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  1. Hello everyone, and welcome back to the Order of Forgotten Mysteries! Today we will be discussing a topic that has been around for years with no definitive answer in sight, and even with the release of Alpha Omega the question is raised again: What do the Zombies' eyes signify? This seemed like a simple question with a simple answer: It's about who's in control. However, this assertion has been challenged a couple of times in the past, and now this mystery has still yet to be solved. Let's review the known eye colors and the maps they appear in. Yellow/Orange Maps: Nacht, Verruckt, Shi No Numa, Der Riese, Kino, "Five", Ascension, Call of the Dead, Shangri-La, Moon (Pre-egg), Nuketown (Before round 30), Buried (Post Maxis End Game), Origins, Shadows of Evil, The Giant, Der Eisendrache, Zetsubou No Shima, and Classified This color is typically associated with Samantha Maxis. It would be easy to assume that while Samantha's soul is inside of the MPD, the eyes are orange as they switch to blue immediately upon Richtofen switching his soul into the MPD. This, however, is a tricky assumption to make, as there are numerous examples of times when eyes are orange where Samantha CANNOT be in the MPD. This includes Nacht and Verruckt, which take place before she enters the MPD on the timeline, Origins and Shadows of Evil, which take place in Dimension 63, Shadows of Evil not involving Samantha at all, and TG and DE which take place in fractures where the MPD is never occupied by Samantha, but it empty when it is teleported to the castle. It is not fair, however, to say that the orange eyes have no association with Samantha. In every map with the orange eyes, the announcer is the demonic version of Samantha. One recent quote that is intriguing regarding these eyes is this one from Classified: As a member of Group 935 for years, Schuster must have seen a ton of zombies throughout testing, and yet, why is he so intrigued by the yellow in the zombies' eyes during his time at Broken Arrow? The best explanation for this is that they match the eyes of the zombies that Samantha unleashed at Griffin Station after Maxis' death. Indeed, the following audio reels from this one explore Schuster warning the others in Broken Arrow about Samantha. He is aware of the eyes' connection to her, and that she is still around. One last interesting thing to note, in the Maxis end game for Buried, when Richtofen's soul is removed from the MPD, the eyes of the zombies turn back to orange, and yet, there is no announcer on the map. It is silent when powerups are picked up. Blue Maps: Moon (Post Egg), TranZit (And all of Green Run), Nuketown (After Round 30), Die Rise, Buried This color is most certainly associated with Edward Richtofen. Immediately upon entering the MPD, all zombie eyes turn blue, and upon Maxis winning in Buried they lose their blue. Eddie says in the Origins end cutscene while playing with Sam that he believes that zombie eyes should be blue. In the Maxis end game, Maxis will place Edward's soul into a zombie body which will have, of course, blue eyes. In the Richtofen end game, Edward enter's Stuhlinger's body, and he gains blue glowing eyes whenever Richtofen speaks. It is always associated with Richtofen as the demonic announcer. Red Maps: Mob of the Dead, Gorod Krovi, Revelations, Blood of the Dead With their first appearance in Mob of the Dead, it seemed that the Warden, or whatever Ancient Evil was in control was responsible for the red eyes, as the announcer was completely different. This, however, is thrown out the window with Gorod Krovi. There is seemingly no explanation for their role in the map and why Samantha is the announcer. It has been speculated that the eyes are associated with the Shadowman, Dr. Monty, or some other entity that has a role in these particular maps. While Blood of the Dead confirms that the Shadowman has a role in influencing the Warden of Alcatraz, and his control in Revelations would make sense, this does not explain how he would control them in Gorod Krovi as he is still trapped in the Summoning Key by that point. Dr. Monty on the other hand would make sense in Gorod and Revelations as in Gorod he made his first appearance calling out to Primis, and we now know he has a hand in perpetuating the cycle, which Gorod is a key part of. Light Purple Maps: Origins (Templar Zombies) While I was initially skeptical about these eyes, believing that lighting made them appear different, they are 100% different from the normal orange-eyed zombies on the map. These templar zombies only spawn under the dig site and inside the Crazy Place. They seem to work alongside the regular orange-eyed zombies in attacking the player, and are the first attackers in the outbreak. Notably many of the templars bear a black sun symbol on their chest: This is the very same symbol seen on the robes of the Order of the Keepers: Could these templars hold the spirits of long-dead Keepers from the Great War? Or were they petitioned by the Keepers to, even in death, defend the