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  1. Possible, also possibly not. I will say, after hearing them all and going through them, I don't think they were written by the Blackout team like I previously assumed. I think these interactions were written by Craig and the Zombies team, or at least they oversaw them being written. There were several lore nods in there that suggest that to me. But I suspect as lead writer of the game, Craig probably oversaw all dialogue in the game. Just saying, they could connect it if they want. Also, I didn't include this, as it isn't a conversation, but the Pentagon Thief's quotes are actually somewhat interesting. He brings up the cycle a lot, and talks to Sam in his head. But he also says, "This place. It must be a Nexus. A great many paths cross here." Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGINFCdpHbI I may make a thread at some point discussing the possibility of it. Blackout is canon in some capacity to the Campaign universe, and the story implications from the Specialist Stories in BO4 are pretty wild. I don't want to spoil for you, though to be honest, it doesn't really feel like a development on the Campaign storyline, but more something else entirely.
  2. I have decided to transcribe Blackout conversations that include members of the Aether cast. Here is a link to what I have compiled. This includes interactions between members of Primis, between members of Ultimis, between counterparts in Ultimis and Primis, between Misty and Russman, and between T.E.D.D. and Misty and Russman. As far as I am aware, conversations were not added for the other Victis cast, but I could be wrong. I also couldn't find any evidence of interactions with characters like the Pentagon Thief, Cosmic Silverback, or the Shadowman. There's nothing really important story-wise in these, but it's a resource to have, and the only place Ultimis and Primis get to have a one-on-one with a counterpart, unless you count the campfire conversations in Tag.
  3. Here are the transcriptions for Avogadro. I will eventually get around to doing Rushmore, but he is the longest. Also A.D.A.M. which is only a few lines.
  4. Also transcribed T.E.D.D.'s quotes from the map. These are hilarious.
  5. Here are transcriptions for all of Marlton's quotes. I used Joshwoocool's video to do the transcriptions, found here:
  6. Adding all of these now, do you have the translations for the vbush file? I can guess what most of these are, but I just want to be specific. EDIT: Also, do you happen to have the plaintext for all the unsolved in-game ciphers as well? I'll go ahead and add those too.
  7. Yes! If there are some I am missing, I will can them. And I will update those solved ciphers. I also omitted unsolved ciphers from the games themselves but I will add them to unsorted at some point.
  8. I've been curious whose POV that one is, as I wasn't sure if it was from perhaps a very ancient Keeper before the first teleporter or from someone in Group 935 who discovered Keepers. But yeah that might make sense in Deceptio given Keeper influence at DE.
  9. Hello, all. I've spent a lot of time over the past couple of months working on a new timeline which I planned to use for another project, but that may not come through. But this could be a very valuable resource to some people, so I am sharing it today. This is a timeline that compiles all Aether media including trailers, cutscenes, the timeline, ciphers, documents, etc. into a massive timeline where everything is arranged similarly to the Treyarch-released timeline. I think I have everything here in regards to media, but I could be wrong, and please let me know if there is something I left out. I included like two pictures in there, but would be open to adding more pictures if suitable textures can be found in the future. Also at the very, very bottom is a section entitled Unsorted Media for media that I can't quite figure out where it belongs, or it doesn't really belong anywhere chronologically. I'm open to suggestions where this might go, but some of it may not belong anywhere. I also think it might be neat to combine this with my Updated Timeline to create some kind of Super Timeline... maybe someday. Anyway, I hope someone finds some use for this, and let me know of any mistakes or suggestions to improve it!
  10. Hmm... now that I think about it, what if this map took place in the alternate timeline where Ultimis minus Richtofen joined up with Gersh? Let's say at Ascension, Richtofen decides to abandon Ultimis to try and defeat Sam on his own. Ultimis saves Gersh, and they find a way to give him a body at this Black Sea Lab, which Gersh would know about if it was taken by the Soviets. Then maybe Richtofen fails to get inside the MPD since he is alone, and Samantha turns her attention on them as she now wants a body for her father. With new bodies being generated, this might be a good place to go into the whole Super Soldaten program where Richtofen had cloned Ultimis. Maybe you can fight deformed clones of Ultimis?
