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  1. I am the Well - I'm sorry Abravadavre, my sweet, but it's time to say goodbye. 115 - I love both. This is the better of the two.
  2. Alone I am the Well The Gift Abracadavre 115 The One Dead Again Stormbound
  3. 1. 115 2. Ace of Spades - Good song and funny haha deathcard reference 3. Archangel - Eminem doesn't really work in Zombies imo 4. The One - WAWG is brilliant, but I like The One 5. Mystery - So damn catchy 6. Dead Again - I'm so sorry, Johnny... 7. Shockwave - Both are great, this is genuinely hard. 8. Stormbound - Again, both are good, but Stormbound is the better choice IMO
  4. 1. Alone - I (somewhat unpopularly) like Coming Home, too, but Alone wins out. 2. We All Fall Down - Very cool and underrated song that, in typical KLU style, had massive thematic implications. 3. I Am The Well - It's just the best isn't it? 4. Carrion - No contest, SoF isn't even a Zombies song, or if it is, so is Rusty Cage 5. The Gift - This one is very difficult because I enjoy both very much, but I think The Gift might just have the edge 6. Drowning - Again, very hard, as these are two that I love to play on Bass myself, but Drowning wins out here, some of those Bass riffs are incredibly cool 7. Abracadavre - Now don't get me wrong, I think Undone is highly underrated, but I have to give it to Abracadavre here 8. A Light From The Shore - Genuinely no competition, you've got pop-metal versus a symphonic masterpiece.
  5. 1. Alone - Difficult one, but Alone represents the height of Kevin's songwriting abilities whilst BoA, whilst still damn good, is one of the first zombies songs written. 2. Remember Forever - The first (and only, as far as I remember) song written by Jack Wall and Cindy Shapiro (of whom the latter is also the singer), that as well as sounding incredibly good (PHAT bass) has a lyrical perspective rarely heard. 3. Abracadavre - Both songs were written with in theory the same amount of storyline insight, however one was written from a perspective of external authors (a7x) whilst Abracadavre was written with full knowledge of what was to come. Also, this in my mind is the real first showcase of what is now Kevin's trademark writing style 4. 115 - This might be a nostalgia vote, but it's one I have to do 5. Beauty of Annihilation (TG) - I don't particularly like either of them 6. Shockwave - Very difficult choice, but I think I prefer Shockwave. However I must add that I think Pareidolia goes hard and is criminally underrated.
  6. Greetings one and all. Today I've got something a little different to share - The First CoDZ Forums Writing Competition! UPDATE: Thank you all for your entries. This first edition of the competition is now closed and the winners are: @The Dark Aether and @anonymous Congratulations to you too, and to all who entered! RULES: Anyone may enter Submissions should aim to be around 1000-1500 words . Submissions will still be accepted regardless, however please try to be sensible - we have to read this too. Submissions can be sent either as a response to this post or to me via Discord (Cal#8013) Submissions should be a Word Doc/Google Doc or PDF Submission deadline is February 26th 2021 (One week from now) Submissions do not have to use the below prompts, though their use is recommended Submissions that choose not to use the provided prompts and instead stray too far into fan fiction territory (e.g. Ultimis Richtofen goes to Burger King) will likely not be considered - if you're writing without a prompt, it better be good! Submissions will be judged by myself alongside judges from the CoDZ Forum community (T.B.D) PROMPTS: CODZ Writing Comp I - Google Docs DOCS.GOOGLE.COM CODZ WRITING COMPETITION EDITION I Prompt 1 You are a civilian who after witnessing an unexplained phenomenon, is now trapped in the Dark Aether. Finding a notebook and pencil in an abandoned department store... Good Luck to all Participants and Happy Writing!
  7. If they were from the Dark Aether, they ought to be far more mutated than we see. If a soldier turns into a Mimic within 30 days of exposure, the Mangler should look pretty far removed from how it does.
