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  1. sorry if this has been posted already but at 1:52 in the CODZL video the zombie with the space suit gets killed and explodes into dust or something but i think that debunks the theory of zombies being your teammates. They might just be another zombie that comes randomly like the napalm zombie or the "screacher"
  2. hey guys, i've been wondering where is the best place to shoot the napalm zombie the head or the stomach?
  3. i think we are going into a back to the future thing because if Brock is that missing portrait then he is dead but since the crew saves him he might re-appear but he has to have dissapeared in the first place so Brock probably went back in time and died. i know it's confusing lol
  4. there is probably going to be one more zombie map and it will be the final one besides the classic map pack. the reason why i think there will be a new zombie map is because in the "comic book" on the loading screen there is no tear but you see another page and they wouldnt make another page if they wouldn't make another zombie map :shock: discuss
  5. thank you for posting a picture
  6. on hanger 18 in the multiplayer trailer you can see some sort of thing on a table covered with a cloth at 00:52 check it out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1mPlSkE ... ture=feedu
  7. you can also see the mystery box light on top of the lighthouse
  8. fteefn

    do not read

    ok ok im sorry i just thought i found something you don't have to be mean about it and ok im sorry this post wasted anybody's time ok im sorry once again now if a mod can please lock up this topic
  9. try shooting the fire extinguishers with the death machines because when i shot one with it the extinguisher blew up
  10. fteefn

    do not read

    You have to shoot all of the fire extinguishers this is just a theory but when i had a death machine it blew up a fire extinguisher try it
  11. No man its not a little girl it's Tom Cruise and John Travolta they are stuck in the closet and they won't come out you will get this if u have watched that episode of SP
  12. this could really help me and ill give you my PSN and password too so please
  13. i really want the classic maps so if somebody could give me a code or do a file share with ps3 that would be great and if not well its ok but PM me either the code if u got it or ur PSN thank you again
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