  11. Here's a couple of ideas: -Zero Base: The map would take place at Zero Base, a place created by an alternate Doctor Maxis to house artifacts he discovered while travelling through space and time. You play as Victis, set during the events of the comics. You find a great number of ancient Keeper artifacts that further delve into their history, and you have radios from this alternate version of Maxis, explaining what universe he came from, and how he acquired the Kronorium. The new wonder weapon could be a variation of the 31-79 JGB215, perhaps a version with swappable artifacts to use like in concept art for Shangri-La that have different effects. Zombie Richtofen exists as a mini-boss that does not directly attack the player, but will stalk them around the base, rallying zombies to run faster when he comes near. Shooting him causes him to hide for a while. The easter egg quest would require four players, and follow the comics where Stuh acquires the Kronorium and you give your blood. -Expanded Shangri-La: Following a similar design method to Treyarch's Aether maps in BO4, Shangri-La would be made up of the original map plus a great deal of expansion into the temple itself. Notable story goodies inside include statues of Primis (As Cal theorized from Revelations), a portal to the Crazy Place (As Anon mentioned), and a radios from Richtofen as he explores the temple and discovers the purpose of the statues and the temple. Can also get more story about Sally and Brock and Gary. Could also show Soviet influence in the temple as confirmation that they have taken over the temple, hence the lunar lander. -The Black Sea Lab: @NaBrZHunter and I discussed this awhile back at length. It takes the idea of Atlantis, and instead turns it into an underwater Group 935 lab. The idea that he had for the story was it is within the Black Sea near Italy where lunar experimentation is performed. The Russians eventually discovered the facility and took it over during the war, and there is where the Vril Rod was being kept. In Richtofen's deal with the Soviets, he asked that the Vril Rod be returned, hence the submarine in Call of the Dead. The map would be mostly interior, showing another side of Richtofen's operation against Maxis. Here we discover Group 935's plans as the war would have progressed. There would also be sections underwater which can be traversed with scuba suits. Similar to Moon, occasionally, there will be breaching events that could cause areas to become flooded with water. These are announced over a site-wide intercom, and involve underwater Panzer Soldaten that will approach windows and begin slowly breaching them. They must be dealt with by venturing into the water and killing them. I was also thinking the lab could be built on ancient Keeper ruins left long abandoned, and by using your suit you can venture into the ruins and explore their work and learn more about their role as protectors of the universe. -TranZit in its Prime: Imagine the Hanford facility before the rockets hit earth. So no pesky lava or fog. The map is set in daytime, and includes all previous areas. You play as Russman, Berkeley, and two new agents from Broken Arrow. After sending a sample of Avogadro from Camp Edward, Russman and Berkeley return to Hanford to find Broken Arrow has recreated Avogadro, and he has begun raising the dead and fighting back against Broken Arrow. Here you learn more about what happened to the citizens of the town before Broken Arrow took over in the 60s-70s. You get to explore the local Sanatorium to uncover the horrors of Broken Arrow's research. There are more underground areas like the power station. Pernell will occasionally talk through electronics. TEDD looks brand new, but his attitude is just the same. His bus can be called and sent to locations on a whim. He can also take alternate routes to get places faster. You can also pay him in points to get out of the bus and fight with you for a short time. As you play, Russman begins to question his allegiance to Broken Arrow as he uncovers many of their dark deeds. You work to contain Avogadro through any means necessary. Lastly, -Die Rise Remade: With the revelation this place is a Broken Arrow facility, remake the original at the same time and place, but with more explorable areas and one new key feature: A grappling hook. BO4 has a grappling hook, and everyone knows grappling hooks make everything better. Also be able to call elevators without keys, add Bios as enemies, give a little background on the facility and why it is here. Also explain the polarization device and who commissioned it.
  12. And the winner is... the original DG-1... the newcomer... the Wunderwaffe DG-Scharfshutze... Richtofen would be squealing with joy right about now. For third place... it's the 31-79 JGb215! I guess you could say that's a small consolation?