dig site so that the 115 could never be utilized by the Apothicons again? White Maps: Alpha Omega While it seemed Treyarch had forgotten the debates regarding eye color, they have thrown us another curve-ball in giving the zombies white eyes in Alpha Omega. This seems to be signified by Avogadro being inside the APD at Camp Edward. This is all fine and dandy, until you realize that Samantha is still inside the MPD. The Samantha announcer from Classified remains the same, and yet the eyes have changed. Could this be an area-specific control, where Avogadro can only control them within the limits of Camp Edward? This seems unlikely, as in the original timeline, according to Alpha Omega's radios, the Avogadro is still within the APD as of 2025, and in Nuketown Zombies the eyes are orange. It is possible, however, that after the explosion caused by drilling, the APD and Avogadro inside were destroyed, and thus Samantha regained control. Zombie eyes, seem to correlate with electricity in a lot of cases. In TranZit when an EMP is thrown near a zombie, they will lose their connection with the Aether, becoming harmless, and losing all color in their eyes. The Galvaknuckles make short work of them compared to, say, a knife, or a gun. With that in mind, it may be obvious to see how using the mind-control abilities of the APD and his own electrical powers, the Avogadro could take control of zombies in the vicinity. Green Zombies' eyes turn green when they are friendly. This can be caused by the Turned/Brain Rot ammo types or the Ctrl-Z Elixir. They are simply short-lived zombies that swipe at other zombies before bleeding out. Their story significance is most likely little to none. If there is any that I missed, let me know. What do you make of this situation? Was this thread eye-opening?
  2. I forgot this, but the comic actually starts with Victis teleporting in to what seems to be the United States due to buildings and English writing. This is presumed to be Primis Richtofen’s doing, so I am still not sure how they would go from Buried then Tranzit and back as he wasn’t in the picture yet.
  3. Well, considering Victis has to end up back in the United States after Buried for the comics to take place, it’s highly likely there was a way for them to travel between the two locations. That however raises the question of why would they travel across Africa by foot to reach Buried if they can be teleported? As far as we can tell, Maxis could not teleport Victis around, and why would Richtofen teleport Victis back to TranZit to put in the card if Maxis is close to winning? My understanding with the Buried intro was that Richtofen was angry that Victis was following Maxis and chose not to teleport them to Buried, like he did from TranZit to Die Rise. The only in-lore explanation I can think of is that buy activating the three towers, Maxis can teleport them to TranZit to place the card, and then back. But honestly, I doubt Zielinski’s team really cared about this detail and saw it as a cool opportunity to connect the maps. For a more out-there possibility, what if Richtofen was keeping Victis in a cycle through the three maps until they followed his orders, so in a scenario where they choose Maxis at Tranzit and Die Rise, they collect the nav card at Buried, and they die, so Richtofen sends them back to TranZit without memories of what they’ve done, but they keep the navcard on their person and try it out at TranZit, and survive the whole cycle.
  4. Very interesting stuff! I don’t have a lot to add, but regarding Mr. Rapt asking for 115 seemingly from Tunguska, Shadows takes place in the 40’s in Dimension 63 where Group 935 existed in WW1 rather than WW2. It’s also worth noting that there is never a mention of an international war going on in Shadows or its radios. It’s possible WW2 did not even happen as a result of Group 935’s involvement in WW1, or it did happen, but 935 no longer exists. This would explain why the Shadowman would want 115 from Tunguska rather than somewhere closer like Groom Lake. It is remote and never mined by Group 935, since D63’s 935 got their main source of 115 from France. Suffice to say, I’m not sure WHY he needed 115, but if I had to guess, he needs it to corrupt Morg City and create the undead so that he can manipulate the four cursed individuals into granting him the Summoning Key.
  5. May or may not be relevant, but in the files for each character of Victis, Marlton's codename was engineer. Stuh's was reporter (which is never referenced in any way), Russman's was oldman and Misty's was farmgirl. I used to assume that he was an engineer working with or contracted with Broken Arrow on the drilling project at Nuketown that caused the explosion from Nuketown Zombies, but now we know he's just trying to get Reddit karma by proving the existence of robots... which I find somehow better. But yeah, anyway, maybe his engineering company was working with Broken Arrow on the drill, and Marlton began reporting things about the company and was pushed out. Angry at that fact, he decided to investigate for himself.
