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  1. RadZakpak

    The Last Classified Cipher Discussion

    You know, speaking about Maxis again, I remember in Revelations theorizing that Monty and Maxis are one and the same, or that Monty is some sort of thing in Maxis’ head. The reason I felt this was that we never see or hear the two interact. Maxis in radios speaks about Monty and the children. But in the radio mirroring the Origins end cutscene where Maxis tells the children to go to the basement, Maxis says his line, and then monty says something along the lines of “You just say what i tell you to say into the microphone.” I think it would be a clever twist for Maxis to be Monty’s creation sent to Earth to do his bidding or something like that, or to subvert us expecting Shadowman and Monty to be two halves of the same worm, it is actually Maxis and Monty. This would explain the ambiguity between these M ciphers and why they still refer to him as M when we know who Monty is now.
  2. RadZakpak

    The Last Classified Cipher Discussion

    I like both of your posts! Some very great points, and I do hope we get some more fleshed out story behind Monty because as he is right now he feels like a cop-out for a lot of tough story holes. I think it would be really interesting to see what @Electric Jesus said, and maybe we can understand more why Monty and the Shadowman take the forms they do when the rest of their respective kind look so inhuman. Perhaps the two have more of a past in our own realm than we realize, and the form Monty takes and the house have some sentimental value to him. Now that your theories are out there I'm a bit more hopeful about where they are going. Let's hope they have the opportunity to tell that story by the end of Black Ops 4.
  3. RadZakpak

    The State of Zombies

    I think the community has reached a breaking point that was inevitable at some point where the community is too large, too many Youtubers have dedicated their living to it, and Treyarch has been pushed to their limit of development capability under Activision with the rest of Call of Duty. I fully believe there are passionate people in the Zombies team, and it shows in the maps in BO4, but in the current gaming development climate revenue takes priority over passion and developers are mistreated for the sake of saving a buck. It's a pretty disgusting industry that I don't think enough people are aware of because it isn't as large as Hollywood. A lot of this blame has be on Youtubers, and by association, their viewers in the community. I watch zombies Youtubers all the time: MrTLexify, RadAustins27, Nixaru, JCBackfire, LiamFTWinter, etc., but there are so many of them and content in zombies is stagnant and really always has been. I'm afraid so many of them have dedicated all this time to making Zombies content when there isn't really much to talk about, and it's caused them to be bitter and negative. I think it is important to acknowledge that the attitudes of Youtubers have a massive trickle-down effect on the rest of the Community, and you can see it on Reddit with all the negativity. A lot of the negativity about the game is justified, but it's becoming toxic and I'm afraid for the future of the series and the community. I want to take you all back to 2014 before the launch of Halo The Master Chief Collection. I was a massive fan of the series, and was looking forward to every aspect of this game. Finally playing all of the original Halo games online on the same game! It was like a dream. The hype built up in the community until launch. There were massive Matchmaking issues and glitches in every aspect of the massive game. The community as a whole, and especially /r/Halo turned from angry to completely toxic. Saying anything positive whatsoever was liable to caused you to be attacked in the comments. People would follow you into other subreddits and downvote you there, calling you a "shill". To this day I love Halo, but I don't play it anymore. I don't interact with the community and I don't really keep up to date with news about the games because of that time. I don't want Zombies to become that for me. I just think Youtubers should take accountability and try to branch into something they do still like. MrTLexify made a lot of great points in his video today and the one released during the time they all played Fortnite. One point is that he does not want to keep making content in this game if it is not fun and if there is not content to make. Pushing out something you don't care for just makes the content worse and causes you to be negative to the point that it affects your fans' opinions.
  4. RadZakpak

