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  1. I've been doing some research regarding the Element 115 shard we witness in the comics and where it goes throughout the timeline. In that research I've noted some discrepancies that I feel should be addressed in the future, and I also wonder just what makes this shard special from other variations of 115. The Shard's Origins The first known appearance of the shard from the official timeline from 2017 states: A bit vague, but okay sure. In 1983, Broken Arrow would go on to create the Bios using the shard, and in 1986 the bios cause an outbreak and the facility holding it is abandoned with Russman being the only survivor. Then in 1996, Victis arrives to collect the shard for Primis Richtofen, in order to enter the Empty Earth and recover the Kronorium. Pretty cut and dry, right? Well... A Classified cipher: This new cipher states that the shard was acquired from Division 9, again very vaguely, in 1946. We don't know how often Sawyer's men checked their inventory, so the shard is implied to have been stolen by Cornellius Pernell between 1946 and 1961. Mind you, Broken Arrow was not created until 1963. This is despite the earlier timeline stating it was acquired in the 70s from an assumed abandoned Division 9 facility. So what's going on? Is this all the same shard, and Pernell stole it before 1961, held onto it somewhere for over ten years, then only "acquired" it for Broken Arrow in 1973? I personally don't think so. It seems much more likely that there are multiple shards of Element 115, specifically acquired from the same Division 9 facility. Which one in particular? I'm thinking Shi No Numa. In terms of color, the one shard we saw in the comics was blue: In the original Shi No Numa, the 115 meteor we see outside the map appears to be glowing red. But in the BO3 remaster it is blue. It seems like a very strange thing to want to change without reason. We have seen multiple different colors of 115, from blue, to red, to green. Do they have their own unique properties? What makes the shard unique The timeline states this shard is simply "Element 115". However, this shard is specially noted in the timeline. This specific shard/one of the shards from this same collection is used to create the Bios. They are animals that have been exposed to the shard during testing and became extremely aggressive, incredibly strong, and seemingly immortal while the shard was active. Its use is markedly different from Group 935's use of 115 to create the undead. The shard was able to modify LIVING subjects instead of DEAD ones. It also seems to require some form of power to be able to be used. A dead body simply being exposed to 115 is enough to transform it and connect it to the Aether. On the other hand, the shard has seemingly no effect on living creatures UNTIL it is powered: It also seems that when Russman escaped the facility, power was lost and the Bios simply died/rested. When Victis arrives, Russman states that them turning on the power at the facility caused it to become active again and thus resurrected the Bios. The last difference between the shard and normal 115 is that the Bios created by the shard seem to have no connection to the Aether, and may just be completely feral. Throughout the comic they fight with the zombies being led by Richtofen to guide Victis. They seemingly are controlled by no one. What is the explanation for the shards being so special compared to average 115? It may be a result of Division 9's testing to create their own version. It is also possible that the meteor that produced these shards has a different origin than the 115 we are used to. Could it be connected to Vril perhaps? Let us hope this is addressed in the future. Share your thoughts/observations regarding the shard.
  2. Chapter 20: "Uniform" is up! Times are changing! (Literally...)
  3. Welcome to the site, glad to have you! What would you say is your favorite map of all time?
  4. This is a whole side of the lore and theories I’ve never been quite familiar with, and this explained the concept perfectly! Great post.
  5. Chapter 19: Sacrifice is here! https://www.callofdutyzombies.com/story/book1ch19/ This is a spicy one, for more than one reason. Also if you are squeamish about blood/dismemberment, maybe you can skip a few lines near the end of the chapter.
  6. Just played today and looked around, didn't see one. Very strange. Also, welcome to the site!
  7. My favorite map has always been Moon. Love everything about it! Right behind that probably Der Eisendrache. When I get the chance to play BO4 I play IX, Classified, or Ancient Evil. And thanks for the kind words about the storybook!
  8. Hey Ahmad, welcome to the site! Hope you like it here! What’s your favorite map? And have you been playing Black Ops 4?
