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  1. Outbreak intel is now all transcribed.
  2. Do you have these? If you could, screenshot them and send them my way.
  3. Updated with everything found so far. The Radio Transmissions will likely be available with the update coming tonight along with the Outbreak intel.
  4. This thread will be updated as more are found. Requiem (8/8) Documents (4) "Operation Threshold Authorization" (Location: Acquired through killing an elite enemy.) - CIA Director Casey greenlights Requiem's operations in the Ural Mountains. "Domino Effect" (Location: Acquired through killing an elite enemy.) - Secret report listing dimensional breaches around the globe following the outbreak at Projekt Endstation. "Recon Rover Blueprint" (Location: Acquired through killing an elite enemy.) - Blueprint for the remote vehicle designed to explore the Dark Aether dim
  5. This thread will be updated as more are found. Requiem (4/5) Audio Logs (1) "Focal Point" (Location: At the Rocky Defense Area, look up at the data center where it is floating in the air. Shoot it down to activate it.) - Requiem Berlin Station Chief Meyer warns Weaver about a developing situation in the divided German capital. Documents (3) "RE: Funding Allocation 1" (Location: Acquired through killing a mimic.) - Carver sends Weaver a memo regarding increased funding to Energy Research and Unnatural Sciences. "RE: Funding Allocation 2" (Location: Acq
  6. Nominating @Carnage Evoker for work around the wiki and various other content on the forums, as well as just being a swell guy. Also @PoppaQuad who has been an excellent contributor since he joined with some excellent content.
  7. Finally got mine done. I may be judging this competition, and if that's the case, then this is just for fun: The Last - Google Docs DOCS.GOOGLE.COM Prompt: You are a civilian who after witnessing an unexplained phenomenon, is now trapped in the Dark Aether. Finding a notebook and pencil in an...
  8. What intel are you missing? Check the classified intel, and look above where the description would be, and it should tell you the map. I was having the same trial issue then I realized the missing intel was from Die Maschine, not Firebase Z.
  9. Great analysis and song! And yes I've been recently getting into that genre of music. Fly Me To The Moon is another great Sinatra song you could apply to Richtofen.
  10. So I often have a habit of trying to apply song lyrics to Zombies in some way whenever I listen to new music, as if I was analyzing it like one of Kevin Sherwood's songs to get some deeper meaning. I've seen threads before where people share songs that they feel would be a perfect fit as a song in Zombies, but I thought it would be neat to have a thread dedicated to lyrical analysis of those songs. So if you've got something in mind, feel free to share the lyrics and your thoughts; You can go as in-depth as you want. I'll start off with a song called I'll Be Seeing You. It w
  11. Added the last artifact, the Omega Canister. That wraps up Firebase Z Season 1, thanks for the help everyone.
  12. RadZakpak

    Dark Aether Intel

    Audio Logs "Lost Souls: Fedorov" (Location: Trial computer.) - I was a different man when I enlisted. "Lost Souls: Koslov" (Location: Trial computer.) - I know something out there is watching me. "Lost Souls: Tobias" (Location: Trial computer.) - Truth be told, I do not hate this work. "Lost Souls: Olga" (Location: Trial computer.) - Am I... falling apart? Documents "My Friend!" (Location: Trial computer.) - The Stranger reestablishes contact. "Day 291" (Location: Trial computer.) - Another entry from the St
  13. RadZakpak

    Maxis Intel

    Season 1 Audio Logs "Not Who We Are" (Location: In the Scientist Quarters, on the top floor of the PaP building to the left. Shoot it on a ledge above you and pick up on the bottom floor.) - Maxis questions the motivations of her Omega Group contact, Ravenov. "Workers Of The Worlds" (Location: In the room to the right of Quick Revive, just before the stairs.) - Maxis records a personal log, airing her deep concerns about Omega Group's plans. "Worse Than Baton Rouge" (Location: Inside a locker opened with Kuhlklay's key.) - Peck interrogates Maxis.
  14. RadZakpak

    Omega Group Intel

    Season 1 Audio Logs "Dimensional Fertility" (Location: On top of the bunker at the scorched defense area.) - Having received approval for the construction of Outpost 25, Peck discusses the opportunities the new site will offer Omega Group. "Aethernauts" (Location: In Planning Offices under the table in the middle of the room.) - While noting his first successful teleporter test, Peck discusses the role played by his Dark Aether miners and the steps taken to deal with the effects of their labors. "The Anatomy Lesson" (Location: Inside the Field Hospital.) -
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