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Easter Egg Song Bracket (Round 1)

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Many Moons ago I made a bracket where we voted on the best easter egg songs in Zombies. After a new game has arrived with new songs and many new faces in the community, I think it's time for another bracket to see where every song stands.


Here's the current bracket:




We've got a total of 38 contestants, so things are a little crowded to say the least. That means round 1 is going to be whittling down the contestants before round 2 cuts them in half.


Here are our matchups this week:


1. Beauty of Annihilation vs. Alone

2. Remember Forever vs. Snakeskin Boots

3. Nightmare vs. Abracadavre

4. 115 vs. Where Are We Going?

5. Beauty of Annihilation (The Giant) vs. Cold Hard Cash

6. Shockwave vs. Pareidoia


To vote, simply use the number of the matchup, and say what song you think is best for any reason that you like. Also feel free to explain why!


Send in your votes by next Saturday (April 10th) at 8PM CST to see them counted!


Now go!

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Many Moons ago I made a bracket where we voted on the best easter egg songs in Zombies. After a new game has arrived with new songs and many new faces in the community, I think it's time for another b

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My round 1 votes are:


1. Alone - I'm sorry but Beauty just always paled in comparison to the songs around it, and Alone is an instant classic.


2. Remember Forever - I hate to see such a unique song go so early, but Remember Forever just has a way of playing with my emotions like no other song in this catalogue. I will remember it forever.


3. Nightmare - While I like Abracadavre's lyrics, its sound doesn't do it as well for me. Nightmare on the other hand feels like it was straight up written for Richtofen and is Avenged Sevenfold's best song.


4. 115 - Where Are We Going is short and to the point, but 115 is an absolute beast of a song.


5. Cold Hard Cash - Everyone sleeps on this song but it's got such a good vibe. I don't even hate the BOA remix, it just doesn't get me like Cash.


6. Shockwave - This one might hurt the worst of all, Pareidolia's piano can bring me to tears. But Shockwave is such a lyrical powerhouse and has such great flow.

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1. Alone - Difficult one, but Alone represents the height of Kevin's songwriting abilities whilst BoA, whilst still damn good, is one of the first zombies songs written.

2. Remember Forever - The first (and only, as far as I remember) song written by Jack Wall and Cindy Shapiro (of whom the latter is also the singer), that as well as sounding incredibly good (PHAT bass) has a lyrical perspective rarely heard.

3. Abracadavre - Both songs were written with in theory the same amount of storyline insight, however one was written from a perspective of external authors (a7x) whilst Abracadavre was written with full knowledge of what was to come. Also, this in my mind is the real first showcase of what is now Kevin's trademark writing style

4. 115 - This might be a nostalgia vote, but it's one I have to do

5. Beauty of Annihilation (TG) - I don't particularly like either of them

6. Shockwave - Very difficult choice, but I think I prefer Shockwave. However I must add that I think Pareidolia goes hard and is criminally underrated.

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1. Alone - This one sucks, as both are fantastic, and BoA is certainly more iconic with the riff being the round end of special waves as long as I can remember. But Alone just hits better for me, I can't quite explain it. 


2. Remember Forever - No contest. Snakeskin Boots is fantastic and I listen to it all the time (still used the Shadows of Evil theme for my PS4 which plays the instrumental on loop), but Remember Forever is CRIMINALLY underrated for such an amazing song.


3. Abracadavre - Come on, this song is a masterpiece in almost every way. Nightmare is great for what it is, and may the Rev rest in peace, but Abracadavre was made for Zombies while Nightmare was made in tribute for the Rev and it's no contest in this specific context.


4. 115 - BOTD Where Are We Going would put up a better fight, but 115 is where I started my Zombies experience and would triumph over either version hands-down.


5. Beauty of Annihilation (Remix) - I'll be honest, Cold Hard Cash is great lyrically and fits the atmosphere of the map, but mixing BoA mixed with Aether is something I personally love so much despite its controversial position among the community.


6. Shockwave - Another matchup I hate, both these songs are fantastic and have their strengths. Pareidolia brings the piano which is seldom used in Zombies songs barring the Damned themes (I'm a sucker for the piano used well in songs). Shockwave jam packs lore based lines that are very meta to its time, which I feel makes it hit harder.  Both are fantastic here, but Shockwave just barely comes out on top. (My hostile bias of Shangri-la probably swayed this vote to some degree, but Pareidolia and the 31-79 jGB215 are some of the only good things I enjoy about the map.)

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Being no metalhead myself, as you may know, I mainly look at the melody and/or meaning of each song.


