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  1. http://www.exophase.com/trophy/call-of-duty-black-ops-iii-ps4/130769-my-brother%E2%80%99s-keeper/ EE achievement ^
  2. Should of put panel... he will be hosting the panel at comic-con and asking questions etc. to Jason Blundell and the cast.
  3. Syndicate is hosting the show and he said that some of the info has "something to do with already existing maps".
  4. Don't know how this person has had access to this but it looks like this song will be used in Sundays reveal.
  5. ​A lot of the big CoD Youtubers where flying out to LA last night, Tmartn, Ali-A, etc.
  6. ​He had his legs blown off and his throat slit, how would he survive that? Although I do agree it looks like his silhouette.
  7. Treyarch are following this account on Twitter https://twitter.com/TheUnmarkedMan
  8. New snap mentions implanted memories. Perhaps this is an old project and is revived in the future with someone managing to perfect the process.
  9. I think we're going the Deus Ex route with human augmentation. That last line "how far are we willing to go", seems how far do we keep adding to ourselves until we aren't human anymore.
  10. 506th Infantry Regiment on his hat there http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/506th_Infantry_Regiment_%28United_States%29
  11. Managed to pull these, looks like an ex-ray with a few tumours either side of the abdomen and a nuclear blast.
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