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  1. Since we're discussing download times, mine was done in 5-7 minutes. College internet FTW!
  2. Yep gotta go the multiplayer menu ingame and download there. WOOOO
  3. Awesome, can't freaking wait!!! Also on a college internet so this download should take no less than 5-10 minutes (I downloaded GTA IV in like 30 or so). It's awesome to be on Xbox this time around.
  4. I would imagine quick revive in solo, however I don't think they would make it an achievement now, I mean it's been around since Kino.
  5. Everytime we get Turned footage, it is at the diner in Green Run. Is this the only area that will be playable in this new mode? Will it be playable on Die Rise? I think Green Run will have the one spot for it (and will open the area bottom left on map select so we can play survival at diner) and Die Rise will have one area allocated for it. Which brings to another point, if we get more modes later, will they be playable on Green Run and Die Rise? I hope so. Thoughts?
  6. Revolution comes out Tuesday as I'm sure all of you know. Black Ops 1 had a very clear map pack pattern, whereas MW3's dlc was very unorganized. So knowing the contents of Revolution, I believe this pattern will be repated for the next 2 (yes two, bear with me). We have 4 MP maps, a new Tranzit mode map, a new MP gun and a zombies gamemode. I believe this pattern will hold true for map packs 2 and 3. Blops1 had 12 dlc MP maps. MW3 had 12 dlc MP maps. It seems this is the new standard for dlc. So with 4 MP maps a pack, it'll only take 3 packs to get to 12. So what will map pack 4 contain? The zombies fan in me wants to believe an all-zombies pack like Rezurrection, but in reality that may not be tha case. Treyarch devs have stated they want to bring back old MP maps, but remakes not copy amd paste eg, Hazard being a remake of a waw map. So my guess is map pack 4 will be 4 throwback maps and a final Tranzit map. The map packs should also have new zombies modes, and guns. Probs a new assault rifle, sniper, and shotty. Thoughts?
  7. The spacey background and the Earth on the Zombies menu leads me to believe we could be fighting zombies on other celestial bodies, kinda like Moon.
  8. I've dropped down a couple of times. This is weird.
  9. I think emp grenade can turn off the perk machines, which disables the effect for anyone who has that perk. And someone did that stair think to me and I was sad. lol
  10. Nuketown is separate from Green Run. I believe every DLC will have a new Tranzit map, it seems that this is the new "standard" for zombie maps. I think it's fair to say that the general opinion of it is positive, to I think it's fair to say we should get one with each map pack. My question is will the last map pack be all zombies like last time? Black Ops 1 got 12 maps, MW3 got 12 maps, so 4 MP maps per pack, only adds up to 3. So maybe Pack 4 will have the 4th DLC Tranzit map, and a few throwback style maps.
  11. I've noticed this too. I though it was a glitch, but knowing Treyarch, it could mean more.
  12. Has anyone beaten the campaign yet? I will later, but haven't gotten to it yet. Both WaW and BO unlocked a zombie map, will BO2?
  13. At the bottom left screen of the map select is the power plant looking area, but it won't let me select it. Any ideas?
  14. AH the irony. Black Ops I miss hardened edition, map pack comes out a year later. This time I get the hardened edition, map comes out a month later. haha I'm happy for everyone who can get it now because I know there were people who missed out on hardened edition this time around.
  15. Does anyone know what the difference between the two is?
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