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  1. Updated 11/15/2019 for posterity. Added date of APD construction, 05/11/1962:
  2. (static) -ttle time left... Why don't you- Ah! The data is collected and your selection is complete. I must say, your choices are quite... interesting Doctor Edward Richtofen of the Original Timeline has been chosen as the winner of this experiment by only a one vote lead. Doctor Ludvig Maxis of the Original Timeline is the runner-up with an identical lead to Richtofen. Such a pairing could be catastrophic, however we are left with no more options. Our fate was in your hands, and now, it is in theirs. My days in this house are limited... but the children will be safe if our plan succeeds. Auf Wiedersehen, my friends.
  3. That Resolution 1295 name finally makes sense to me now, very good points!
  4. Lol. That was his name when I adopted him, I believe he is named for Wallace and Gromit. I guess that makes me Gromit.
  5. Please share your beloved pets here for the rest of CoDz to see! They can be furry, scaly, feathery, whatever. We don't discriminate! Here's a few of my boy Wallace: <3
  6. I'm going Richtofen for the winner, and The Shadowman as the runner-up. #WeStanShadowman
  7. ... Hello.... Why is this infernal (static) never clear? ... Ah, yes, that's better. I am Doctor Maxis, but that is not what is important right now. The fate of the multiverse is at stake. You have been choosing for so long, but you must know your final decision could have many potential repercussions. I am trusting you will make the correct choice. If you are unfamiliar with this experiment, I will spare a few words to teach you the procedures. Imagine, if you will, you were forced to decide who had a greater impact on our understanding of natural history: 1. Charles Darwin or Alfred Russel Wallace After studying and pondering over their work, you would make a final decision, like so: 1. Charles Darwin: Though Wallace initially had many progressive ideas on our evolution, his ideas on spiritualism hold back his intuition. Darwin simply kept his wits about him throughout his career. Of course, your reasoning can vary. But, I implore you to be careful whom you decide should hold this mantle of responsibility in restoring the universe. In approximately seven days, taking into account hours of difference in time on your Earth and in Agartha, I will aggregate the data and we will know who will win this war for the rest of us. Here are your choices: 1. Edward Richtofen (Ultimis): The greatest rival of one of my alternate selves. His methods are unconventional... perhaps even a bit evil. However, his will and influence are strong. vs. Takeo Masaki (Primis): Takeo has proven himself coming this far against myself and many other strong candidates. He has spirit and battle experience to boot, and his values make him a noble warrior. Good luck, and... hold on... there will be room for one more match between... oh dear... Do not panic. Everything is under control. However, I urge you to make haste. Doctor Monty may be aware of what you are doing. (static) Choose between two runner-ups to assist the winner in their war. These two are potentially dangerous and volatile, perhaps not more than Richtofen, but they are our only hope for survival. 2. Ludvig Maxis (Original Timeline): Another version of myself that spent many years feuding with Doctor Richtofen in the lab and through radio waves. His anger and desire for revenge are responsible for the deaths of billions. vs. The Shadowman: The Harbinger of Doom. If what Doctor Monty has told me is true, The Shadowman may not be able to be trusted. I know, first hand, how enticing his words may be. Begin voting immediately, there is little time before (static) ...
  8. The winners of this round are: 1. Edward Richtofen (Ultimis) (5) vs Ludvig Maxis (Original Timeline) (0) 2. Takeo Masaki (Primis) (4) vs The Shadowman (1) Final showdown imminent.
  9. Excellent thread as always, Anon! From the various radios from Maxis across BO3, we can ascertain that Maxis spent a lot of time alone in the House, where I believe he and Richtofen perfected the teleporter. It seems very man-made and is destructible using an axe. We see an early Walnut teleporter being worked on in the Alcatraz lab. I think it's safe to stay that Monty stayed out of the House most of the time, doing the work that he does. Everything about Maxis' work in the House seems somewhat rudimentary, for example: I'm sure Monty could have lent a helping hand, after all, he needs the teleporter to work to continue the cycle. All that aside though, perhaps it is the First Transference Device, and Monty just gave it to Maxis to use. From the timeline: This radio has troubled me as well. However, I have a theory that may be worth exploring, or is completely off-base. It's like you mentioned, it's as if the House is both simultaneously a 3D location on Earth, and a location in Agartha. This alternate loading screen may provide a hint: It depicts Primis (minus Richtofen... wtf) arriving at the House in England from Stalingrad, presumably right after Gorod Krovi. This was a part of the cycle, as we see this image disappear from the Kronorium after the cycle is broken. I believe the actual, physical House is related to the version in Agartha, and it is located in a dimension currently undergoing a war, possibly in something similar to The Blitz, the bombing of London during WW2. Maybe Monty preferred to keep them in this version of the House until he could be sure Samantha was uncorrupted and until he had the souls in his possession, hence the months Maxis seemingly spent in the House with sirens and fallout, away from the children. The House may follow similar rules to Shangri-La or the Siberian Facility, or even Der Riese, as @anonymous has theorized. It can change location at Monty's will, and serves as a headquarters of sorts for Monty and Maxis, both on Earth and in Agartha at the same time.
