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  1. I think the part where we decide what side we choose is when the balls are underneath the lion paws. If you pick the balls up, Richtofen doesn't like it, so that's most probably Maxis' step. If you shoot the sliquifier at the two balls, Richtofen is happy that Maxis won't be able to get his hands on the balls.
  2. I just watched NGT's video and the SVU was not pack-a-punched.
  3. Another part with the balls has been solved... YIZvNMDU4N8
  4. What did maxis say at the end? The volume was too low.
  5. It seems like "the flesh" which Stu is always going on about, are a group of survivors that have eaten zombies? "We are the living and we are the dead."
  6. I have done Maxis' side of easter egg, just got into a game of TranZit and picked up an Insta-kill, nothing happened.
  7. The screen shakes in that video like something has crashed or come crashing out of the sky at 0:55.
  8. Wikipedia shows that the voice actors for Tank and Nikolai have actually contributed to Black Ops 2. However, it is wikipedia and it cannot be trusted.
  9. What do you guys think? ORIGINAL SOURCE - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55bSnR5C ... GxCpW4d4p9 TOP Comment - Please everyone Thumbs Up on this!!! I was playing Tranzit on Solo and I was the nerdy guy, Marlton. The "Avogrado" showed up and I didn't know wtf to do. So I began knifing him. And then my guy said, "Oww, the amperes have hurt me to the quick!" This just happened to me only minutes ago.
  10. *ALL CREDIT GOES TO 17GINGERNINJA* I was recently watching a new video from NGT and this is what he said in the comments... My theory is that Marlton was part of the original gang with Richtofen,Tank, Nikolai and Takeo, there is loads of evidence that leads to it aswell. For instance; he says "They asked me to leave? I was the one who reported the scuffing behavior...makes no sense". Just like when you play as the original characters (Richtofen etc..) they are always arguing and blaming eachother for them being surrounded by zombies and constantly being teleported. Also in Kino, there are pictures of each of the characters, then there is one at the end that is a silhouette, and when you press X on it, someone says "Till we meet again friend" which leads me to believe that they did meet again on Moon, where he was asked to get away from them i.e. return to earth and maybe he arrived in Nuketown, which is why the moon easter egg is going on at the same time as Nuketown zombies.
  11. If you look at the zombie closest, he is wearing a metal tag/collar around his neck.
  12. "The waltz is a ballroom and folk dance in triple time, performed primarily in closed position".
  13. Have a look at this - https://twitter.com/asnorkel/status/248627460873285632

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