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  1. YES. I was thinking literally exactly the same thing. Kind of gets you thinking too about how advanced we REALLY are. I'm sure there is a whole lot that is being hidden from us by our governments.
  2. Well, from what i believe is that it was a Nazi base built during WWII. But since america got to space first, they captured it. In the zombies storyline, the only reason the space race started was because of this base and the 115 located around, and stored inside and the weapons/secrets.
  3. The pictures in this post: viewtopic.php?f=72&t=15443 Show players in der riese in space suits. which leads me to believe that maybe ; for a boss round you get teleported to one of 4 classic maps for that 1 round. Any thoughts? I suggested this a while back on the Black ops forums and got very positive feedback.
  4. It is a pistol, so maybe it could actually give you a little more time to be revived when you go down? I dont know, whenever i see a pistol in a perk i instantly think of second chance
  5. My theory: The nazis originally had a base on the moon for a very long time (back during WWII) It was said that there were large quantities of element 115 on the moon, so they went mining for it. I PERSONALLY believe that the base was for experimenting on humans and trying to create their super army without any havoc breaking out on earth. This is what i think the capsules in kino der toten (the ones on the stage) and shangri la were for, transporting the dead into space to experiment. This is what created the space race, everybody knew there was a base and large quantities of 115 on the moon. It was a race to see who could get to it and use the resources to their advantage.
  6. EtErNiiTY

    Richtofen dead?

    I believe that richtofen may be dead, or at least zombified. Lets not forget that he has the focusing stone, lets keep in mind that that is a meteor, not just a meteor. but a meteor that contains element 115. Which as we know... creates zombies. and when teleporting in der riese, there is in image that shows on the screen of a zombies face, with richtofens scar. it could be that all of the zombie crew had developed an immunity to the effects of 115 due to constant exposure (ray gun, wunderwaffe, etc.) , but there is a possibility. If he is not dead, then he is definitely going to end up turning against us.
  7. As we all know, the moon is white-gray on the surface, and has moon dust all over it. We also know its all made up of rock. There is and always was talk/speculation about a Nazi/German moon base created in the WWII era. Underneath all of that moon dust is rock. Well, maybe discovery (all this talk about discovery being a map). The snow acting as moon dust, and the cliffsides acting as the rocks. It seems a bit fitting for a moon base, does it not?
  8. I had the exact same thought once. I tried it, nothing happened. :(
  9. Im sorry if this doesn't seem accurate to you. Im just tying together what I know. dr. gersch He was trying to build a portal that takes you to the moon. The way he says "Open a portal" during the Mystery Man easter egg, leads me to believe his goal was not to make something that sucked things in and killed them, what would the point of that be? I believe that he was trying to send men to space via portal. I think that they were sending monkeys to space not by rocket, but by portal. Because the monkeys natural reaction when you throw a gersch device, is to jump inside and teleport! Notice during a monkey round , the monkeys dont get killed by gersch devices, they teleport just like we do. So I am lead to believe that when the monkeys jumped into the portal, they were sent to the moon and died in the process, but the large amounts of element 115 revived them as zombies, and they were sent back from the moon through the portal. (2 portals open. one on the moon, one on earth in the cosmodrome) When they came back, they infected the scientists and all hell broke loose from there.
  10. http://www.callofduty.com/board/viewtop ... ko9q8onv40 I made this post months ago giving ideas of my own and ideas wanted for a long time. Do you think theres a chance the gersch device could have been based off my schwarzes loch idea?
  11. Tunguska is the meteor/event that fell/happened AT shi no numa. Nothing new.
  12. No, there IS a zombie map, not listed there however. Ouskirts was a world at war map! Theyre just recycling textures for a map everyone loved
  13. As first strike was released for xbox 360 on february 1st, and march 3rd for ps3. And MP1 Was released for WaW on March 19, And MP2 in WaW was released on June 11th, i THINK, that we may be expecting some new DLC in May. (for xbox 360) BECAUSE: 1st strike was released in march, and so was MP1. If it was not for microsofts deal with activison, i believe it would have originally released in march for all consoles. And since it would have been the same month as MP1, and Xbox gets the maps earlier, I think its fair to say that PS3 will be getting the maps in June(1st or 2nd), and xbox in may (possibly, 3rd or 4th). Im sorry if im not making any sense. but this is the best i could describe it.
  14. Skip to 14:41 Xh_xeizWNEI Could it be that we will have someone replace richtofen in the future? Or after this is all over, takeo will make him pay...
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgL1EbLo8MQ Skip to 5:25 Or occasionally when you kill zonbies w/ a monkeybomb when you play as richtofen you will hear it too "You have all been fooled! Just like Peter!"
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