    The Last Classified Cipher Discussion

    That's an interesting idea and would explain why he was so quick to drop the whole project after so much success. But at the same time, immediately after abandoning the project he has Group 935 start creating weapons, and spends from December 20th, 1942 to September 24th, 1945 at the Kino facility attempting to perfect his undead army. Surely if Maxis were so loyal to Monty, he would not do this as there is no reason for Monty to want more zombies in the world. It just seems so inconsistent to say that Maxis was set on his journey by Monty, and yet all of his actions are against what Monty would want, that is unless Monty somehow predicted the cycle and he wants it to be perpetuated forever, and I see no logical reason he would want this unless it were a source of power or something. He complains about the inter-dimensional nonsense all of the time in Revelations! I like the idea that Monty hates Richtofen so much because he has thwarted his plans via Maxis all the way in the past, but it just doesn't make sense why he would want Maxis to do what he does throughout his time at Group 935. Maybe as we learn more about Monty we will come to understand his motivations more and this will make sense, but as of right now it doesn't quite fit together.
  5. The last unsolved cipher in Classified was recently solved, and I saw no post on it, so I thought I might as well start the discussion. It was solved by Reddit users /u/Richkiller and /u/coldstone_the_gamer. It reads: Now, this has some major implications as the only M besides Maxis we've known has most definitely been Monty. M has appeared in a Shadows of Evil cipher, and a cipher in Revelations which is 100% from Monty's perspective after the events of the map. I am fine with Monty being retroactively responsible for things like Perks and power-ups as those were unexplained phenomena. But this... is kind of infuriating. I mean, we don't fully know Monty's motivations yet, but why the Hell would he set Maxis on a journey to create the MTD, the device that has caused ALL of the inter-dimensional hullabaloo he complains over and over about?! Why, if Maxis was told to create Group 935 and teleporters by Monty, did Maxis abandon the MTD for years only to return to it in 1945 before his demise? Why would Monty want Richtofen to have it? We know he can retroactively change events of the past in slight ways, hence his creation of Perk-a-Colas and Powerups, and he "set Maxis on a journey". So why not go back on that since it has created such a mess for him? I don't know, it just seems pointless. Maxis being a man of science is enough motivation to want to create the MTD and 935. We didn't need Monty to be behind that too. I'm curious on what everyone else thinks, though. I'd love to hear another perspective.
  6. RadZakpak

    Class Setups??

    I typically always run Dying Wish, Stamin-Up, Victorious Tortoise, and my fourth slot tends to vary. For elixirs I like the one that refills your grenades, Burned Out, and Anywhere But Here, the fourth doesn't matter much. I like to start with the Strife and for Chaos Story I use Chakrams and for Aether I use the Path of Sorrows.
  7. RadZakpak

    What keeps you loving Zombies?

    I think in the beginning it was the passion and sense of closeness in the community. Strangely enough, there was a time where the zombies community wasn't toxic and people actually helped each other out. Zombies youtubers were small and there were few of them making decent views. Forums like these made many friendships. Zombies made me many friendships and if I'm being honest I don't think I would be where I am today career-wise if not for the friends I've made in zombies, and the interest in the science behind developing games. Also, at the time, it was the only game I was any good at as I got better and better learning the maps of the original Black Ops. I remember the hype and easter egg hunt surrounding the release of Shangri-La, and then finally Moon, my current favorite map ever. After that point, I valued the co-op experience, but more than that I was into the storyline. It is next to impossible to explain the Aether story to anyone who has not followed since early in its inception, and having knowledge of its entirety is both a gift and a curse. It's a story I've kept up with since I was 13 and I'm not stopping until the final map. For all its ups and downs, there is truly nothing like it, and I'm glad to have experienced it with you all. Fingers crossed it is ended in a satisfying way after all these years. What keeps me loving this storyline is that I can come back to it every day and find some new connection or draw a new conclusion or theory from a quote or a cipher. Also I love that a lot of these ideas we all have are influenced by others in the community online. Like a community puzzle we've been taking a crack at for years.
  8. RadZakpak

    The CoD Zombies Storybook

    Good news everyone! I have two new chapters for you all, and in Book 2 no less! Prologue: "Undone" Chapter 1: "Danke Schoen" I realize I promised three chapters by the end of the month, and I still may deliver on that, but as I was writing Danke Schoen, it panned out to be a very long chapter, much more like the length of a chapter in a real novel. It took about double the amount of work that would go into any other chapter, and hopefully that paid off in the end. I am curious though, after reading, do you guys prefer the shorter, more concise chapters like I have always done, or do you like the longer, more detailed ones like Danke Schoen? If not, I think the chapter could be split in two to go with other chapters going forward. And let me know of any continuity errors in these chapters or if you think I've gotten something wrong about the story. On one hand writing Book 2 without finishing Book 1 can be risky and sometimes difficult, but I feel it makes the book able to stand out more on its own rather than being tethered to the story before. My goal here is for this book to be a proper introduction into the world if you already have some knowledge of the storyline or have not read Book 1 in a while. So let me know if some element is confusing that I did not spot. Thanks, everyone!
  9. RadZakpak


    When I clicked the link and signed up for the site, everytime I go to the link provided it says “You cannot do this.”
  10. RadZakpak