  6. This actually makes a lot of sense. In Alpha Omega, Pernell worries in a radio that he cannot figure out how to make the artificial MPD that Richtofen designed work because he needs the Vril Rod and the artifact we find buried in Griffin Station. Pernell says they might not even exist because they cannot be found. The solution to his problem was the Elemental Shard, which I've theorized uses 115 AND the Vril that Maxis was apparently working with. In Der Eisendrache we use the Vril Rod and the Summoning Key as substitutes, and we know with this power we are capable of entering the mind. Very good point.
  7. Very interesting topic! About your Maxis quote: Now obviously he does not mean at any EXACT point in time because Primis tends to come to terms with the deaths shortly before each time, and there are delays that prevent them from arriving at any exact point, like Nikolai fighting back, Dempsey asking to do it himself, Takeo wanting to do it himself. By particular moment in time, Maxis could mean that the situation each of them is in is the situation where they have their immortal soul because the immortal soul does not stay at any one place at any one time. What would cause the immortal soul to transfer between dimensions exactly? Upon death the immortal soul is transferred to another living body across the multiverse that needs it. We have to remember time isn't always linear when you look at it from the Aether's perspective. This is essentially reincarnation. Nikolai dies in a fracture, then that soul is transferred to the newborn Nikolai of another dimension, who lives his whole life before being transferred again. It's possible before the invention of teleportation which split the multiverse that reincarnation existed within one universe, which would explain multiple Pablos and multiple Primises in D63. However, with Primis we still run into a chicken or the egg paradox. Looking at the situations that Dempsey, Takeo, and Nikolai were in when their souls were harvested, we may get an idea why Maxis specified these versions at these times. Takeo and Nikolai were surely on their way to death at the time. Takeo's body was being used by the plants that had controlled the island, and was barely alive when he was found. Nikolai was alone fighting in Stalingrad, not really caring whether he lived or died. The dragons would have likely destroyed his mech, killing him. What about Dempsey? We don't know a whole lot about the Deceptio fracture and what was going to happen to Dempsey on the Moon. It's possible his rocket was going to explode before it arrived. Or, with Richtofen gone there may have been a contingency plan where Griffin Station scientists would have to destroy him after a certain amount of time. We don't know the full story, but it must have been similar to Takeo and Nikolai's situations for him to be chosen. Now also notice that Maxis says after successfully collecting the souls: It seems the plan is that once they return to the house with the souls who are now children, all of their other selves across dimensions will be killed, thus preventing them from wreaking havoc across the dimensions. What makes harvesting the eternal soul so important, though? Without it, the soul of that being cannot be reincarnated in another dimension or within its own, and thus they never existed.
  8. So with the release of Alpha Omega, there are of course going to be new additions to the story, and I knew that at least some of the changes would conflict with the story I planned on telling. Thankfully, it doesn't change a whole lot that is already written. Richtofen's story remains the same, but Alpha Omega did a lot with Cornellius Pernell and Peter McCain, two characters who previously had little to no known backstory so I saw fit to fill that in. I had a plan for where the two characters would eventually go narratively, but some of that is now changed. For now, I'm going to designate the current Peter chapters as non-canon until I can find a clear path I want to take with them and the ones I had planned. I was afraid with his revival by Pernell and immediate joining of Broken Arrow that Peter would turn out to be just a follower and not someone who would do anything for the greater good. But that quickly changed as he reported his old friend to the DoD as he was clearly a danger to those around him. Anyway, initially my plan with Peter was going on a few missions in Europe before ultimately preparing to infiltrate Group 935. His mission was to learn what he could about the Wunderwaffe and progress on the undead army. After being transferred to the Verruckt facility, he would discover that Group 935 is barely in control and call for Pernell to send the extraction team. Only then does Pernell reveal that his mission is actually to recover an Elemental Shard that scientists as the asylum are using to try and control the dead. Peter believes it should be destroyed, but is ordered by Pernell and his superiors that that is the priority over anything else. Peter is subsequently captured, however the outbreak worsens and Peter breaks free, losing his arm in the escape. He commandeers a plane and receives the last transmission from Pernell telling him to rendezvous at the Rising Sun Facility. As Peter prepares to jump with the shard and the experimental Mk 3 weaponry, he decides to the shard is better off in no one's hands, leaving it on the plane as he parachutes down. Unfortunately the chute malfunctions and he dies having destroyed the shard. In Book 5, Peter awakens in a city surrounded by fire. There are winged beasts flying through the sky, and he is on the ground, his parachute having been activated. He comes to realize he is in Stalingrad, and is soon chased inside a building by the undead. They are too strong and break inside, not before he sees a bright flash of light and feels his body becoming weightless. He awakens again in what looks like a castle made of stone. The open sky is exposed, but there are no clouds. Only a bright, blue orb in the sky surrounded by stars. He hears voices, yelling, shooting, explosions. He grabs his weapon, exploring the ruins, before discovering it is