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  1. Hey just wanted to say I read your story book and it is amazing. I couldn’t stop reading it and can’t wait for more chapters. Great job.

    1. RadZakpak


      Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed.

  2. Excellent work collecting all of these images! Very interesting to see the design philosophy.
  3. This thread will be dedicated to an anthology series of various conversations from throughout the multiverse, catalogued for your reading pleasure. These are canon to the Storybook project.
  4. A few corrections when it comes to specifics, because this EE is very buggy and for that reason there was a lot of misinformation. But according to trial and error and the code, this is a more accurate series of steps for Maxis' side: https://www.reddit.com/r/CODZombies/comments/gi9z1w/actual_die_rise_guide_for_maxis_side_tired_of_the/ The main contentious step is the "reincarnation is key" one. Apparently Russman has nothing to do with it. You only have to pack-a-punch the ballistic knife and go shoot the buddha statue or somewhere near it after killing enough zombies and triggering the "reincarnation is key" line. After that, for some reason Misty and Marlton have to be the ones to pick up the balls or the game will glitch. So I think he says, "Ah, yes! Do you see? The energy of their broken souls has been released! Their energy fields remain in flux. Matter must be transformed before it can be contained. The Spire must be energized as fire and light. Create a field with which to bind it." after shooting the buddha statue, implying you should use the trample steams and the balls to create the field. Then, after creating the field, he would say, "Excellent! The energy fields are changing, transforming, flowing. Ah, you are on the right path. You must look for objects of steel. With the appropriate weapon, their energy fields can be manipulated" with the weapon of steel being the galvaknuckles at the end. It's possible he might be using Victis' energy also, he just isn't implying it. But regardless, they are used to manipulate energy acquired in a different manner. I also find it interesting that it must be done in a specific way, hitting the different directions of the tower in a certain order, which feels like it would relate to some pseudoscience about energy and the poles, but I'm no expert there. As for what the balls are, they seem to be made of the same material as the lion statue and have a similar pattern to its neck collar. I have to assume it's just some kind of mysticism at play.
  5. Chapter 7: My Way is now up on the site and on the Google Doc: https://www.callofdutyzombies.com/story/book2-ch7/ Also, @Grimmstein made a cover for Book 2: Amazing work as always!
  6. Requiem (15/15) Audio Logs (4) "The Zakarpatska Oblast" - Ravenov reveals to Weaver the location of Operatsiya Izbavitel. "Symbotic Relationship" - Strauss records his findings on three particularly unique crystals - and their special ability to forge an ancient aethereal weapon. "Russian to Russian" - Weaver formally introduces himself to Zykov - and makes a deal. "For Health" - Weaver and Carter share a late night drink and discuss the future. Documents (6) "Ancient Parchment" - A Dark Aether drawing of a deadly Aethereal weapon by the Zealot Sparagmos. "Collapse Report" - A document discussing the environmental collapse and terraforming of several Outbreak Zones around the globe, including the Ural Mountains. "Ancient Parchment 2" - Documentation of the crystals required to forge the Chrysalax by the Zealot Sparagmos. "Requiem Neutralizer Blueprint" - The design for field construction of an Aetherium Neutralizer, if an operator is compromised by the Phase. "Memorandum for the Board" - A memorandum from Requiem's Director discussing the events of Berlin and his involvement. "Progress Report" - A progress report for the Director regarding the progress of another operation. Artifacts (5) "The Chrysalax" - Forged in the pools of the Dark Aether, the Chrysalax combines three crystals, creating an Aetheral weapon that can transform at will between two forms. "Housing Unit" - A sufficient housing unit for constructing an Aetherium Neutralizer in the field. "Monitoring Device" - An adequate monitor for an Aetherium Neutralizer assembled from spare parts, capable of broadcasting status updates to the user. "Fuel Tank" - A makeshift fuel tank for an Aetherium Neutralizer, saucer-shaped to stabilize the volatile catalyzed Aetherium. "Aetherium Neutralizer" - It may not be professionally constructed, but this field-assembled Aetherium Neutralizer will still provide all the necessary protection from areas with high levels of irradiated Aetherium. Omega (13/13) Audio Logs (4) "Fully Operational" - Kravchenko pays an unexpected visit at Test Site Anna - and informs Peck of an alarming schedule update. "Deja Vu" - As Kravchenko and Peck run their eighth attempt to extract Zykov, a catastrophic miscalculation is made. "The Agreement" - Peck makes another phone call. "The Magnificent Two" - Gorev and Jager form a tentative accord should Operation Izbavitel fail. Documents (9) "Operatsiya Izbavitel Approval" - A letter from Chebrikov, giving Omega Group authorization to proceed with Operatsiya Izbavitel. "Order of Operations" - A memorandum from Kravchenko to Omega Department Leads, reviewing the order of operations on the day Operatsiya Inversiya is to be executed. "Test Site Construction Blueprint" - The design specs for the particle accelerator and the Amplifier tunnel at Test Site Anna. "Containment Chamber Blueprint" - The design specs for the Containment Chamber for Operatsiya Inversiya. "Location Targets" - Kravchenko discusses his thoughts on potential targets once Operatsiya Inversiya is complete. "Aetherium Gun Turret Blueprint" - The design specs for the Aetherium Energy Gun Turret, to be used as part of Operatsiya Inversiya. "Forsaken Photograph" - A photograph of the Forsaken, taken in the Dark Aether by one of Omega's Aethernauts. "ARC-XD Blueprint" - The design specs for the ARC-XD, a remote-controlled vehicle, carrying an Aetherium payload, capable of distracting undead enemies. "Anton Note" - A note written by Omega Officer Anton, discussing recent happenings at Test Site Anna. Maxis (4/4) Audio Logs (3) "My Control" - Grey vists Maxis at Requiem's Block 8 facility. "My Orders" - Weaver calls Maxis before Operation First Domino. "My Choice" - Maxis records her final personal log. Documents (1) "Maxis Approval Memo" - A report from the Director authorizing Maxis for Operation First Domino. Dark Aether (4/4) Artifacts (4) "Polymorphic Crystal Core" - Created by the hands of Sparagmos, the polymorphic crystal core can shift its form - the source of the Chrysalax's transformative powers. "Energetic Geode" - Highly volatile, the Energetic Geode is created from a Dark Aether Crystal impacted by an Aetherium energy blast. "Tempered Crystal Heart" - The fiery crystal heart of a Tormentor. "Catalyzed Crystal Shard" - When assembling an Aetherium Neutralizer in the field, catalyzed Aetherium crystals create an acceptable replacement for the Aetherium Orb, if one is not available.
  7. Intel is all done here. Moving to Forsaken now.
  8. Audio intel is done here. Still need the documents and artifacts. If anyone has screenshots, they would be much appreciated.
  9. Mostly grammar and typos. The only major change is changing what Group 601 is and changing Kustover Posten to Kustenposten. With the latter change, I know in the beginning it likely referred to the Siberian Facility, being by the coast, but it developed such a mystery around it in the community that I'd like to keep it as a separate facility.
  10. I've gone through and made edits to Book 1 and updated every chapter so far in Book 1 and 2 on the site. I'm freezing work on Book 1 for a long time now, so now's the best time to read it if you've been putting it off! https://www.callofdutyzombies.com/story/home/
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