  9. Yes, mutations will disable any easter egg steps unfortunately. also, welcome to the site!
  10. SPOILERS FOR ANSWERS BELOW: Don't cheat! Just took the quiz and received an 84%! A question though, why is Question 5 Multiverse instead of Aether? Perhaps the link you provided here explains it, but it went right over my head if it did: I assumed the question was referring to the chalk drawing on one of the maps that says Return Through Aether. I also wanted to ask where it was mentioned that Yuri passed on the diary to the Americans? Was it somewhere in Classified that it was mentioned?
  11. Howdy! I have added Chapters 17: "Semper Fi" and 18: "Pressure" to the site! Chapter 17 follows Peter, now invited to be a member of the American intelligence-gathering organization, the OSS. Chapter 18 follows Doctor Schuster as he and Doctor Groph discover something incredible regarding the MPD. We're getting into the really gritty, fun bits of the story coming soon. I am really looking forward to it! I also added the names of upcoming chapters to the side bar mostly as a sort of code name system for me to keep up with what chapters are coming. They may or may not stay the same when I eventually write the chapters.
  12. And the winner is.... Moon with 5 votes to Kino der Toten's 2 votes! Here is the entire bracket: Some unexpected losses in there, and some hard-pressed ties. But Moon managed to take the gold, facing off in its run against Der Eisendrache, TranZit, Buried, Shi No Numa, and Kino der Toten! Moon truly impressed the Zombies Community and set the bar high for future installments. Good tournament everyone!
  13. I agree. There is a place for the slow methodical play of Solo, Duos, and Quads, but these LTMs are the main modes I tend to play because there is more of a chance you will have fun and not completely waste your time getting set up only to get killed quickly. Treyarch sort of shot themselves in the foot having three multiplayer pillars with Zombies, MP, and Blackout which requires a lot of players for a game to even start. So I understand why they would want to limit game modes for the sake of population, especially, as you said, on PC. But always having some form of respawn mode is necessary if you want to keep people coming back. There should always be one in rotation, and to add to that they can add any LTM they want. Also, can we get a solos or duos LTM please? In quads you are at an automatic disadvantage if your team does not want to cooperate or the game just does not put you with a full squad.
  14. I think Honor's Suffering has a lot of potential and I may start writing it soon. Zetsubou has such a great atmosphere and the story I had planned would tie in so well to Primis' arrival to the island in Book 4. As for Jeb Brown, I really look forward to writing that one because its connections with the rest of the story are minimal and I did have some chapters planned out, I just needed to iron out a satisfying ending. With the Vietnam story I've debated placing some of that story as chapters in Book 2, I just have to work out some kinks with the timeline and how I will want that book to be structured. Definitely something Grief-related would be very interesting. I have something similar planned for Book 3 with the Victis crew proving themselves against another group of survivors to win Richtofen's favor, but with completely unknown characters could prove interesting, and maybe set up some of the backstory behind Green Run before Victis' arrival. I would certainly like to see some of the ideas you had for your creation. Peter is certainly intended to keep the reader grounded in reality with someone far more relatable than Richtofen, who while he starts with good intentions, he is a genius and you can't quite predict what he will do next. A problem I don't want to run into with Peter, however, is having his chapters just be about him finding out information we, the reader, already know and only by the end will he be caught up before he dies. People tend to dislike stories where the main character just goes through everything they already went through when learning about the world. So it is important that I find a way to have Peter learn things that Richtofen, nor the reader knows to keep things interesting. I also do not want to detract from the Richtofen story, as his and Peter's only intersect at one point near the end. Peter's story should have an impact on the entire series to justify him standing on the same level as Richtofen, Schuster, and Maxis as main characters in this story. I definitely have a lot of that planned for Book 2 and portions of 3. In Book 2 we will follow, along with Ultimis, Cornellius Pernell as he tries to create Broken Arrow, the threat of Samantha is realized, and as he heads Broken Arrow early in the Cold War. Portions of Book 3 involving Russman will be interspersed with flashbacks to his missions as an agent of Broken Arrow (Think Men In Black). For this reason alone I have thought of Russman as my favorite member of the Victis crew. So many years behind him he barely ever mentions...

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