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  1. Yep gotta go the multiplayer menu ingame and download there. WOOOO
  2. The spacey background and the Earth on the Zombies menu leads me to believe we could be fighting zombies on other celestial bodies, kinda like Moon.
  3. I've dropped down a couple of times. This is weird.
  4. I think emp grenade can turn off the perk machines, which disables the effect for anyone who has that perk. And someone did that stair think to me and I was sad. lol
  5. Nuketown is separate from Green Run. I believe every DLC will have a new Tranzit map, it seems that this is the new "standard" for zombie maps. I think it's fair to say that the general opinion of it is positive, to I think it's fair to say we should get one with each map pack. My question is will the last map pack be all zombies like last time? Black Ops 1 got 12 maps, MW3 got 12 maps, so 4 MP maps per pack, only adds up to 3. So maybe Pack 4 will have the 4th DLC Tranzit map, and a few throwback style maps.
  6. I've noticed this too. I though it was a glitch, but knowing Treyarch, it could mean more.
  7. Has anyone beaten the campaign yet? I will later, but haven't gotten to it yet. Both WaW and BO unlocked a zombie map, will BO2?
  8. At the bottom left screen of the map select is the power plant looking area, but it won't let me select it. Any ideas?
  9. AH the irony. Black Ops I miss hardened edition, map pack comes out a year later. This time I get the hardened edition, map comes out a month later. haha I'm happy for everyone who can get it now because I know there were people who missed out on hardened edition this time around.
  10. Does anyone know what the difference between the two is?
  11. http://community.callofduty.com/community/call_of_duty/english/black_ops_2/blog/2012/10/12/zombie-construction-destruction A 30 second video showing off a collectible, and building a shield and using it. In all honesty, it was severely underwhelming.
  12. Yeah I saw that. Makes me wonder, was there ever even a delivery 7? Excited for some gameplay! :mrgreen:
  13. Silly me, we still have got: The Zombie Bus will be dropping time-limited exclusives from Call of Duty®: Black Ops 2 Zombies, right here. We’ll be covering the Tranzit-touring transport with Zombie Feed posts from 10/8 to 10/11, including a final stop on Friday, October 12th, featuring never-before-seen gameplay footage. Didn't we get that with GTTV? I hope there's more though.
  14. Just watched it, absolutely nothing new. Just rehashed footage from the trailer and a quick rundown of the three modes. :|
  15. Yeah, but that was a leak, so I didn't want to get in trouble or anything haha. But yeah, I think direct quests with objectives would be great for Zombies. I hate comparing (but I'm going to anyway haha) maybe it'll be like Dead Island or Borderlands, just without experience.

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