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  1. You're always welcome on the show! And if you have a theory that would make a great video, just send a rough script for it with pictures the same way you would a thread, and we can work with that!
  2. Yeah they are both granddaughters. Blackout seems to have been created in the future, but 1970 is when it is set so very strange.
  3. Mason has two granddaughters, Savannah and Jessica. Savannah is the creator of Blackout and works in the CIA, Jessica is a Black Ops soldier. Savannah betrayed her sister and got her "killed". The final cutscene reveals she actually lived though.
  4. I want to add that I think Tag der Toten's Golden Pack-a-Punch machine may also be a Vril Artifact, and in fact, it is able "Vril-ify" normal metal. I assumed for a while the Golden PaP was just a gameplay thing, just PaP with a golden coat of paint. But thinking on the fact that placing the assembled components of the Agarthan Device into the Golden PaP is what finally begins the process in activating the device, I think there's probably something more to it. We know Jeb Brown was just a normal blacksmith, and when the angels asked him to create the Agarthan Device, t
  5. I've had some many great discussions on Discord that have culminated here. The Storms First, I discussed with @RichKiller the importance of storms in Zombies. We see them all over the place: The "Five" intro cutscene is the first one. Kennedy says this famous line after Nixon freaks out when the zombies are breaking in to the Pentagon: There actually is a storm heard in the background of this scene, meaning one is actually happening on the day of this meeting. We also see storms physically in: Shadows of Evil, TranZit, Nuketown, Mob of the Dead, Origin
  6. One more thing I didn't think to add, but as for the Nacht loading screen guy, what if it is Yuri/The Pentagon Thief? I know that was a theory since Black Ops came out, but thinking on it now, there's a period of time between when Yuri is corrupted by Samantha, and when he goes to the Pentagon to get captured. We see in the Classified Intro that after Yuri unleashes the zombies in the Pentagon during Classified, Samantha stops him, and sends him somewhere else through a portal, only for him to later show up a day later in "Five". But where did he go? Perhaps he was sent to Nacht as it was in t
  7. Did you think we were done with Nacht? I sure did, until yesterday: We've got near-confirmation that we are returning to Nacht in some form. The original German building? The TranZit version? Some new one? We can't say for certain yet, however, I'm very excited by the prospect that we will see an expanded Nacht der Untoten with an entire underground area, with all the secrets contained revealed. This alone wouldn't be worth replying to this thread, however, I think it ties back to an old mystery: This loading screen in particular sticks out
  8. I'll say this: I'm sure that the comics are from a book located in the House. At the very least, Monty gave these comics to her and Eddie, just like he gave them all the Zombies-themed toys based on previous characters' journeys. Like I think Rich was saying, Monty is perhaps trying to help her reconcile the pain and suffering she witnessed while inside the Aether by turning it into nothing more than a game. Just a collection of stories with heroes and villains. He does seem to feel some genuine sympathy for her plight: As for whether it is the Kronorium, I'm not thinking
  9. All the powerup options of non-Treyarch zombies games have been great. Infinite ammo, infinite grenades, explosive touch, the security one that activates all traps (Okay maybe not that one). Also appreciate the selectable character aspect of WW2 zombies, even if it might break canon. It's just fun. To extend that, character customization.
  10. Ooh, ooh! I'd like to do date! If I had to pick a date I'd go with August 31st, 1986 since we're doing Afghanistan. Similar to how Buried's location in Angola ties to the US intervention in the Angolan War in some ways, this map could tie into the Soviet-Afghan War we see in the BO2 mission Old Wounds. I choose this date because it is a couple of days before that mission and right in the middle of the war. With connection to ancient Aliens in Afghanistan, we could spin the US intervention to be for something more than fighting the Soviets. Maybe the Soviets are even after it too.
  11. So concurrent with the final 8 chapters, I'm going to be working on a V2 of Book 1 to make little tweaks that I think fit better in canon, fix mistakes, remove plot threads that are unnecessary, and just make general improvements. This is gonna be needed before I can put this book out there as a more final product since I started on this version of the book all the way back in 2017 and my writing style and ideas have changed since then with many discussions and everything we've learned in Black Ops 4. For anyone reading this that has read earlier chapters and noticed something that
  12. Completely forgot the BO4 flamethrower so shows how much I used it, lol. Also been playing some IW zombies recently, I'd really like to see some more interesting melee weapons outside the BO3 time trials.
  13. I wish the M27 in BO2 was in more than just Nuketown. Also wish we got some variation of the flamethrower outside of WaW, even if it is impractical.
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