  8. As stated on the intel for the R.A.I.K-84, the gun was inspired by old schematics found for the Generator Khaosa Zavoyski-45 (GKZ-45). This gun was designed by Soviet Scientists in 1945, however was ruled impossible, and thus remained exclusively hypothetical. Dr. Khulklay recovered these schematics from the KGB's archives and began viewing them with great interest in 1984, however, as the introduction of Aetherium suddenly made the ideas behind the theoretical weapon now incredibly doable. The gun existed in the Agonia Fracture in the Aether Storyline as the rapid arms race caused by the unending Battle of Stalingrad, combined with the ease of access to Element 115, meant that such innovations as this became commonplace. Now, onto the Mangler. The Mangler. This augmented soldier was the final product of a research initiative known as "Project Rasputin" - the reference to the Mad Monk should make it obvious what this project was trying to achieve. Much like the GKZ, I would assume that Project Rasputin was a long, ongoing research effort that was only allowed to come to fruition in the Agonia Fracture thanks to the unique conditions I've already discussed. As a result, I think it's fair to say that the Mangler reappears not because of some anomaly, but because Omega recovered thereto impossible-to-complete schematics born out of Project Rasputin, that now with the induction of Aetherium, were suddenly possible.
  9. This also really helps to explain the differences in 115 and Exo Element 1's methods of Resurrection. I'd go as far as to call 115 "spiritual", relating to literally binding the soul to a body (and in the case of the Elemental Shard, fully re-inserting that soul in order to restore true life). Aetherium, on the other hand, is as you say, literally a contaminant, or a radiation. We can see it with Der Wechsler, where a person's mind can be restored with far less effort than that of 115 zombies, which required the Elemental Shard, the focal-point of the entire Aether. Instead, merely all you need to do is "scrub" the Aetherium "plaque" from the brain and intelligence is restored.
  10. To be an Elder God isn't, in my opinion, a matter of biology. It's merely a role that has to be filled.
  11. (Find the companion video here) Whispers in the Dark Despite only being one chapter into the Dark Aether Storyline, we have already heard repeated references to colossal entities that roam the umbral landscapes within the Dark Aether, leaving trails of pure destruction in their wake, all the while being worshipped by the comparatively meager lifeforms that now call these same planes home. To those who believe them deserving as reverence, these eldritch behemoths are known seemingly interchangeably as "Elder Gods" or "Overlords". For those who, like me, are enthusiasts of the prior storyline, your ears should have pricked up, as we know these names well. But more on that later. Defining the Eldritch Purely from the information we have been given via Preseason and Season 1 Intel, as well as firsthand experience within the map, we are able to make a few base assumptions about the way in which the Dark Aether works, and how these colossi fit in. For any entities taken into the realms of the Dark Aether, they quickly have to adjust to the idea of hierarchy - however this is one different to that which the modern man is used to. Rather than one's position in this hierarchy being achieved by way of wealth or status, this is something far more primal. In the Dark Aether, the only thing that matters is raw power. We can see this clearly exhibited by the Stranger. Whilst many humans desperately try to cling to their old ways of life and meet a rapid end because of it, the Stranger was able to adapt to his new life of horror with incredible swiftness. As a result, he was able to survive where most other humans could not. After many thousands of days of this, he makes the observation that for many of the "lesser" creatures of the Dark Aether, he is no longer the prey. In fact, he had become the hunter. As this shift occurred, only far stronger creatures dared attack the Stranger and, as would be imagined, these stronger creatures numbered far less than the near limitless undead, plaguehounds, or other similar types. Furthermore, we know that creatures that mutate by way of the Dark Aether become integrated in what can only be called a hivemind - as made clear by the quotes of both the Megaton and the Mayak. "ONE LAND, ONE ARMY, ONE MISSION!" -Megaton "THIS WORLD WILL BE OURS!" -Mayak (Megaton Overlord) Furthermore, to address that, Mayak is a far more powerful variant of the Megaton. If this theory of hierarchy was true, we would expect Mayak to have some sort of increased rank over that of the standard variant - and lo and behold, he does, as he is also referred to as the