  13. I looked into the room itself, and it is a part of a National Security Agency facility, but the state in the US it is located in is not clear. I was thinking of a document in Classified most of us probably skipped over for good reason: Thisisahll Maydeup seems to indicate this is not meant to be taken seriously, but that could very well be a red herring. This 1962 outbreak would be before the Lehman outbreak and the two Pentagon outbreaks, and it's many years before Mason is actually detained by the CIA to be interrogated. We could humor the possibility that the man in the chair on the Zombies menu is not actually Mason, and this could even be the DC outbreak. Thinking of it now, Thisisahll Maydeup might not actually be an indication to us that the contents of the memorandum are made up, but rather an indication to people at the Pentagon and the Secretary of Defense that this is a test, or a drill, to practice in the event of a major outbreak what the response time would be. This would certainly be a concern with undead tests going down under the Pentagon.
  14. This might have been worth another thread, but I'll post here since it is related to the campaign. Okay so started playing through Black Ops again, and wow is it still awesome. On the mission with the rocket, Grigori Weaver, who is a Russian working for the CIA, is supposed to sabotage the Ascension Group's rocket program and leave without anyone knowing. Mason, Woods, Bowman, and Brooks are nearby to extract him if things go wrong, which they do. Weaver gets caught and has his eye cut out by Kravchenko, so Op40 is forced to do things a little more directly. So primary goal seems to be destroying the rockets and sabotaging the Ascension Group. I got to the mission Project Nova, where you play as Reznov as he is betrayed by Dragovich in 1945. You find out the origins of Nova 6 through its creator, Friedrich Steiner. I recorded a clip of a short explanation by Steiner: To summarize, Steiner worked on something called the Giftiger Sturm Project, or Toxic Storm Project. He began work in 1943 on chemical weapons as Germany realized they were losing the war. Nova 6 was developed, and its entire known supply is held within this crashed ship. The ship crashed after British bombings, and the SS was ordered to search for what remained of the ship, but the war came to an end and it was abandoned. The SS had been ordered to blow it up if the British came for it, but they never did. Reznov and Petrenko are betrayed by Dragovich, and used as demonstrations of what Nova 6 can do. But as Petrenko is killed, British Commandos arrive to take the Nova 6 present there for themselves. Dragovich, Kravchenko, and Steiner escape without the Nova 6, and Reznov is left behind. Reznov decides to set off the bombs and destroy the entire ship so that neither side can have Nova 6. Steiner then works with the Soviets and several chemists, including Daniel Clarke, to bring Nova 6 back better than ever to be used with sleeper agents in the US, distributing it under the shell company GKM. In 1959, Dragovich gets party approval to use Nova 6 as a chemical weapon in the event of WWIII. In 1964, Clarke is brought on to stabiliize volatile compounds. By 1968, Nova 6 was back and ready to use. So, with all that explanation and backstory out of the way, how does this affect Zombies? First talking about the Nova crawlers, they seem to be a creation of Group 935 due to their presence at Griffin Station. Though, it's possible they appeared there after the Americans arrived at the station. Regardless, would this mean Steiner worked with Group 935? It's certainly possible, though I'm puzzled why this crashed freighter would seem so important if Group 935 had their own supply of the gas. Skipping ahead, the Americans recreate Nova crawlers in the Pentagon using pig DNA as late as 1963, however, in 1964 the Soviets are still trying to perfect the compound, so how is the United States able to utilize the gas? I believe that this form of Nova 6 is weaker than the later Soviet variant. In-game, Nova 6 is little more than an annoyance to even normal people like JFK and McNamara, let alone Ultimis/Primis. The Nova 6 used by the Soviets is fatal within seconds. I believe the Nova 6 being used in the US is inferior, and acts much slower than the real thing. This may be because they synthesized it using old research from Group 935, rather than having Steiner himself working for them. This all begs the question, though, do the Soviets and Americans start to work together after the 1963 outbreaks at the cosmodrome and Pentagon? Working together to fight Samantha was the plan with the meeting, but with it falling apart, tensions in the Cold War may still be high. RUSHMORE, for example, is programmed to be staunchly anti-Communist and anti-Russian, so I still believe there was no true collaboration at the time. The Americans also decided that provoking Samantha is the wrong thing to do, and will only cause more outbreaks. So, in short, I believe the rest of the campaign in 1968 could have still taken place the way it did with the sleeper agents. Alright, I apologize, that was a little all over the place.

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