connected in some way to a building made of wood. He steps inside, revealing a massive auditorium, a theater. As he gazes upon the projection screen, memories flood into his mind: There's a pain around his neck, a gasping for air. He sees himself hanging from a rope, his arm missing. Four men are looking at him as he swings limply. Again he feels weightless, and there is a flash. All he sees is utter blackness, before finally, he falls to a stone street. There's Jazz music in his ears, and there are hundreds of people walking along the sidewalks around him. The air is cool and the night sky illuminated by the street lights. The people's faces, however, are blank. No features whatsoever. None of them speak. Just walking. Peter follows the source of the music and finds himself in a club. The people within this club have faces, all smiling and chatting away as they drink. There is a lone couple dancing in the center of the club, slowly. An older, bald man with a white beard, and a young brunette in a dress. Peter, still wearing his marine uniform covered in dirt and soot steps up to the couple, who stare at him, confused. The room fades as the couple approach Peter. They reveal themselves as Dr. Maxis and Sophia. Peter says he was told to find Dr. Maxis, and asks him where they are. He reveals that they are inside the Summoning Key. Inevitably, The Great War, now the Final War begins to defeat Doctor Monty with Primis and Ultimis leading the charge. They would enlist the help of former associates across dimensions, including SOPHIA, Maxis, and Peter from within the Key. I won't go into all that since it doesn't seem to be going that way, but Peter would reunite with Pernell... who I didn't think would turn out to be a bad guy, but hey... So yeah, anyway, I'll probably focus on finishing Richtofen and Maxis' journeys, and then worry about Peter, if at all. I might just delegate Peter to side material for the sake of length and consistency.
  9. There’s a loooot to unpackage. I’m thinking sometime soon I will update the existing timeline with the events from all these radios in prep for the finale, so things can be seen a little more clearly in sequence.
  10. Surprisingly there isn’t a whole lot related directly to Mob. But Al appears as a ghostly seagull that steals the Kronorium, but ends up. helping Primis defeat the Warden. Richtofen also calls two ghosts that try to restrain the Warden Sal and Finn. So it seems the mobster’s ghosts still roam the island. But there is no sighting of Icarus the plane at all.
  11. Possibly. If more are found, I will be sure to add them.
  12. Added four punch cards, and the last Russman log. At 20 audio recordings, that should be all of them.
  13. Hello, everyone. It's hard to believe, but it has been three years since I was invited by @InfestLithium to have my newly-started Storybook brought to CoDz. At the time I had only written 14 short chapters, and yet Infest saw the potential in me and gave me this great opportunity, as well as introducing me to this wonderful community. It was an exciting time to be a Call of Duty Zombies fan back in July 2016. We had just seen the trailer for the upcoming Gorod Krovi. We still didn't know who Doctor Monty was, nor did we understand the blood vials. We were completely uncertain of the future. No one could have anticipated the direction of the comics, nor the release of Zombies Chronicles and the Timeline. Suffice as it is to say, it has been a hell of a journey. I would not be writing this passion project if it were not for the support of everyone here. I can't express my gratitude enough. All I can say is thank you, everyone. As a sort of celebration of the three years since I began writing, I wanted to make a thread expressing my gratitude as well as providing an opportunity to learn more about my process creating the Storybook. I will be answering a couple of questions suggested by @anonymous, and giving a behind the curtain view of what is to come. Without further ado, here are some questions and answers. How did you get the idea of starting the Storybook? Did you anticipate expanding it as much as you did? The idea started small around June of 2016 as I had just watched the massive 4 hour long Zombies Storyline Audio Documentary by the legendary @MysteryMachineX for the second time. It being the Summer right after High School and right before University, I had a lot of free time, and was thinking about how much I love the storyline, and yet it cannot be appreciated by most players of the game because it is so complex and not explicitly told in-game. I thought, “Man, it would be awesome if there was a book that told the entire story in an understandable and entertaining way.” When I realized there wasn't, I just thought, “What if I wrote it?” I had no idea where to begin, so I thought the simplest place would be with the map that started it all: Nacht. I wrote out a short prologue, only about 900 words, and I realized I loved doing it. At the time I browsed the CoDZombies subreddit daily, but I was afraid of the backlash I would receive for my “fan-fiction”, so I posted it under an alternate account to gauge reaction (original post here: Anyway, I didn't plan for this to be a multi-year project. I initially just wanted to connect all the radios and quotes into a timeline of events that made sense. Then, the bomb dropped in 2017 that was the timeline. Suddenly, in my eyes, there was no point to just connecting the dots with my Storybook. I had to try to make it stand out on its own as not just an explanation of the story, but an expansion. The chapters became longer along with the time between them, but man do I enjoy writing and reading them. The goal of writing should be creating something that you yourself would love to read, and I can tell you that this is exactly what I would have wanted back in the day. Do you ever get ideas from posts here on CoDz? Yes, I do! I am indebted to the passionate minds here for the many threads created and ideas expressed that have influenced my writing. From storyline theories to explanations of the science behind the story, I often get ideas just reading the threads