  10. Regarding Angola, we know now that Group 935 excavated the site and returned with Jeb Brown's work in 1942. It seems likely to me that its location was handed off to the Americans after Operation Stapler. The map in Alpha Omega does not have the location listed as a Broken Arrow site, however, I believe this is because Broken Arrow did not start trying to excavate the site until around 2025, when we know they got desperate for more Element 115: Since they were desperate, they must have searched everywhere for more possible 115 deposits, including Angola, setting up the infrastructure we see above the town. The reason it's not on the map is because Camp Edward was taken over by A.D.A.M.S. sometime after 1968 and it was abandoned. To add further detail: On October 13th, 2025, This sentence can be kind of hard to interpret given the wording and possible retconning, but we know Purgatory Point teleported to Angola at least before 1942 when Group 935 found Jeb's work. It's possible it simply went there in 1885, due to the events of Moon where the Earth is fractured. Though, it's implied Jeb's unspeakable acts with the Pack-a-Punch caused the teleportation, but that's a discussion for another day. The point is, what also happens on Oct 13th, 2025, is Arthur is teleported into the town from 1318. So it was already there, and Arthur was put into it on October 13th. In Buried Grief, Arthur is noticeably absent from the map. You also can't go up to the surface and see the rift. That says to me that Buried Grief must take place sometime between Richtofen taking power, and the Moon rockets hitting Earth. So post-round 25 Nuketown. Richtofen is in control, but we can't see the rift nor Arthur, so the rockets have not hit yet to create said rift. It seems a bit convoluted, but would be the only time it could happen and still make some semblance of sense. October 13th, 2025.
  11. World at War: I would probably say Verruckt as well. A unique setup for the map. Black Ops: I love Call of the Dead's spawn, and George Romero's entrance into the map is one of the first times an "event" happens as you spawn in. Black Ops 2: Honestly, as weird as it sounds, Nuketown's is fun and good looking. Kind of a cop-out since it is half the map, but whatever. Black Ops 3: Revelations, easily. Big fishy coming up real close and gobbling up pack-a-punch is thrilling every time, and the spawn is one of the easiest to use for first room challenges with gobblegums. Quick Revive, enough open space for two people to train, a mystery box spawn, a gobblegum machine, and even a trap. Black Ops 4: IX. You can have a thrilling and engaging game of IX never leaving the spawn, and I love that. You feel like a gladiator just waiting for the next challenger.
  12. About Report 44: So it seems Pablo was the key to unlocking the undead army. Perhaps in this fracture, Pablo is able to acquire the Apothican Blood, and it possibly even takes over his body or he consumes it? If the undead in Gorod Krovi are truly controlled by the blood due to the red eyes, Pablo's connection to it may be key here. As for the four test subjects, I believe they are Soviet soldiers identified as being immune. The primary purpose of Valkyrie drones was locating survivors as 115 was used to create the undead, because they are immune, perhaps due to some gene. In any case, two of these survivors are Nikolai and his brother. His brother dies, and Nikolai survives to fight in the city.
  13. I'll be honest, I forgot about the red eyes. In that case, instead of Samantha entering the MPD, perhaps Maxis found the Apothican Blood and used that. With Richtofen's absence, maybe he looked over Jeb Brown's work, and components to the Agarthan Device were what he searched for in his travels. Maybe he wanted to use the four subjects of Report 44 for the Elemental Shard. I still don't really know what Report 44 is.
  14. 1. That is all speculation on my part as one of the key differences that creates the fracture. It's also possible in Agonia Richtofen may have died at a young age, or never been an orphan, or simply worked somewhere else. But I don't think he is in the picture. 2. It was created by an unknown Maxis to catalogue objects from across the multiverse. You should re-read my Third Ludvig Maxis theory because it fits right in with this. 3. I didn't mean it was from Agonia, but when Maxis left Agonia, he found it. Should have been more clear.