1. Neutral in this one

2. Snakeskin Boots: pretty cool they added a jazzy song. Imagine a whole bigband being recorded for this one.

3. Abracadavre: Really like the non-screaming, melodic part of it. Gives me old school vibes and yeah I'm a nostalgia sucker.

4. Where are we Going: Never really got into 115, only like it when Nikolai sings along.

5. Aww tough one. Shockway for the lyric meaning but Pareidolia for the piano outro. I'm going for another neutral, I think.

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As a musician this one shouldnt be too difficult 


1. Beauty of Annihilation - How could it not be, cmon guys get the story and "lyrical meaning" out your arse and Beauty is clearly the better song. Has the most iconic intro in zombies, has the most iconic riff in zombies, has one of the catchiest chorus's and amazing vocals 

Alone is good and has a great 80s synth hook but its too poppy for me to rank it above a classic such as Beauty.

2. Remember Forever - This is a tough one, both are very thematically fitting for their purpose, however i have to give this to Remember Forever, The vocal work on it is magic, the backing choir is just great and the Bass really helps to drive the song forward. Ngl this gives me some sort of Christmassy ethereal feel to it which is great. 

Snakeskin is a good song with a catchy hook but doesnt really go anywhere from that hook imo. 

3. Abracadavra - Yeah this one is pretty easy for me, both songs have pretty big flaws imo however Abra just has so much more going on, not to mention one of the best bridge's in the entire franchise and a great contrast between the piano and guitar. This is actually one of Kevins riffs (The chorus riff) that feels like a good punch in the face. However the only downside to this song is the scream vocals, i dont feel like the contrast between the clean and scream vocals in that song is all too appealing, kinda gives me mid 2000 nu metal vibes.


Nightmare is a song that the more i listen to the more i just find myself not needing to listen to again. Imo M Shadows vocals are still not great around this time for A7X and the instrumental does nothing for me with a rather underwhelming and week solo form Synister Gates which is a surprise. (Not to mention most people probably dont know this song was in Moon.) 


4. 115 - Yeah without a doubt here, despite thinking 115 is the weakest out of the classic songs Where are we Going is just shit. Remember Forever imo is the better thematic song and i just find myself bored as fuck listening to it. 115 is ok i guess, its not as hard as people make it out to be and the mix really fucks over kevins lead guitar throughout the chorus and during the outro. Not to mention the really farty sounding guitars and bass that is hard to look past once you notice it. If this beats Lullaby then ive lost hope for this community lol.


5. Cold Hard Cash - Yeah imo this is the better song in SOE, It has a sexy as fuck feel to it with some of the best vocal work i have ever heard from a video game soundtrack. The way you get lost in the vocals is truly magical, she brings you back and forth so much and the backing track always comes in at the perfect moment. Not to mention that its thematically linked to one character ( i think if not its definitely implied). Its just perfect 

TG Beauty on the other hand? Is fucking dog shit. The song has the most annoying fucking wah bass beats going throughout the hole song and verse which is fucking awful, it sounds so farty and off putting its awful, not to mention the effects put on the vocals, its just so bad. Butchery of a classic imo this should never of been made, its one of the worst things ive ever heard tbh. Its so fucking dumb why would you even attempt this ? How did they think this was a good song ? 

6. Rad your a dick for putting these songs against each other 

Shockwave - Is honestly album quality, this song matches up against actual metal bands its that good, amazing vocal work and a guitar rhythm thats constantly changing. Not to mention that guitar lead in the pre chorus thats both descending and ascending half step arpeggios i believe ? Its honestly fucking amazing. The vocal work is amazing and the chorus is so fucking catchy without intending to be. Drums are perfect and the Bass is a great support and spine for the song. 

Pareidolia - Wow, what a song eh ? Has some of the best verses in zombies, that vocal melody in the chorus is insanely good, not to mention the amazing lyrics and kickass drum sound. This imo is the first rhythm guitar that actually sounds unique and distinguishes itself from the rest of the classic era. That piano outro is so fucking addictive too like my god its perfect. 

This is hard but i have to give it to Shockwave. But seriously you just made me pick between 2 kids lol. 

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1. Alone (I love BoA but Alone is just too good)

2. Remember Forever (Beautiful song)

3. Abracadavre (Absolute classic)

4. 115 (As much as I love Where are we going, 115 Is just the song I think about when I think of Zombies)

5. Cold Hard Cash (It's just my type of song tbh)

6. Shockwave (Really tough decision but It wins by an inch)

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1. Beauty of Annihilation 

(Looks like your prophet was mistaken. Is life really gone on just been wasted? DEATH SO CLOSE THAT I CAN TASTE IT) Absolute all time classic song.  