on this site that I know I just have to implement in some way. Some notable examples: What was your favorite chapter to write? That is a tough question to answer, so I will cop-out and choose multiple, of course. One I massively enjoyed recently was Danke Schoen, the first chapter of Book 2. I have no current plans to continue Book 2 until Book 1 has more progress, so that just goes to show you how impatient I was to write that chapter. I think Ultimis has such great potential, and I am dying to write more for them. I just had to get that chapter out there not only as a taste of what's to come but to satisfy my own need. Another favorite of mine is Chapter 20 of Book 1, “Uniform”. Around chapter 10 or so as I was writing I came up with the story beat of how Richtofen would acquire the Nazi uniform we all know him for. I knew I had to eventually get him into that uniform, and I also had to show how far his mind has slipped. The best way I could do that was to have a chapter from the outside perspective of Doctor Schuster, a character I've come to love, and have him see first-hand how Richtofen would react to receiving a Nazi uniform. Edward doesn't seem at all off-put by it, and in fact he seems to love it because it makes him feel powerful. The creator of Breaking Bad, Vince Gilligan, has said that the writers' process for the show when it came to characters was to write the character first, and then explore the consequences of the actions that character would naturally take. Richtofen is a character not created by me but by Treyarch, and so presented with this situation, I wasn't really sure how Richtofen would react until I began typing, and he ended up surprising me. “Uniform” is why I love writing this story. What is the process for creating a chapter? Typically I like to have a general idea of what I want to accomplish with a chapter, and other chapters after it, before I dive into writing it. The official timeline helped a great deal with this process, as it laid out the major events in a linear fashion, and it is my job to make those gaps in time make sense and flow together well. With the timeline as a gold standard, I enter the next phase where I decide how I am going to approach character development and exposition with each chapter. Maxis is going to Kino for the next few years of the timeline? He's got to be dealing with not being able to see his daughter, and fight the temptation to form a relationship with Sophia. I evaluate the hard evidence first, and in this example I looked a lot at Data Servant entries from the first Black Ops, where Maxis seemed to be paranoid and frustrated with Sophia. Building off that, I also need to set up for a big climatic chapter I have planned regarding his time at Kino, so this chapter should make hints and build up to it, so I have to account for that. With the basic idea for the chapter in mind, there is still some time before I begin writing. I look over the framework for the chapter, and get it into my head to think over for a couple of days. While listening to music or working or browsing online, I tend to come up with an idea for an interaction or exchange that would fit perfectly in the chapter. For example, in the recent Maxis chapter I had the idea to have Maxis be taunted by the Illuminati while I was playing Kino der Toten and saw the chalk writing on the wall with Samantha's name along with two others. What if the Illuminati is playing with Maxis, forcing him to do things against his, as well as Richtofen's best interests? It seems to fit so perfectly. So I put it in my notes, and continue until I find myself in a mood, and I just start typing with my notes close by until it is done. I tend to think of the general framework for certain climactic chapters way in advance, because I will think of a really fun idea in my free time and I plan to hold on to them until I finally get a chance to write those chapters. In particular, I look forward to the final chapters of Book 4 (Around Primis), the backstory behind Victis in Book 3, and sooner than later, Chapter 27 of Book 1 “Black” followed up closely by Chapter 28 “Penance”. Richtofen is now reaching the point of no return. Besides writing more chapters and finishing books, what else do you have planned for the future? Right now I want to focus on getting Book 1 complete, but after that there is a few things I would like to do. Book 1 is set to be extremely long in comparison to what I have planned for the other books, and I will admit some chapters are going to be unnecessary in the long run. When I have completed the planned chapters for Book 1, I will go back and either A. Split Book 1 into 2 separate parts, or B. Create an abridged version that is much shorter, while keeping the original intact. I also would like to, at some point after Book 1 is done, create a physical print of the book, after some extensive editing of course. It would be for me personally, so I could hold in my hands a tangible version of what I've created. I would be open to paying out of pocket to print copies for people that would want them if I ever complete this damn book. I wouldn't sell them without Treyarch/Activision's blessing and wouldn't even want to. This has always been about the fun of the story and nothing more. As @The Meh put it in his Unity retrospective, “I just needed to write for myself. I guess that's all there is to it.“ Another fun idea I've thrown around in my head is an audiobook version to be uploaded to YouTube or Soundcloud. I would just need to find the right person to read the book or find myself a good microphone and see how decent my impressions are. The videos would be paired with the best visuals that can be acquired, and a variety of musical backing. That would be a whole project unto itself, and as I said I want to focus on finishing this book at the moment as I reach the halfway point. To conclude, I am so, so thankful for the support from everyone on CoDZ. I hope that one day this project will be complete, and I can look back and feel proud of what I have done. It makes me so happy that there are people that already enjoy my work, when I'm not even close to being done.