Megaton Overlord. Despite not having a concrete explanation yet for how this process of ranking naturally occurs, it would appear a reasonable guess that it is reliant upon the amount of Exo Element 1 that an individual has been exposed to. This would equally explain the Stranger’s unique proficiency, as the longer he survives in there, the easier it becomes to survive due to increased level of corruption. Interestingly, there is a precedent for the idea of strength relating to the corruption of the Dark Aether - for that, let’s return to our prior story. Heart of Darkness In the Aether Storyline, existence as perceivable to humans was formed through the efforts of The First One, manipulating the energies of the Aether in order to create as he saw fit. Eventually he desisted, yet his society continued, experimenting with the energies of creation like the scientists of our modern day. After an unknown period of time, one group began to experiment with the opposite force - the entropic energies of the Dark Aether (See the video on that for greater depth). Eventually, the rest of their race caught wind of these dangerous experiments and a war broke out between the two factions. Those who dared experiment with these darker forces ultimately lost and were banished into the Dark Aether - becoming the Apothicons, whilst the victors would become what we know as Keepers. Despite conflicting sources on the exact nature of these events, we know that one of the members of the losing faction was the Shadowman, however, it was likely that he wasn’t a founding member. "He was my friend... My best friend... Then the Apothicons got hold of him." -Monty The Dark Aether Some Keepers begin to experiment with the Dark Aether, which corrupts and corrodes their souls. Among them is the Shadowman. -Kronorium excerpt, 'Agartha' Due to this fact, we know that whilst they all met the same eventual fate by being cast into the Dark Aether, some already bore the corruption of the Dark Aether prior to their banishment. If we take our previous points into consideration, we should expect to see entities of considerably more power than the average Apothicon - which we do. They are called Elder Gods or Overlords. Despite the Shadowman likely being one half of the sundered First One, and clearly being the war-leader of the Apothicons, he does not have the most raw power. This position of honour and reverence is reserved for the Elder Gods, who have the role of spreading the Dark Aether’s influence. In the Aether Storyline, this was done by spreading Element 115 (the Aetheric equivalent of Exo Element 1) throughout existence. Of course, this method is now impossible, as 115 no longer exists, but as stated, this is merely the method. As evidenced by Die Maschine, the arrogance of humans is plenty capable of assisting the Elder Gods without the need of the Element. Now that we have a rough profile of what is required to create an Elder God, and those who have fulfilled the role in the past, only one question remains. Who are the current Elder Gods? Well it would stand to reason that they would be whomever have been in the Dark Aether for the longest period of time - a thought I will leave you with.
  12. Yeah I like that quote. Kevin, like any good musician, makes sure to never say outright what anything in his songs mean. He wants to leave the interpretation up to us.
  13. Unfortunately that ones kind of difficult, because the meaning isn't totally clear in English either. I'd say it means the "fatigued things" or possibly "fatigued people" go away
  14. Sure thing man, that's no problem at all. Could you link your blog too? I'd love to check it out. Much love to the foreign language zombies communities btw, you guys are all awesome.
  15. It's worth pointing out that Wittenau is not only in Berlin, but in the modern day is opposite a theatre. Given we've already had Nacht, I think Verruckt is just as possible. Extending this even further, the Empire of Japan in the 1940s spanned all the way to Vietnam - we still have no location for The Rising Sun facility, only that it was in Japanese Territory.
  16. As far as we know... well... We don't know. However there are a few candidates. The First One/Chernabog - Essentially "the big bad". Reformed after Tag Der Toten from Monty and The Shadowman, and very pissed. Eddie - This one is a thought that I imagine has crossed every one of our minds Nikolai - as @cluelesshas explained in this thread, there is potential for it to be some variation of the Nikolai we see "die" in Tag Der Toten Miscellaneous Omega Group member - self explanatory Unknown - self explanatory
  17. Also, you're working under the assumption that it's literal, which I don't think is ever a good idea when you're dealing with what is essentially poetry - try thinking of Eddie as Richtofen's "legacy".
