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  1. I'm like that too... I'm in a rut though i just got demons souls...gonna be stuck for awhile.
  2. O really? People still play cod4 and [email protected] and mw2 and cod3. and I'm sure people will still be playing black ops when black ops 2 comes out.. I like black ops the only problem i have is the community... Every single person i play with uses the famas or the ak74u.
  3. I wanna join!!! can i be the sniper on the roof? :D
  4. Freddy ftw!! Of course i would pick Robert...if i don't ill see him in my dreams...
  5. i have quite a big smile on my face now, thank you lol #WINNING!!!!!!
  6. Ok well lets take baby steps? How about special titles? Something like zombie researcher of the week?month? Nobbie helper of the week/month? I think a year and quarters and seasons is to long... The site may be alive for a long time but that doesn't mean users will..
  7. This is a good idea idk about the whole year thing but some cool new groups/titles would be nice. Highlight below for lol sorry i had to do it http://googlefight.com/index.php?lang=en_GB&word1=poop&word2=pee
  8. Anyone play cod4? The worst one for me was the ending when all of your squad was getting killed then you think price died but he didn't. :(
  9. This stuff happens more than often here, and I gave your rep back. Thanks and i know what you mean but i play battlefield and CoD i like them both.
  10. Really whiy did someone - [brains] me? I was just suggesting that he try battlefield. What did i do to deserve -? :facepalm:
  11. If you want big maps i suggest Battlefield. CoD doesnt make maps 1/2 the size of any battlefield maps.
  12. Commander is just an attention whoring troll don't let him get to you.
  13. viewtopic.php?f=53&t=4260 Sorry someone beat you to it. Look at the time it was posted

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