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  1. sounds good - much appreciated! i'm surprised this hasn't caught attention! (silverback)
  2. LOL yea but he was nowhere to be seen in anything moon related. He might not be in moon I've got a pretty big hunch that he'll be there. Watch the Lab trailer from 1:53-1:56 a few times over. comparison- Agree or Disagree, I think that is what i see there. Found this a couple days ago, posted it in a Zombie Labs trailer finds topic.
  3. If that is the case, does that mean your teammates will be able to grab it instead?
  4. thanks no problem for the caps, makes things easier!
  5. I saw that earlier in other posts, I figured not to mention it
  6. Aloha, I'm CJemery! Although I have been a follower and reader of these forums for about half a year, I have only joined a couple days ago. I had a couple of interesting finds in the new Zombie Labs trailer, and possibly a HUGE find. I'll save the most intriguing for last. Here It goes.. (sorry for huge images, also pardon any mistakes as it is my first topic) First off - I believe this has gone completely unnoticed/unmentioned, but there is a Monkey Bomb on the table. Second - At the bottom right of the board (light blue) there appears to be a Lander symbol as seen in Ascension (possible clue to the whereabouts of our Lab) . The arrow is pointing towards another angle of the same Monkey in the first picture. I underlined the text at the bottom of the board to see if anyone can make out what it says. Third - Barrels/Tubs reading "LR40." When i search for LR40, we find that it was in fact a Reaction Motors H2O2/Kerosene rocket engine. I go on to read this: "Reaction Motors H2O2/Kerosene rocket engine. 35.690 kN. F8U-1 supercruise engine, 1957. During the late 1950s there was a very real fear that the Soviets would soon have bombers capable of cruising at altitudes of over 60,000 feet. Along with several other companies, Vought sought means by which jet fighters could be able to reach such altitudes and deal with these threats. One technique that was studied was the installation of an auxiliary rocket engine that could help boost the fighter to such high altitudes. In 1957, Vought planned to install a rocket engine in the tail of a couple of F8U-1s (production numbers 16 and 23). The engine originally planned for this installation was the Reaction Motors XLR-40 which provided 8000 pounds of thrust and was fuelled by a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and jet fuel. Unfortunately, this rocket engine exploded during an early ground test, killing two company mechanics. This accident caused Reaction Motors to pull out of the project. Application: F8U-1. Characteristics Propellant Formulation: H2O2/JP-4. AKA: XLR40-RM-1. 
Thrust: 35.69 kN (8,023 lbf)." (source: http://www.astronautix.com/engines/lr40.htm) This is the second thing that my mind immediately correlates with Ascension. I don't have any theories, but it's something to think about/remember. Fourth - Okay, okay okay okay okay.. before you flame me, you have to see it for yourself. (1:53-1:56 in the trailer) I was surprised myself when i caught it in the corner of my eye. Top Left Corner, Watch closely, over and over. We have what could POSSIBLY be, or at least looks like the Silverback. COMPARISON Not tryin' to stir up more Silverback stuff, it just caught my eye and I figured I'd share it. Okay, well that's it for now. If i find anything else I'll be sure to update! --- Update #1 - Danger Sign Possiblly directly connected to the LR40 (mentioned above) and Jet Engine Testing on the Moon? Charlie X-ing? (Crossing)
  7. shut the fuck up why are you going off on him. he has a point. thank you, Hammer. I'm not about to go back and forth with someone who's only argument is, "shut the ---- up." I'm pretty sure that's more of his problem than mine. It wasn't out of line (in any way), and it kinda needed to be said. So, Relax.
  8. People have gottt to stop throwing around the word "confirmed."
  9. Yup, I think you may be right. Good find
  10. I'm open minded, and as I still see much more of a girl with a teddy bear.. There are some problems with it being an astronaut. The legs are wayyyy too skinny to be inside of a suit. Also, the second smaller shadow is attached to her hand. Once again, look closely...er.
  11. Am I the only one who thinks that looks a bit like the Grim Reaper?
  12. He says, "This pack is really for the zombies fans, kind of a SEASON finale, really." Which is proof they aren't finished. In the trailer they specifically say, "keep giving us feedback and we'll keep giving you more of what you want."
  13. Here is a more outlined shadow. Looks to me like a girl wearing a dress (similar to those seen in kino's dressing room) holding a teddy bear.. and to the question of the head seeming off-scale, the shadow is cast on an elevated surface. Look closely Sam. Dun Dun Dunnn
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