  15. In a similar vein to my thread on Dr. Monty's origin, I've been thinking of the Fractures from Black Ops 3, and looking at them more closely, there is a lot of huge differences in these fractures from our normal timeline that I think would make very interesting stories. Today I wanted to share some ideas for how the events of this universe may have gone based on some loose threads we have. The Beginning of Group 935 As depicted in this comic page, Richtofen's death at the hands of Primis created Fractures in space and time, creating alternate versions of the original timeline where events of both the past and future are altered: While in the Deceptio fracture, Primis Richtofen slips into Ultimis Richtofen's place, I would like to propose in the other Fractures where he was not present on their creation, Richtofen never existed. In 1931, a scientist by the name of Ludvig Maxis is personally contacted by a mysterious individual who claims to be from the future. He claims it is imperative that he create Group 935, and that its headquarters be founded near Breslau, and be called Der Riese. Maxis complies, creating the organization that would shape history across space and time. With Richtofen's nonexistence in this fracture, Maxis would initiate teleportation experiments with Doctor Schuster. On the first prototype, he would inscribe on the side, "For P, who started me on this journey." As the year 1940 begins, Maxis is contacted once again by the man from the future. P shows him how to perfect the teleporter to take him on the next step of his journey. Against orders from the Reichstag, Maxis tests the teleporter on himself, and is sent to the Moon, where he discovers the MPD. Upon making physical contact with its surface, he begins to hear the voices of the Apothicons in his head. He is then sent to a jungle, where a massive 115 deposit is found. He now knows what he must do. The War Rages On Several months after the construction of Griffin Station, Division 9 completes their creation of the ancient beasts to assist the Germans in their war on the Eastern Front. As 1943 begins, and dragons ravage the city of Stalingrad, survivors, including Viktor Reznov, recover research and sabotage Group 935 operations under the cover of night. Using the new Gigant Robots and Mech Units, the dragons are no longer unopposed. Meanwhile, Doctor Maxis continues trying to perfect the undead army at the Kino facility, to no avail. Subject Two-Six attacks on of its handlers, and bites Sophia's arm. Maxis, driven by the voices in his head, poisons Samantha, placing her mind into a machine to assist Group 935's efforts. Over the next few months, Maxis would come to understand the purpose of the MPD, and unlock it with the help of the voices. Maxis does the unthinkable: He forces his daughter, Samantha, into the MPD, commanding her to take control of the undead from within the Aether to finally satiate the Reichstag. The Germans begin the final phase in their plan to finally take Stalingrad: Unleashing gaseous 115 upon the city, zombifying the vast majority of surviving Soviets. The plan works, and under the command of Samantha, the undead and dragons begin wiping out survivors. Dr. Harvey Yena, an American spy in Group 935, writes of the success on the Eastern Front. Despite his intel sent to the Americans, he is ordered to do nothing as the Soviet people are put through a mass genocide, as the government fears the rise of Communism following the war. Yena also confirms research on Die Glocke to explore time displacement and movement across dimensions continues. Maxis had been contacted again by the individual from the future. This would be his last visit. The man revealed himself to be Cornelius Pernell of Broken Arrow. He showed Doctor Maxis how to open new worlds. He showed Maxis the expanses of the multiverse. With this new knowledge, he created a teleporter to explore this multiverse, abandoning his home fracture to create Zero Base, where he would collect a multitude of artifacts from across the multiverse, including the Kronorium. The World Left Behind With Maxis gone, Samantha had lost her one true purpose in helping the Germans. She turned the undead on anyone still alive within Stalingrad, including members of Group 935. As power was lost and the dragons were let loose, SOPHIA was temporarily deactivated, until Primis' later arrival. After the battle, and none were left living within Stalingrad and a larger part of the Soviet Union, Group 935 began to fall apart without leadership, however, Germany had taken control of a vast majority of Europe using their research. The United States was faced with a choice: Fight a war on the home front, and most likely lose, or surrender and meet the Axis demands. They chose the latter, under a proposal from one OSS member by the name Cornelius Pernell. The remains of the Soviet Union were bombed, and any undead experiments destroyed for fear of an outbreak like the one in Stalingrad. Group 935 was eventually disbanded, however German rule extended into the United States. Democratic elections were replaced with leaders being appointed by the Reichstag. As the years progressed under Nazi rule, in the 1960s, Pernell would propose an idea told to him by two angels in his dream: Broken Arrow. An organization meant to open new worlds, with a similar structure to Group 935. As the choice was not up to then-Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, but rather the Reichtstag, the idea was approved and funded immediately. Pernell grew the organization quickly, re-creating teleporters and wonder weapons. He kept the closest secret told to him by the angels to himself, however, and that was the way to access the multiverse. He was told this information was to be given to Ludvig Maxis in the year 1943. Pernell did as they asked, creating the paradox present in this fracture. As Pernell focused on meeting the demands of the angels, the research of Broken Arrow was left unchecked and dictated by the aged Reichstag. They demanded a way to control the undead, just as they had from Maxis so long ago. Samantha's anger was reawakened, and her power stronger than ever before. She commanded the undead to kill everyone involved with Broken Arrow, seeking power over this dimension now that her father seemed to be gone forever. John F. Kennedy, Fidel Castro, and Richard Nixon die in the Pentagon, and McNamara records a last message before his own death. The Agonia fracture faces a mass extinction as the undead take over the Earth. However, in the eyes of the Keepers, their work is done. The seeds are planted to allow Richtofen to find the Kronorium and for Nikolai's soul to be collected. The cycle may continue.

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