2. Remember Forever 

Just beautiful 


3. Abracadavre.

I love A7x but the Kevin tone just fits better in this case specifically


4. Where Are We Going?

One of my favorites of all time. Especially with that directors cut video.


5. Beauty of Annihilation (The Giant)

I know it's controversial but I prefer the remaster to the original.


6. Shockwave 

Prefer the tone of Shockwave even if I don't understand the meaning 100%

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I don't have nearly enough of a musical vocabulary to describe why I do or don't like certain songs, but here you go:


1. Alone.

2. Remember Forever. 

3. Nightmare.

4. 115.

5. Cold Hard Cash

6. Pareidoia

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1: Alone, fairly easy choice, a very good example of why Kevin's a god at songwriting.

2: Remember Forever.

3: Abracadabra, god, I love this song, the instrumentals are perfection. 

4: 115.

5: Beauty of Annihilation (TG).

6: Shockwave.


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1. Beauty of Annihilation vs. Alone

 Alone is fantastic and such a strong start to CW, but we wouldn’t be discussing any easter egg songs without Beauty of Annihilation. I feel I have to go with tradition here.

2. Remember Forever vs. Snakeskin Boots

I really loved the song’s attempt at being a period piece. The seemingly pleasant and upbeat nature of the song with its sinister lyrics set the stage for Shadows of Evil thematically. Snakeskin Boots is unique in that  easter egg songs rarely match the map’s genre/era.  Plus, the song is just too catchy. 

3. Nightmare vs. Abracadavre

Abracadaver. The song hones in on Samantha’s perspective and illuminates that inner turmoil. I can still remember the lyrics today.

 I love Nightmare too, but it also gets out on a technicality.  While it went well with the apocalyptic ending of Moon and could be a  nice parallel to Richtofen’s internal struggles,  I think Avenged Sevenfold made the song independently of zombies.

4. 115 vs. Where Are We Going?

Toughie. Both are rich in content. Yet, Where Are We Going will be the victor because it was more emotional. The song really conveyed the existential fear and hopelessness of the Mobsters. It does Mob so well.

5. Beauty of Annihilation (The Giant) vs. Cold Hard Cash

Cold Hard Cash for the same reason as Snakeskin Boots.

6. Shockwave vs. Pareidoia

Uggh, toughest one for me. I think these alongside Abracadaver are my favorite Sam songs.

I think I am going to pick Shockwave though. I love how the song set’s up the cat and mouse game between Richtofen and Samantha.

It also was a breath of fresh air with Classified being the long overdue return of Ultimis. The map and song was such a needed throwback.

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1. Alone. Only because I prefer the BOA remix and that is its own thing here. I feel no particular way about Alone, but I will say that I am not a fan of how grating the original BOA is with its rough sound. However, considering that song is a song I associate with being about Richtofen, I think that it makes sense thematically.


2. Remember Forever. No other song causes me to burst into a sobbing mess thinking of a certain character every time I hear it, and for that, it is very special to me.


3. Abracadavre. No contest ! The meanings of the title alone are perfection already, and the rest of it is just such a well-composed song. I could write an entire essay on this song alone and why it's fantastic, but I'll spare you all from that on this post.


4. Where Are We Going. I've never felt strongly about either of these two songs, but I do think they're both nice. I just prefer this one.


5. Beauty of Annihilation (The Giant). I think the moment I realized that the entire re-composition was based around Samantha's Lullaby is the moment that this version surpassed the original for me. That was such a nice motif switch that completely changed who the song is supposed to be for, which I think works with the way that Samantha was entwined with the original Der Riese. It's familiar, yet different, and a welcome change.


6. Pareidolia. This matchup was absolutely evil. I think the only way you could have made this more diabolical was putting either of them next to Abracadavre, honestly. However, Pareidolia is my favorite of these two, as I find it to be the more harrowing song of the lot of songs relating to Samantha. While Shockwave has a sense of power to it, Pareidolia is strictly harrowing in its exploration of how the Aether truly affects her, and for that, I think it stands out more.

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Results are in for Round 1! 


1. Beauty of Annihilation (5) vs Alone (9)

2. Remember Forever (11) vs Snakeskin Boots (4)

3. Nightmare (3) vs Abracadavre (12)

4. 115 (10) vs Where Are We Going (5)

5. BOA (TG) (5) vs Cold Hard Cash (9)

6. Shockwave (9) vs Pareidolia (5)


Round 2 will be posted shortly!

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