  18. Yeah was actually looking for this post to ask the same thing, I know I had the same concerns but they've been thoroughly remedied.
  19. Whilst this is true, it's important to remember that these songs are metaphorical - not literal.If you really want to extrapolate literal meaning however, (Primis+Ultimis)-Richtofen = 3, Victis = 4, this = 7. I'm more inclined to side with my initial hypothesis however as thematically, an Eddy tending towards Ultimis Richtofen makes the most sense. Not only is Ultimis Richtofen teased repeatedly to have some ultimate gambit that we just never see, but furthermore, he is the only character by the time of Tag Der Toten to have as much knowledge, if not potentially more, than Primis Nikolai. Hell, the dude has the foresight to have a tower constructed in Hanford in the 40s in case he happens to have an aetherial battle with Maxis for the fate of the world. It doesn't seem fitting to me that the guy with that level of risk-management wouldn't see this coming. To me, Eddy isn't him, he's his legacy.
  20. KEVIN SHERWOOD - ALONE A Lyrical Analysis They buried a well where the seven fell Our volunteers die by machine and living doors lie unforeseen now This first verse explores the key duality of the song, that of the old storyline and the new, and specifically how they are related by cause and effect. As some of you may know, “The Well”, within the context of Kevin’s music, is an abstraction of the idea of Knowledge, Mimir’s Well or the Pierian Spring, if you like. “I Am The Well” deals - among other things - with the idea of how this knowledge of the cycle gifted by the Kronorium is futile, and ultimately the “one way the water flows”, the only knowledge worth holding onto, is the way to break the cycle. Here, the first two lines are a clear allusion to the end of the Aether storyline. The “well”, the knowledge of all the old, died and was “buried” with Primis and Ultimis, what’s interesting however is “Seven”, not “Eight”, perhaps confirming that Eddy’s survival has indeed preserved Richtofen. The next lines thrust us into the new storyline, as just as with the sacrifice of our old characters to seal away their “well”, new people desperate for such forbidden knowledge sacrifice themselves in order to attempt to break these seals. Unfortunately, they don’t know the existential danger this brings; with the “living doors” to this world, or rather the proof of the danger, in the form of our old characters, no longer being there as a warning. Seal him in Believe in Project a means to an end What he breaks we will mend Once again, a duality is being dealt with here. In our old storyline, Primis and Ultimis worked to seal The First One within the Dark Aether, to reside forever outside of reality, “mending” the existential corruption. Within our new reality, however, the Omega Group sends brave “volunteers”, such as Orlov, into Endstation, sealing the door behind them, “believing” that they have what it takes to restart the Cyclotron and open the rift. He’ll keep it all for him Imagine every answer With no one in his way Dividing as he conquers This set of lines is incredibly interesting, as it appears to dial back from the duality of the new and old, and instead focus on the larger, more pressing duality. The First One. Prior to the resolution of the Duality in Tag der Toten, The First One - the closest analogue to “God” within this story, was no longer existent, instead existing in two incredibly powerful, but evenly and oppositely matched entities - Monty and the Shadowman. However, now that’s no longer the case, and a being of supreme power now exists once again. With “no one” to stand “in his way”, the Dark Aether is his to claim as he sees fit, subjugating any who are pulled through Dimensional Rifts into his new army, and can seek any and all knowledge there he wishes without restriction. We can see this in the quotes of the Megaton, who no longer regards himself as an individual, but a member of a collective, with a singular mind and singular purpose. We’ll send him far away from Ad te omnis caro veniet “Ad te omnis caro veniet” meaning “To you all flesh shall come” is an excerpt from the Latin reading of Psalm 65, often read in a Requiem Mass. "Praise waiteth for thee, O God, in Zion: and unto thee shall the vow be performed. O thou that hearest prayer, unto thee shall all flesh come" It should of course be noted that, due to a myriad of scriptural translations, the “flesh” can also be taken as “people”. A Requiem Mass is one that intends to give peace to dead souls, letting them rest until the time of Resurrection as prophesied in the Book of Revelation. The implication here is that The First One has been sent far away from any hope of a Requiem. He will not