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  1. I was thinking maybe doing Wonder Weapons or characters, though I imagine you can kind of predict which ones would win with those, same with Perks. If you've got any suggestions let me know. I may start another bracket sometime after Tag der Toten releases.
  2. I almost forgot to announce the winners! The One (3) beat out 115 (2)! The One Won By One Vote Against One One Five! For third place runner up, we have Pareidolia (5) winning by a landslide against The Gift (0)! Here is what the final bracket ended up looking like: Thank you everyone for participating!
  3. Looks like we are definitely exploring the labs under the lighthouse. From the last two teasers it looks like we'll see Samantha's room and the holding cells.
  4. Uhh, I don't know how this happened. I didn't make this post, but uh... guess I'll just vote. For the gold: 115. It may just be the best song in Zombies. For the runner-up: Pareidolia. This is a hard one as I've really enjoyed The Gift lately, and both of these songs elicit some real emotion, but man that piano...
  5. Field Report: Final Entry. Well, this is it: The End Game. I know what I have to do. @Lenne's barely holding it together. I've gotta believe he can go the extra mile. None of us really know how this is gonna play out... But, we all know it's the only way forward. We can only hope that these songs may find a better future... My name is Tank Dempsey, and I don't know how I ended up in this place. Must be another one of Richtofen's schemes. We all knew this bracket had to end some day... Well, I guess that day's today. Only two songs left: I'll make this quick, since I know you've got more freakbags to kill. Pick the best song between these final contenders: The One vs 115 Huh, those sound familiar. Must be more of those 115-based delusions. Even though only one of these songs will make it to the top, Richtofen says the Kronorium has other plans for the losers of the last round. I guess the book believes in second chances... I didn't know books could believe in anything. Anyway, you can also choose between the two Runner-Ups to see who would be in third place: Pareidolia vs The Gift That's all you'll need to be hearing from me. Now it's your time to vote, marine! Ooh rah!

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