  14. I feel this thread should be revisited with the new details about the shard from Alpha Omega. We know now that, yes, the shard is unique in that it specifically GIVES life to beings. Broken Arrow uses the shard to do two very interesting things: 1. Resurrecting the dead... FOR REAL THIS TIME. Dr. Hale and Pernell use the shard's power to resurrect Peter McCain after being dead for around 20 years. He comes back completely lucid, though having dreams and some vision issues, before making a full recovery. Interestingly, this is VERY similar to what the V-R11 is capable of in Call of the Dead. The V-R11 resurrects Zombies as full living, breathing humans. They, however, run around and scream before getting killed. This is consistent with the effects of the shard on Peter McCain: In the short term, Peter had nightmares and memory loss. These men revived by the V-R11 have no idea where they are or who they are, so they run for their lives. This all leads me to believe the V-R11 uses an Elemental Shard: 2. It gives a soul/life force to non-living things. The shard is able to give the A.D.A.M.s life force, that is able to be exerted near the canisters of an APD/MPD upon death. There is not much more for me to say on this, yet, but it is yet another interesting thing about the shard.
  15. Pre-Blood of the Dead, my running theory regarding the plane was that it was being piloted by Primis minus Richtofen. Evidence for: - Its appearance in The Giant was the biggest tipping point to me. In The Giant it is landed, a sizable distance away from the Teleporter area where Primis comes together for the introduction cutscene where Ultimis Richtofen is shot. We know that Richtofen was traveling across dimensions in the time between Origins and The Giant using a teleporter located in the House, operated by Maxis. However, we do not know how the rest of Primis was travelling. Dempsey mentions having traveled to many places including Brazil and the Moon. It seems logical to me to conclude that Primis used the plane to travel, and because of its appearance in purgatory and The Weasel breaking the cycle, it has the ability to travel across dimensions. - It flying over Shadows could be a sign that Primis have been trying to follow Richtofen across dimensions, and just missed his appearance at the end of the easter egg. They seem to have shown up at the Giant trying to stop Ultimis Richtofen from allowing Primis Richtofen to step through the teleporter, implying they've been tracking him. Evidence against: - Its appearance in Zetsubou does not really tie into this theory. Surely they would have remembered flying over the island once they return to it, right? Why would they go there in the first place? It could be that they were only there briefly as they passed through the portals, and it was only a bump in the road as they searched for their destination. For all we know, due to Zetsbou's strange atmospheric events, it may be like the midway point between dimensional travel. - How would Primis have acquired this plane without travelling to Alcatraz? They make it pretty clear they don't recognize Alcatraz when they do eventually go to it. Now, however, I would be more inclined to say that the plane is being controlled by the spirit of Albert Arlington. We know in Blood of the Dead he does eventually want to help Primis break the cycle and escape, and he is attracted to the Kronorium in some way by trying to steal it. It seems he knows somewhat about the reality of his situation, and due to breaking his own cycle he can send his plane through other dimensions and times to explore. Through this journey he may have learned a great deal about Primis and now realizes how important they are. This would explain why every plane appearance doesn't seem to have anyone piloting it. Also because he is a spirit who has broken the cycle, it would be a good explanation for it being able to travel. In a way, Al has been watching over us, wanting to help.

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