rest in peace. Spin around and around and around and around underground In river he drowns By storm he is bound STOP! The repetition of “spin around” likely refers to the cycle this entity is now stuck in, though one far more metaphorical than the cycle that plagued the last storyline. Like a tormented soul, he is bound only to thoughts of anguish constantly swirling in his head. The verse then references the song ‘Stormbound’, within which the “River” in question likely represented the Styx - that which all souls must sail on to reach the afterlife, and being wrecked upon its banks. Here, this takes on an incredibly significant meaning when compared to the notions of his lack of a requiem, he is quite literally stranded on the path to Eternal Rest. In a less strict sense, the “storm” that binds him to his course could be that of his own making, his own refusal to accept his fate and his desire to escape. It’s worth noting here, and keep this in mind in future sections, that this could potentially apply to “Eddy” as well. We’re running from becoming one We carve it out of stone Our destiny to die Are we alone? Are we alone? We’re coming home unless it means we are alone There is a lot less to go on here, and so I can really only offer a few points of speculation for the vast majority. In my opinion, the “We” here is referring to all those souls now becoming trapped within the Dark Aether. Slowly, they are all becoming consumed by the cause of the First One, essentially being rendered cultists with a singular purpose - a hivemind, almost. This is expected, as every case of banishment to the Dark Aether that we know of results in this. The difference now, however, is that there is one being standing above them all, a true higher power. All those within the Dark Aether seem destined to be absorbed into this, becoming of “one” mind and losing themselves. The reference to “Always Running” is particularly interesting, as within the context of that song, the line refers to running a closed loop - a cycle - in the hopes that you never catch up to yourself - but in effect, you are also chasing yourself. If you are to catch up, the both of you will “become one”. My view is that this is a complex metaphor for the inevitability of one’s fate, no matter how you may run, it always eventually converges at an endpoint. This, followed by the notion of “carving out of stone”, gives the idea that this “destiny to die” is definitely fixed. A further interpretation to parse from this is that this is a clue to the mindset of Eddy, “running from” becoming the same as his other selves, their destiny ultimately being to die regardless. In the same manner of thinking, The First One is once again a living entity, he no longer has any beings to parallel him. For aeons, he was split in two, and so even when Monty and the Shadowman had long become enemies, they were still equals. Now the duality is resolved, loneliness is the only reality he knows. In a sense, it can be speculated also that they were “running from” this eventuality in order to prevent this onset of loneliness. The allusion to the song ‘Coming Home’ here is incredibly interesting, as within that song, “Home” is an end goal, a place to strive to and reach once you’ve achieved your objective - much like how we reach the House in Revelations. Here, the narrator wishes to “Come Home”, but refuses to if it means they are alone - they will essentially refuse rest and security if it forces them into isolation. We buried it well no revealing tell where the horns above impale the sky Forsaken born thorn in our side The first few lines here again deal with the duality of new and old. As discussed in verse one, Primis and Ultimis buried their “well”, and equally, the Nazis attempted to bury Endstation, either out of fear of what their research revealed, or equally out of fear that the Allies, who were now winning, would come to possess this terrible technology. In both cases there was no obvious signs of the nature of the burial, yet regardless, the truths about the old world were uncovered. “Horns above” isn’t an immediately clear reference, however to me, the most obvious allusion appears to be to a sort of devil-like figure now residing in the supreme spot once occupied by God. In this case, “Impale the sky” could be confirmation of this - in that Heaven was reached by violence, as opposed to this power being the naturally ordained seat for this being. It has claimed the skies, rather than earned them by right. “Forsaken born thorn in our side” is a likely reference to Eddy, moreso because it’s the most naturally fitting. In that case, the collective speaking here would be Primis and Ultimis, whose sacrifice is put at risk by his existence. Warn no one No warning Our