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  1. cant say that if you played previous maps my friend In previous maps they were controlled, almost all of them, but in Mob of the Dead, and this map I don't believe they are controlled
  2. No one is in control... Zombies roam freely without a controller, just as they did in Mob of the Dead, no one controls them.
  3. Hi guys, I've been doing a lot of thinking, and I've had this on my mind since the release of MoTD, and I've got to tell the community about it. So basically we all remember the "Mend the Rift" scenario with Stulinger in Die Rise right? The voices tell him to mend the rift, and we were unsure of what he was saying, or what he meant. I've been doing a lot of thinking with the endings to the new easter eggs, and before I present my theory, I just want to explain what happens on both sides of the easter egg endings: If the other 4 players KILL Al Arlington, you "Continue the Cycle" If Al A
  4. The helicopter in the background is also interesting in the poster... The shadow could be a Vimana, which was discussed very thoroughly during the Shangri La era of CodZ. It would be a longshot to describe those shadows as a Vimana with no real evidence, but it could be, we'll just have to wait and see...
  5. Are we really even negotiating whether this is real...? I thought we were past the fake image stage. This is not real, you don't need a theater mode to recognize that.
  6. I was about to post this as well, I've lost the Barricade upgrade, and also the permanent quick revive perk on Tranzit. I just did the Easter Egg as well which was odd, because literally seconds after I had finished the Maxis side, I had lost Quick Revive and the Barricade upgrade. I never lost the Zombie Head upgrade though. Anyone know what happened?
  7. The "Cross over 2 me" makes the most sense to me, sounds very plausible. Also, I've been doing some research regarded with the Aether to see if it had any connection to this, and only found some small information, but it could be worth something. I've bolded the points I found to be most important.
  8. As many of you know, on a lot of the signs in Tranzit, letters are cut off in order to show some type of easter egg of some sort. For example, the diner was cut off into "NOW DIE" for Richtofen. Now, I was looking around in Theatre, and noticed this. The highway sign was partially distorted to reveal what looks to be a formula; DAY X/2 ME Now, I don't know if this has any importance, maybe if it were just put here for fun, or maybe it does have some significance, but I thought I'd point it out. Also, I researched a bit and couldn't find anything, but thought I'd share.
  9. Remember how James C. Burns said Misty was Dempsey's daughter? So if the names up there have any relations, we have so far: Maxis > Samantha Dempsey > Abigail ? > Emelia Any ideas on what relation Emelia may have to the story?
  10. There are voices in the shelter, just go up to it and knife it (In The Backyard of the house with the 3 burst pistol), and you'll hear voices. I don't think that there is an entire EE involved with it though, most likely just for fun :D
  11. Jimmy Zielinski posted this link on his Twitter page. Obviously, this means this is important. I didn't see this throughout the forums. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PuY0GfG ... ata_player https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PuY0GfG ... ata_player https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PuY0GfG ... ata_player Thought this was funny "The planet orbits Fomalhaut at a distance of approximately 115 AU (1.72×1010 km; 1.07×1010 mi), which is about 18 AU (2.7×109 km; 1.7×109 mi) closer to the star than the inner edge of the debris disk.[5] It was discovered after research
  12. I don't think Treyarch understands how much amazing feedback this would get. This is an amazing idea, and definitely should be incorporated, maybe not with as much detail as stated, but this idea alone is great, and it should definitely be incorporated.
  13. Including a Theater mode to zombies would be very difficult, but for those who have been asking how they will be incorporated, they will most likely split the games into parts, possibly in intervals of 10 minutes per part. So let's say I played a game on Trazit for 40 minutes, there would be 4 separate video parts to choose from, because going through a an hour long video, just to play it back would take hours just to watch some of it. Then to render? There would be tons of problems along with storage, capacity, and also I imagine there would be tons of issues regarding server issues along wit
  14. The shape of the entire object looks almost identical to the round shaped top that we saw with Stamin Up. I can almost guarantee this is a perk, the shape of the entire structure is too identical. As for the tombstone, I think this maybe a possibility that this "Tombstone" may have some integration with the storyline. The structure looks very similar to a perk, but it's also a possibility that this could be some type of interaction with the storyline.
  15. I can almost guarantee we'll be seeing something similar to this; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBGgBsx-vy0
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