtopic.php?f=68&t=19175 The Baigong Pipes are found in China, also Baigong Pipes seem to be associated with Dropa Stones, and various conspiracy theories about Aliens, and secret civilizations to do with extra terrestrial findings. Also, the mountain looks almost identical to Mount Baigong, is it a coincidence that there are various Dropa Disks on Shangri la, and that Dropa disks were found on Mount Baigong?
  11. **please read The Baigong Pipes these pipes are said to be unexplained on who built them where they came from or why they are there. and built associated with a pyramid (and also found some similar in different parts of u.s.).......... do we see any connection? source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baigong_Pipes base of mountian http://www.disclose.tv/forum/mysterious ... 22-10.html does the detail look familiar http://otherworldmystery.com/the-myster ... gong-pipes Brains for you sir This is actually a very plausible theory. Could the Baigong pipes be the water slides, or some sort of association with that? Associated with a pyramid (The Pyramid in which we climb up to Pack a Punch) that is around 160 - 200 feet. This is around 160 feet; http://www.mexconnect.com/photos/1127-n ... 1231194227 I think we can say that the Pyramid on Shangri la is around the same height. Also, the mountain associated with Baigong pipes look almost exactly similar to the mountains in Shangri La. The structure looks almost identical, seeming that one end is dented more outwards than the other. Also, look at one of the pipes in Mount Baigong. Very similar to the water slides in Shangri la, no?
  12. Ridiculous? We play a game as a mentally insane scientist that worked in a secret organization creating super human zombies for the NAZI party that time traveled and met up with movie stars (Just to say the least). Under the circumstances, a civilization that was transported to Mars is the LEAST bit ridiculous.
  13. These quotes are from Richtofen, thought they were interesting. The only thing that keeps me doubting it's Mars, is the fact that the radios are located around the map. Also, the radios were produced by a real radio company somtime in the mid to late 1900s, so this is really keeping my doubts that it's mars. Yeah I think that 935 installed the power switches, Mine Carts, etc. Correct, the radios are possibly even in the 2000's. But I did say before that I think that it was teleported to Mars not to long ago, very recently actually, definitely after Brock and Gary arrived otherwise it'd be impossible for them to have gotten there. Yeah this quote can also hint that 935 continued their work in Shangri la as well;
  14. Just looking at some quotes from Shangri La, there are some interesting sayings that we may have overlooked These quotes are from Richtofen, thought they were interesting. The only thing that keeps me doubting it's Mars, is the fact that the radios are located around the map. Also, the radios were produced by a real radio company somtime in the mid to late 1900s, so this is really keeping my doubts that it's mars.
  15. It's Woods. The new image proves so. Look at tattoo and watch. Also, here is the previous picture of Mason. Same tattoo, watch and same 115 tattoo. Has to be Mason.

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