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  1. Umm..... Mason DID kill JFK..... False Uh actually mason went rouge for a few yours one of those years happens to be 1963...also you see mason in the crowd at the airport..
  2. Since we are talking about groups whats with the survival group? I should be in it but.. w/e also why cant solo work for these groups? I have a picture but it was a solo run...
  3. I know this is a forum but people like you have ruined COD. I can use any gun in this game and get a positive k/d i e 20 kills and less than 10 deaths. An smg is used for CQC (close quarters combat) so you shouldn't use an mp5k on wasteland. People complain about any thing on cod that they suck with and the devs see this and they say oh lets ruin the smgs completely...The point of my fail rant is this before you use a gun think about HOW your supposed to use the gun before you go and bi*ch about it ok?
  4. O really? People still play cod4 and [email protected] and mw2 and cod3. and I'm sure people will still be playing black ops when black ops 2 comes out.. I like black ops the only problem i have is the community... Every single person i play with uses the famas or the ak74u.
  5. I didnt sign up and i still got a beta invite about a month ago. And Im not going to buy it when i can look at my stats for free on the game...
  6. The only problem with black ops is the fact that every single person uses the famas and the ak-74u.
  7. Alsomdude2


    Ah thadutchguy... his avatar still makes me laugh i miss seeing it around the forums :'( I haven't been here a year and all ready i miss people that dont post anymore. :cry:
  8. If you want a game where your team works together i suggest battlefield but cod? Na everyone just does their own thing..
  9. Holly balls exactly 100 more :D
  10. Well i don't think its dumb unless your a camper then of course your going to hate this idea. I think he makes you run and gun.. so you don't camp cause if you do you will be killed..
  11. I love A7X!! I'm not sure if i will like their new stuff since it is a different drummer.... :(
  12. Freddy ftw!! Of course i would pick Robert...if i don't ill see him in my dreams...
  13. Woah guys calm down everyone on this site is making topics about this... even in the member lounge...
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