    **LEAK** Revealed Easter Eggs & Important Info

    Some interesting information to analyze. It's very unfortunate how this information came out however, but that should probably be discussed elsewhere, if at all. I'm predicting this will be a celebrity map like Mob and Shadows, and my guess is the mansion may be the mansion of Alistair. Who knows how this will connect with the mythology behind Voyage and IX. Very excited for this if it is anything like Classified in terms of remake. I'm leaning towards this being an Aether story map since it's a somewhat important location in the story and using its layout in the Chaos story would be more confusing than this dual story already is. The question is who we will be playing and when it takes place. My prediction is it is either: A. A direct sequel to Classified with Ultimis going to Nuketown from Groom Lake, possibly to collect something or jump forward in time to 2025, so that they can go back to Groom Lake for the events of Moon to take place (This seems a little convoluted and predictable, however.), or B. We play as Victis, and this takes place between Buried and the comics, when they seem to just be wandering around trying to survive. If we go with option B there are way more possible openings that may make this map counter Classified in terms of tying up loose ends. For one, we can get a better glimpse at the world after Maxis has taken over, for another we can get some more history of Broken Arrow's work, maybe with more Russman and Marlton backstory since they were involved with Broken Arrow and Nuketown, respectively. It would be a great opportunity to introduce Primis Richtofen trying to contact Stuhlinger for the events of the comics to take place. Maybe a classic Victis wonder weapon could come back better than ever? (Jet Gun?!) So much potential there... Maybe even a secret cutscene where you have to glitch to round 150 (heh), and Primis led by Nikolai arrives to recruit Victis for the upcoming Great War. If this all happens... I want a medal. This concerns me deeply, and not in a "I'm entitled to more" kind of way. If Nuketown is an Aether map and DLC 1 has a Chaos map, that leaves three more maps to wrap up the entire ten year long Aether story AND wrap up the Chaos story in a satisfying way that leaves it open to Treyarch's next game. How will that be done? Will the DLCs be Chaos-Aether-Chaos- Aether? If that is the case, the new Chaos crew that we have just met in IX and VOD who they have been trying to hype up will only get one new map for the entire game's season. How about Chaos-Chaos-Chaos-Aether? That is a little better for the Chaos crew as they get a little more breathing room with two more maps, and one more Aether map after Nuketown is fine to wrap things up finally, but the wait time between Nuketown and this final map will probably cause a lot of the hype surrounding this "grand finale" to die out. Putting this finale earlier in the season may make the Chaos story weaker in stakes by comparison and no one will be excited any more. The only conclusion that can be made if this is to work is that there will be more maps outside the Black Ops Pass to come, and that is just a scummy business practice considering how much many of us zombies fans have invested in this game already. I wouldn't be surprised given the success of Zombies Chronicles, but not only would this hurt Infinity Ward's upcoming title, but it is a slap in the face to anyone who bought the pass expecting a story resolution. My guess is the story cutscenes present in the Specialist stories WERE from that campaign. It's a shame this had to happen, but to be honest the story doesn't seem all that compelling and BO3's campaign was not very fun.
  11. RadZakpak

    Call of Duty Zombie Labs now canon?

    I mean, Hellhounds didn't come into existence until Richtofen betrayed Maxis October 13th, 1945, and between then and Der Riese on October 28th, unless he had the time to invent the bomb and then create blueprints for it, and then test it on Hellhounds all while travelling to Japan and back, it doesn't seem plausible. I think the implication with these camos is that the new writing over the original blueprints is from American scientists after they seized them from Group 935 after the war. Also, Porter is German, or was at least working for Group 935 during the extent of the war. He died October 14th, 1945 and is in the Der Riese radio where the speaker kills himself by cyanide:
  12. RadZakpak

    Call of Duty Zombie Labs now canon?

    I thought the exact same thing when I saw the camos. Really interesting they connected all the way back to those trailers. Also of note on the blueprints is on the monkey bombs it says “Does not work on Hellhounds” which is strange and makes me think the US must also know about Sam’s Hellhounds. Makes you wonder just how much they really do know about Samantha at this point. Also, on one of the Ray Gun blueprints there is a picture of presumably Dr. Porter.
  13. I think he did need the GPDs, considering he would even bother making the deal with the US and the Soviets in the first place. I think his goal was take control of MPD, then become immortal inside, and once GPDs get activated he has power. Also, about the MTD, there’s a quote in the CotD easter egg where Richtofen says the time circuits are broken on the teleporter behind the door and must be fixed, and that they went too far into the future (2011). So by the time he started his plans he must have been able to intentionally travel time?
  14. RadZakpak

    Classified Ending FOUND!

    Agreed, this is the kind of “easter egg” that would have been solved by those least expecting it which would have been cool and good for the high round community. But oh well...

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