memory just fades away and the worn wears away The collective memory here would likely be, as previously discussed, the memories of the old world. Just as was the main thematic in Black Ops Cold War’s campaign, if you aren’t aware of your own history, you are doomed to repeat it, and I believe it’s the same here with Zombies. As the denizens of the new world have no idea of what came before (save for Sam and Eddy), you may expect that they will repeat the same mistakes - but more on that later. As “no one” was warned, this incursion into reality is spawned with what seems like “no warning”, when in actuality, it was easily preventable. We’ll keep it all for us Imagine every answer with no one in our way Dividing as we conquer This is similar to the prior repetition, however with one key difference. The “he” is now “we”. As previously stated, as The First One accumulates more damned souls into his hivemind. Once this occurs, there becomes no distinction between the individual and the group. And end up far away from Dies irae, dies illa solvet “Dies irae, dies illa solvet saeclum in favilla” is an excerpt from the "Dies Irae", a latin poetic sequence often used in the requiem mass. In English, it reads, "The day of wrath and doom will dissolve the world in ashes", with the first section being used here. What's interesting here is, when paired with the prior verse and preceding line, it would seem that the First One's army, like the mark of any cult, believe they are the ones who will prevent the onset of the end times. Cycle on Saeclum Cyclone Circling Circuit down In river we drown By storm we are bound This odd style of listing is somewhat of a feature appearing in many of Kevin Sherwood’s songs, and appears to show the progression of an idea, or a thought process. Here, we see the netting together of a few ideas that tie back to the previous reference to “Dies Irae”, with “Saeclum” meaning Earth. In that regard, we are being told that this wrathful end-time is less of a fixed point, and something more similar, perhaps, to the Norse Ragnarok, an end that happens continuously, like a cyclone or storm - the very same wrathful storm that encompasses The First One (as discussed prior), and therefore his followers. “Circuit Down” may appear to be the odd-one-out, however I believe it is simply a reference to the cyclotron - much like the entire section can be taken to be. Shut down Down STOP! running from becoming one You carve it out of stone Your mystery to live and die You are alone You are alone Become the one and find someone to end the waiting Before we address the chorus here, it should be noted that it follows on directly from “STOP!”, therefore the first line should be taken to be “Stop running from becoming one”. This, when combined with the change to “you” rather than “we”, gives an incredibly interesting new dynamic to the song, where now we are given a dialogue between two entities. The narrator here is urging the prior entity to stop running from their fate, as thanks to this constant flight, they are alone. The only way to end this is to meet with their fate, and in that, finally encounter the person who will end this isolation. Given within a martyr that we made (Dies in vain) Riven within a gift of rending pain Endless skein unwind Dissolve in deep unknown leaving well alone No one knows and nothing will grow now And no one’s here so no more fear We run away from a way of running The “martyr” described here is once again, laced with multiple potential meanings. The most relevant to the map could be that of Orlov, who is forced to literally sacrifice himself not once, but twice, both relating to the cyclotron but to two opposite ends. One that’s relevant on a larger scale is that of Primis Richtofen, a candidate who fits the profile of the “martyr” often described in past songs rather well. As described here, he would have to have been “riven” (torn apart) with a “gift” of “pain”. This makes the tie even more concrete, as the song ‘The Gift’ describes Primis Richtofen’s own self loathing for himself at the realisation of the consequences of his actions, wishing to give “the gift” of pain to his past self - a feat that is achieved in Blood of the Dead. Ultimately, Primis Richtofen dies there to break the cycle. The “endless skein” (a “skein” being thread of yarn - metaphorically speaking, a tale or story) as a result, comes unwound. This is potentially in vain, however, due to the breach of reality we see in Die Maschine. “Dissolve in deep unknown” appears to be yet another reference to the Dies Irae, however here, instead of ashes, the word is dissolved into the unknown - potentially the future of existence post-cycle. “No one knows and nothing will grow now” whilst not a lyrical allusion, may be a thematic allusion to ‘Dead Flowers’. Within that song, it appears that the nature of the flowers is directly due to the inner-nature of the gardener, much like the famous poem by Blake, ‘A Poison Tree’, which is worth reading here for additional context. After enough time of growing these warped abominations of nature, the gardener dies, however in their last breath, realises that these evil creations will now sow themselves. Their violence has effectively changed the world at large for the worse. However here, as no one knows anything of the old anymore, no change to fate can grow new flowers, good or evil. The ability to change the fate of the world, where once in the hands of our characters, is now seemingly something set in motion and incapable of alteration. In this regard, the final part of this section reveals its meaning. The “we” here are running not from their fate, but the idea of running from fate itself. They have no knowledge of the truths that govern the world, they cannot sow their seeds of fate. There is no fear of fate, for they have no conception of it, unlike the characters of our prior story who had only one destination. This makes life incredibly uncertain for the denizens of the new world, but equally, gives them endless possibilities. Perhaps the only way to avoid repeating one’s history is not to remember it, but to have no conception of it in the first place - because at that point, it is no longer your history, but that of a bygone age with no bearing on your own fate. We are alone Are we alone? Are we alone? Are we alone? Are we alone? Are we alone? Are we alone? Are we alone? We alone All alone We’re alone Cam’t run or breathe Why can’t I see How can it begin to be dark and leave us all Alone And are we Alone Are we We are We all die Alone The final chorus states that “we” are alone, then immediately brings it into question, a show of the grand uncertainty of this new world, perhaps. After the vast repetition, a singular entity breaks from the collective, noting that they can’t run, see, or breathe. This individual has either become a total slave to fate, as they can neither now avoid it, or even perceive it, however there is a far more interesting alternative. They can no longer run, see, or breathe - in effect, they are dead. In this regard, they are one of two things - a mindless zombie, now part of the ever-growing horde of an eldritch force, or ultimate counter to fate - someone who has already lived past theirs and is still able to speak of it. The final portion of this chorus has a contradiction once again “Are we", "We are", before the last reiteration "We all die alone". Be you a member of a hivemind, or an elite operative tasked with pushing back the apocalypse, or a demonic god - it fundamentally doesn't matter. Irregardless of your own personal fate or lack thereof, we all meet the same end.
  21. Maybe. I'm definitely a fan of the reasoning here, but would that not simply annihilate? It's been a while since I've studied particle physics, but if those positrons came anywhere near any ambient electrons, would it not just result in annihilation and produce energy as a result? Hell, perhaps that's the point, I mean it *is* an energy source.
  22. Just as a brief update, the Intel description for the D.I.E would imply that Aetherium is also referred to as Exo-Element 1. The alt-fire of the D.I.E collects Aetherium from Zombies, implying that it genuinely is the Dark Aether's energy, as speculated.
  23. The "well" is a metaphor for Knowledge (i.e. Mimir's Well, Pierian Spring, etc). Primis and Ultimis' sacrifices buried knowledge of all of things relating to the old world, it being "buried with them". The reason for seven and not eight is because "Eddy" survives, he is Richtofen's soul.
  24. Firstly, big thanks to @NotAnAn0nfor the inspiration for this thread. Serving as a consequence of Tag Der Toten, the Aether is now non-existent in Black Ops Cold War. However, it's opposite - The Dark Aether remains. At the time of writing this thread (One week before the release of BOCW), we - understandably - have a severe lack of knowledge at our disposal in relation to the Dark Aether, save for one thing: Aetherium. All we know for sure is that Aetherium can be obtained as "Raw Aetherium Crystals", which can be infused into Perks in order to enhance their effectiveness. However, I want to begin the theory-crafting by postulating that just as Element 115 were almost like "physical batteries" for Aetherial Energy, Aetherium will serve the same purpose for the Dark Aether's Energies. I expect that Aetherium will become quite the topic of conversation in the coming weeks, so let's get the discussion started early.
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